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  Yeah, I figured that out afterwards. Data is a pretty vague term. Though I can see how being vague could be useful in trying to sell products to the average consumer.
  On iOS 6: Settings app -> General -> Usage   EDIT: Ah, you mean cellular data.  Might want to clarify that point.  For a technical person, it's pretty easy to figure out which apps would be heavy network users.  For everyone else, all they care/know about is whether they're over or not (total usage).  Very few people are going to take the time to "debug" which apps are doing what.
  Sponsoring or running blogs is one thing, but hiring people to spam public discussions (forums/blog comments/Twitter) is quite another.
  Yeah, I got suckered in on my last inkjet because I got it free with my Mac.  If I actually printed a lot, I could justify the cost of a better printer, but I don't.  However, the fact that almost every time I turn it on a cartridge needs to be replaced is irritating.
How about really revolutionizing things by creating a printer which doesn't suck ink like a crack whore?
This discussion is way off track.   Understand that there's a difference between "unlocking" and "jailbreaking".  Unlocking generally means SIM unlocking, which makes it so that the phone can work on any carrier which uses the same communication spectrum and protocol.  Jailbreaking means unlocking the phone's operating system so that you can access all parts of the filesystem, install your own apps, and generally mess around with parts of the installation which you...
  And being Gmail only, it means that two companies will have access to all your email.  Double no thanks.
  As a pro user, I can easily separate the content I work on daily out to an external SSD (USB 3.0 for now until someone figures out how to make TB HDD enclosures without a drive in them) and be fine with the internal HDD (just the OS plus apps) be a Fusion drive.  What's the problem?   I'd actually rather have my main SSD be an external drive rather than an internal one so that I can work at different machines and get the same performance.
  As TBell mentioned earlier, Chrome seems to call home every 5 minutes.  And, as everyone knows, Google makes it's money off advertising and analytics, so anything they're giving away for free likely has some way to harvest data and/or stream advertisements to you.  I'm not sure exactly what data Chrome is sending when it calls home, but I don't really want to have to jump through hoops to find out and/or try to stop it.
  On Windows, the Apple experience is mostly just a "skin".  And one which native Windows users don't seem to care for (likely because they aren't accustomed to it).  You need top-to-bottom integration to get the real Apple experience.   So in that way, Chrome is better because it tries to fit into the Windows experience.  It also feels faster -- likely because it doesn't have to emulate all of the Mac GUI stuff like Safari does (I've seen CoreFoundation.dll,...
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