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 Open is only well-intentioned in academia.  As soon as a corporation latches on to the concept, the intention is almost always to get free/cheap labour (shortcut product development time) and/or to use it as a marketing strategy.  The ruse is that their intentions are to make everything interoperable, and some of the people working for that company may actually believe that and work in that direction for a while.  But when push comes to shove, they'll divert resources...
Good to hear that the different divisions of the VAG finally started working with each other.
Straw man.  I'm talking basic things like child labour (pick a reasonable age), maximum number of hours per week (pick a reasonable number), no exposure to hazardous materials/chemicals, etc.  Surely we can agree on basic humane conditions like that even if we don't go so far as to mandate contentious things like amount of sick days/vacation time, minimum wage (which would have to depend on the area of the world) and whatnot.
 I'd argue that it is everyone's responsibility (as much as possible) to be knowledgeable about the things they purchase and what goes into making them.  Many people already do this for the content of their food (fat, salt, etc) so why not for the working conditions and materials used to create the products they buy?  Every action (no matter how small) contributes to the state of the world.  The more knowledgeable we are, the more we can do to stop the people who are...
If I wanted to hear about all the problems people are having with iOS 8, I'd head over to the Apple support forums or hang around my local Apple Store.  I was hoping there'd be some people talking about their experiences with the latest iteration of WatchKit in the Xcode 6.2 preview.  But I guess I'll have to head over to the Apple developer forums for that.
I'm trying to figure out what most of these comments have to do with the WatchKit preview in iOS 8.2?
 A little late here, but a phono-to-line level converter + RCA-to-1/8" adapter would allow you to hook it up to the line-in on most computers.  Of course, you're then at the mercy of the quality of whatever analog-to-digital converter your computer uses (plus any line noise from improper shielding), but that's the easiest/cheapest way if you don't have a USB turntable.
I think they're trying to follow Steve's vision of people not needing to deal with raw files and folders anymore: just relevant documents within each app that uses them. The problem is that OS X still has raw file/folder access but iOS doesn't.  So you're interacting with files one way on your desktop machine and another way on your iPhone/iPad, which is confusing.  Especially given that, for files like PDFs or images, there may be many apps on your phone which can...
Delivering on Eric Schmidt's promise: "We know where you are. We know where you've been. We can more or less know what you're thinking about."
 It may not be the actual fingerprint that's sent for authentication -- just a crypto key associated with it.  But regardless, what happens when you're on an airplane (without Internet access) and want to use your laptop?  SOL?
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