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  Jobs shoots his mouth off in, what, 1995?  About an event which happened in 1979.  And now it's somehow definitive proof that Apple steals ideas in 2013?   Maybe you should read some of the details about the Xerox PARC visits before you use them as proof of Apple stealing.  They also signed a stock agreement with Xerox about the visits, so it's not like they gave nothing in return.  Unlike Microsoft did later, and now Google has done by working around having to pay...
  It's also full of loopholes.  Like, give your product away for free and make money off of advertising revenue and data harvesting.
  And wit is the opiate of the online masses.
  Given that you can add a GeekSquad warranty to most products there (as opposed to AppleCare), it seems unlikely.
  I used Windows 8 RTM extensively for a week (to port an app over) and didn't see anything like that.  I did see (and use) the desktop tile a lot.  I also learned that I could use the desktop search option to find all of the hidden applications I needed (not surprisingly, they don't have a live tile for the Command Prompt).  But the option to boot into Windows 7 compatibility mode is certainly not obvious.  Where exactly is that?
  Just spoke with a friend in marketing who has used MS Windows for years, and he echoed the same sentiments.  Bought a laptop preloaded with Win8, WebEx doesn't work for him (not MS' fault, but still a big issue for many), frustrated by the lack of a start menu (finally found Stardock), and is annoyed that he's likely going to have to pay for a downgrade to Win7 in the interim in order to get work done.   I simply don't understand why Microsoft foisted the whole 'tile'...
  What a great read, thanks.  Unfortunately, the concept of technology (API) design being a creative process, the result of which needs to be protected from copying (the same way as music or art) is likely lost on most people (including Alsup).   I think the better way to explain it would be that it saved Google thousands of man-hours (by experienced/senior developers) to duplicate the Java APIs rather than design their own from scratch.  That's worth something.
  Do you have a link/source for this?  Not to question you, but because I've been following this case out of personal interest.
  Exactly.  Some of us actually care about the future of technology and creating/using great products which enrich and fundamentally change our lives.  Unfortunately, the people who only know money have somehow been heralded as the technological visionaries in recent times.
  Right.  But my original point still holds about Acer not being allowed to manufacture a device with a forked version of Android if they are a member of the OHA (regardless of who forks it).       And this is where I have a problem with Google.  So many people are sold on the idea that Google is the 'liberator of the internet' and promoting 'open source' and 'freedom'.  As someone who has worked a number of years on open source projects (including the Linux kernel...
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