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  There's nothing really to praise about the act of piracy itself.  It's theft.   It's the debate over the actions of the person who figured out the loophole/flaw in the system and exposed it which is much more interesting.  Which is where I got on the topic of comparing it to finding and exploiting loopholes in the taxation system for one's own gain.  Just to remove a bit of the black and white thinking in regard to this particular scenario and see other areas where...
  And investors who pay a far lower percentage on income than wage earners.
  So then, could using loopholes in Apple's in-app payment system be considered "payment avoidance or mitigation"?   Basically, I'm trying to show that people think it's ok to be creative in finding workarounds for taxation laws in their own self-interest (while others pay their fair share).  Yet, the same reasoning, when applied to finding workarounds for payment systems (while others pay their fair share) is wrong.  Both are wrong IMO.
  Or having so many loopholes in tax law is responsible for rampant tax evasion.
  That's exactly what I was thinking.   It couldn't possibly be the content which is causing failure -- it must be the medium.
  Yes, that's relevant.  I'm not quite certain, but it seems like that game is designed to work in Chrome only because it takes advantage of special capabilities in Chrome which allow it to get better performance.   *edit: From the comments, I can see it uses WebGL, which isn't optimized on all platforms yet.
  It depends on the situation.   In general, if you know what you are doing, using programming languages which are native to the platform on which you are deploying your app (i.e. Obj-C on Mac OS/iOS, C++/C# on Windows) will get you better performance.  HTML5 buys you a cross-platform application at the expense of having full control over how things are done under the hood (i.e. you're subject to how the Javascript engine on a particular platform is implemented).   For...
  I was just going to say: is that seriously the default font and sizing for Android apps?  Ugly as ... looks like Windows 3.0   If they put so little effort into the look of it, it doesn't inspire confidence about the syncing side of things.
  But then how am I going to replace the workout I get by slipping a bar through the top hooks and doing 3 sets of 30 reps each day???
  My Pro is over 4 years old and it runs ML.
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