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 Supercomputers evolve just the same as desktop computers.  For example, one installation of Blue Gene/P uses 250,000 processors.  So yeah, as powerful as the Mac Pro is, it's not quite at that level.
 It's always been the better and cheaper option to have a large centralized storage for multiple workstations.  Especially when you factor in redundancy and off-site backups.  Graphics pros and video editors will opt for the dual D700 (configurable upgrade), audio engineers and similar pros don't need it.  Different configurations for different pros.  Because no other professions where a differently configured Mac Pro is preferred exist?  Has the software used in those...
 ???  Since when is a Xeon a desktop-class CPU?  It's only found in a server or workstation class configuration from all the major PC manufacturers I've ever seen. And while the 8 or 12 core configurations aren't available yet, they were announced and will likely be available early next year (EDIT: they're available now as configurable upgrades).  Did you even read the specs?  "Memory - user accessible".  The old Mac Pro didn't support more than 64GB either (and only on...
 I definitely would pay to see you try and convince my son's school teacher that they should purchase and install their own NAND storage for their tablet.  Better yet, try to explain even what NAND storage is.  Then do the same with the other 95% of people I know who don't give a rat's *ss how technology works, but simply want to use and enjoy it.  Welcome to the human race.
 Just another case-in-point for the comment I made in the other thread: Apple could never make a product to satisfy the parental basement dwellers who are willing to spend the infinite amounts of free time they have sourcing parts and building their own workstation to be a "pro" gamer.  Though I hear that profession pays pretty well in Asia (if you're willing to train 20 hours a day at it).
Looks like the Samsung shills aren't getting paid much today.  The only material they have is price.
 My son just uses my old 1st gen (though he's started to take notice of how my screen looks better).  At the iPad's price point and the average 2 year upgrade cycle for most people, multi-user isn't necessary.
Retina mini w/ A7!  Gonna make it hard to choose which one to get next...
 The only consumers who demand a workstation on their desktop are gamers.  But then they tend to have the time, desire, and disposable income to build/upgrade their own anyways, so it doesn't matter what Apple puts out, it won't be good enough for cheap enough.
Upgraded components, significantly decreased prices.  Very nice.
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