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 Think of it this way: say it takes those Minis an hour to run a 60 minute chunk of hi-res audio (24bit, 192kHz) through a given effects processing chain in Pro Tools.  Then processing that same audio on an iMac might take roughly 30 minutes.  And I'm thinking around 10 minutes on a Mac Pro (maybe closer to 5 if Pro Tools is optimized to take full advantage of the hardware). Assuming you could get enough audio engineering contracts to fill the time of all 3 of those...
 The Mini has never been designed to serve as a workstation.  Workstation being defined as a machine where you create products/deliver services which can be be sold for profit or exchanged for wages. Generally, the higher cost to get a workstation-class machine is greatly offset by the fact that you can create products/deliver services faster and/or more cheaply.  Thus generating more far more profit/income over the lifetime of the machine.  If that's the case for you,...
 The code in a beta release is likely built for debugging, not speed or optimized memory usage (the -O flags for those who know compilers).  So I wouldn't use it as an indicator of what the final release will be like.
 Sounds like he's a perfect fit for Android.
 Right.  But the secondary discussion about Bootcamp vs VMs came about because of this question you posed in post #7:  melgross mentioned getting the full power of the graphics card in Bootcamp as being one reason (post #14).  You thought that was only necessary for gamers (post #17), and I was pointing out why people other than gamers might require Bootcamp too. Anyways, Apple has never really held back on new hardware simply for compatibility reasons.  So I can't imagine...
 There are a fair number of apps other than games these days which take advantage of the GPU (most modern web browsers, for example).  Using the GPU under emulation is still pretty quirky.
This article is a bit thin on facts.  Is there a link to see the original patent filing?  Or was it filed in China and they don't have an online patent database?   Historically, North American technology companies have had little luck trying to stop software piracy and patent abuse in China.  But when a Chinese company holds a patent, the courts there suddenly find a way to uphold patent law.  Funny how that works.   But anyways, if the patent does predate any patents...
 Either or.  If you're in range of weak Wi-Fi networks and it keeps trying to discover and connect to them, then that'll drain power.  Same goes for weak 3G/LTE networks.  Basically any time it needs to power up the antenna (cell/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth) and search for a signal/connect, it'll drain power.
 I'd rather have a USB charger pack than a spare battery because at least I can still use it when I get a new phone (and it works for other devices).  Bonus points for not having to duct tape my phone together after a couple of years because the battery slot has worn out.
 Or, if you're really a power user (my wife is, I'm not), you can just buy one of those one-hitter USB charger packs for your iPhone and turn off Bluetooth + Wi-Fi from the lock screen when you know you won't be using them.  Having your phone searching for nearby Wi-Fi networks all day is probably the single biggest power drain aside from the display.
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