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  Yeah, that's what I said: Samsung 840 Pro (which performs better than the standard 840).  And yeah, I have noticed that SSD drives which have power-of-two based sizes seem to generally perform better.  Not sure if the manufacturers tend to use faster chipsets in them, or it's something intrinsic to the size.
  My previous Mac was a 5 year old Mac Pro (HDD only).  My new iMac has a 1TB Fusion drive with 128GB SSD.  As promised, frequently used applications launch almost immediately for me.  And, as for awaking from sleep, it's as fast (or faster) than my Mac Pro was.  Wake from sleep can be affected by how much RAM you have, which is why I mentioned that.
  SSD read/write performance specs can vary wildly, and the cheaper ones usually don't perform as well as the more expensive ones.  Apple generally uses the Samsung 840 Pro, which is always close to the top of the performance comparisons on Tom's Hardware, and is more expensive than many others.
  Haven't noticed any problems at all with the Fusion drive in my iMac.  Wakes from sleep instantaneously and the programs I use regularly launch very fast.  Maybe it's because it also has 16GB of RAM (needed to keep 8 cores running smoothly with Xcode), I dunno.
  Apple's generally been good about BTO upgrade costs for the last couple of years (within $50 of the components), so I generally don't bother going the DIY route anymore.
  Looks like it's for passing cords through under the dock.
  I understand.  I'm just refuting the argument you were making about people only choosing their phone (instead of an iPad or other device) because of fashion.  I choose a 3.5-4" slab because it's less of a hinderance.  I only choose my iPad when I'll need to do things which are more convenient with a bigger screen (a lot of emailing, web browsing, etc).  It's all about taking the least amount of device with me required for what I'll be doing so that I have the least...
  The problem I have with an iPad is that I _don't_ want to carry it everywhere.  I already find having an iPhone in my pocket to be uncomfortable at times (e.g. while driving).  Can't imagine what I'd do if my iPad was always on me.   I'm not always wearing a coat, and don't want to permanently have a bag (which I'll inevitably forget somewhere).  So where do I put the iPad when I just want it out of the way?  No thanks.  It's not a fashion thing, it's a function thing...
  I was fast enough, but was simply served a bad login page upon checkout.  However, I'm not interested in going on a witch hunt about it.  And, after contacting their WWDC support about it, I'm satisfied with how they're handling the situation.
  I prefer the city life too, but the costs of having such a large amount of space in a vibrant downtown core are enormous, which is the main reason why most major tech companies have their headquarters outside of downtown cores.  Plus, to keep a downtown core vibrant, you really need to have things which attract the general public to spend time at (restaurants, bars, unique shops, art galleries, museums, parks, etc).  Head offices and the like are generally what make a...
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