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Uh, how about syncing large HD video files wirelessly? Or syncing all of your content back wirelessly (via LAN) after getting a new phone?
And this is the problem for me. I can listen to my music and watch my videos on both my iOS device and my Mac, but I can't read my book on both. Apple has made money off of me on both devices, yet they artificially limit what I can do on one of them.
There is no difference for a lot of Mac OS X apps. Launch /Applications/Utilities/Terminal and type:ls /usr/binThere's about 500 Mac OS X apps in that folder which are just binary files. For those apps, the binary file _is_ the app.This is why I like to make the distinction clear between an app and an application bundle. Because, when I think about apps, I think about all types of applications I've used (not just Mac OS X application bundles).
I don't have a problem with this licensing. Apple invested in the development of iBooks Author for the purpose of getting exclusive content. There's always other content creation applications if you want to sell across multiple stores.
I'm pointing out what was said in your very first post, which is what I originally responded to with details about the difference between binary files and images. After which you detailed all of the components of the application bundle, and derided me for not somehow seeing that was in your mind when you made the first post.If you would have posted those details in the first place, I would have accepted your argument and not bothered to clarify anything. But instead I...
It's just as easy to swipe my finger across the trackpad of my MacBook Pro as it is across my iPad. Or pinch zoom, etc. There's absolutely no reason iBooks can't work with a trackpad. Or a magic mouse.This has to do with content control, plain and simple. No way to screen share in iBooks on iOS, no way to read it on Mac OS X, means you can only see it on an iOS device screen.
This is what you originally stated: "But the binaries don't double up the size of the app. They are quite small in comparison." In comparison to what? Humpback whales? Clearly.
You weren't clear about the difference between executable code and images. I was clarifying that (and thinking aloud as I went).I hadn't had a chance to open up the installer to see what it contained yet, so I was going off of my typical experience where the binary parts (main executable + utility programs) are usually bigger than the images and other resources (NIB files and whatnot). I guess iTunes is different.I'd assume that the Windows version would need the same...
This thread has to do with iBooks syncing in iTunes. How is asking a question as to why I can't read my books on my Mac (synced via iTunes) not relevant to that topic?
Got it. They can't lock down content on Mac OS X quite as well as they can iOS, so the spin is now that it's a dead end.
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