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Some of the discussions in this thread are unbelievably stupid.   To the people who want to try and find a loophole in the wording of the legislation so that it's legal to use an Apple Watch while driving (even while stopped): you are the reason why we waste billions of dollars on our legal system (court cases, amending laws to close loopholes, etc).  Money which could be put to something far more useful.  The next time you complain about high taxes, think about the fact...
Yup, that's the exact page I found when I did my research.  HTML Media Capture can only take a single picture or record to a file (as stated on that page).  WebRTC (getUserMedia()) looks the most promising, but it's only supported by certain browsers (and limiting myself to Chrome isn't an option).  So again, currently still a wall for those of us who work cross-platform. Thinking ahead, what if I want to take advantage of the force touch trackpad on MacBooks (I've worked...
 I'm talking about actually creating a web application (using standard HTML + JavaScript) which can do this.  Obviously if you use Flash or Java it's possible, but then you're limiting your web app to only working on desktop computers.  AFAICT, there are no standard, cross-platform, web technologies which can do it. This is why I end up sticking with native application development: I always seem to run into limitations when I try to do things using web technologies.
 Ah, I see.  That tool is created for use from the standpoint of someone who has an Android device and wants to package up the apps they've downloaded from Google Play and run them on a Chromebook.  As mentioned at the bottom of this page, ARChon Packager isn't supported by Google and requires users to turn on "developer mode", so it definitely seems to be for personal use only (and has the potential to be used for piracy). I'm talking about from the standpoint of a...
 A single button in what development tool?  Android Studio?  All I've found documentation on is the ARC Welder tool (which still shows as being beta and only runs on ChromeOS afaict).
ok, can you tell me then how a web app can access the camera on a device and show a live feed of it?  I was researching that the other day and came up with nothing.  I could only find a way to grab still images from the camera.
 This is the big problem from a software development standpoint.  ChromeOS can really only run glorified web apps.  Even apps written for Android are fairly difficult to bring over to ChromeOS (and both of those are Google technologies).  Never mind apps written for other platforms like iOS, Windows, Mac.  So you'll never have the wealth of well-integrated, well-designed apps that other platforms have.
 Skype is fine.  It's Lync that's the problem.  There's no Skype for Business for Mac, and regular Skype doesn't connect to business/corporate accounts.  Use it on an almost daily basis for personal calls, and never had a problem.  Never really saw the need to make my TV into a video conferencing device -- my laptop works perfectly fine and can move around to wherever is convenient.  With Airplay, I can send it to my TV if I need a bigger screen.  Sharing photos is dead...
Not on Mac.  Crashes at the drop of a hat with any sort of conferencing and you need a super-secret-internal-update so that desktop sharing is faster than one frame per minute.
Because we need yet another technology for sending messages/chatting.  That way we can all keep a dozen apps open at a time on all devices and round robin through them all day.  Efficiency. /s
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