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  Think 4k video streams and you'll understand why TB has the bandwidth it does.
  The problem with USB is that it has been, and always will be, a computer-centric technology.  Given that it's a standard which Intel is behind, it's not hard to understand why they are pushing it.   The logic to control a USB bus is so complex that it's near impossible to do it in hardware alone (or would require some very expensive silicon).  Hence why you always need to be connected to a computer or computer-like device.  This prohibits the ability to, say, connect a...
  Do you really have to manually feed the Lightning cable through like that?  No thanks, I'll wait for one which has a passthrough connector to avoid that tedium.
  Firewire was designed with the same idea in mind (easy to integrate into all sorts of peripherals).  But outside of a few Sony cameras (under the iLink moniker), it never took off because everyone flocked to USB, which was cheaper to license, and Intel pushed hard because USB requires a computer (which is where Intel dominates) due to its complexity.   We'll have to wait and see how complicated and expensive it is to integrate Lightning into other products to find out...
  A logo is fine (as long as it's well-designed), but having the company name scrawled everywhere is annoying.  The vast majority of respected brands have recognized this.  For example, you don't see "Mercedes Benz" printed across the hood of the car.
  Does your audio equipment have digital line inputs?  If not, then there's nothing to be gained from using the audio output via the Lightning connector vs the headphone jack.   The point of digital audio via the Lightning port is to get audio to/from your iDevice without any loss of signal quality.  You need to be transferring audio to/from a device which can handle digital audio to take advantage of that.
This echoes my feelings about Windows 8.   Everything I needed to do on a desktop/laptop seemed to be hidden behind the tile UI.  Which may make sense on a tablet, but just adds one more level of stuff to navigate through on a desktop.  And trying to launch applications which don't have a tile associated with them was an absolute pain to figure out.  Not to mention figuring out how to shut down the computer, quitting out of fullscreen applications, etc.  Definitely a...
  What excites me is seeing innovation on all fronts.  It looks like Jony Ive's industrial design team is pushing the envelope, now let's see the hardware design team do the same.  Though I guess we may have to wait until Apple switches from relying on Intel's architectural timelines, to charting their own with the A series architecture.  Given how fast iPads and iPhones are iterating and improving that architecture, it likely won't be long.
  SCSI -> Firewire -> Thunderbolt (and prey that nothing is lost in translation) :)
  Maybe if you have your machine sitting out for public display in your house/business and want to use it as a talking point.  However, mine's tucked away in my office with loads of other technology piled around it which I need to use as part of my job.   I get the point about the aesthetics of the things around you affecting your state of mind and whatnot.  I love seeing well designed products (both hardware and software).   However, given a choice, I'd much prefer...
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