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It means that our mobile service providers have never had unlimited data plans -- and they generally rake in the biggest profits in the world because we get charged for every little thing up here. Partly due to lack of competition, and partly because the government doesn't do anything to regulate all of the hidden charges and convoluted contracts which basically set people up for high cellular bills. Trust me, I believe in buyer beware as much as anyone, but I've seen...
Morality?So if I create a product where the EULA stipulates that you're not allowed to eat meat while using my product, and you accept the EULA, that makes that activity immoral? If so, I think I just might start slipping such provisions into EULAs. Nobody besides lawyers reads those things anyways.
Agreed. I went to the WWDC a while back, but it's proven to be costly and difficult to get into lately. So the local Tech Talks are the next best thing. Looking forward to them rekindling those events if this is true...
Indeed. The big things are really just a lot of little things grouped together.
Or you could just use Syncellence to do it.
But the thing is, iPods and Blu-Ray players are intended simply for content playback. Many MiniDisc players also had digital recording capabilities (and were marketed as such), which is what got prosumers who couldn't afford DAT equipment so excited about them.Unfortunately, Sony didn't make it well known that even if you recorded your own material onto a blank MiniDisc (not talking about pirating commercial content), you'd have a h*ll of a time getting at the original...
Sure, ATRAC itself is simply a way to compress audio. However, it was almost always accompanied by DRM on MiniDisc recorders/players. That, combined with it being completely proprietary, made it near impossible to get the digital version of your recordings off of anything but the very high-end MiniDisc recorders. Pain in the *ss indeed... A couple of relevant URLs for those interested:Is getting a MiniDisc player a good idea? (3rd post)So long ATRAC, thanks for nothing
I'm old enough to have lived through the "write once, run anywhere" promise of many development technologies (Java, Python, Ruby, etc) and I'm still not buying it.Companies which create and sell a platform have no incentive to allow you to create apps which work on competitors platforms. They may begrudgingly support cross-platform development technologies (so that they can market their platform as having many existing applications), but they'd much rather tie you to...
Where in the article was Java mentioned? Are you confusing Java and Javascript (two very different technologies)? What I don't understand is how you'd write a device driver in HTML5? Can someone explain that one to me? Does Microsoft think that peripherals are going away, or are they going to create their own custom Javascript extensions for that too?
Add to that list the fact that on my 17" MBP (2010), when I put a video in fullscreen mode, it becomes very choppy. Doesn't happen on any other Mac I've used (with the same version of the Flash plugin), but really, it shouldn't happen at all.UPDATE: Looks like the 10.3 update fixes it (finally).
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