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Plus, if Apple offers older iPhone models for reasonable prices unsubsidized, it will likely generate a lot more interest (and knowledge about) the benefits of getting an iPhone that way (and start the ball rolling). Can't wait...
I've heard that, in many cases, it's the government that's actually funded the initial build-out of cellular networks in some areas and then sold them at firesale prices to the carriers. Which wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. Dumb pipes indeed...
There is a section in the iCloud settings called "Storage & Backup". I'm assuming that if you're using iCloud from your Mac, you'll be able to back anything up to it. But therein lies some of my confusion: what exactly does "Storage & Backup" mean?Nope. Anything an app stores is fair game to be synced via iCloud. In fact, it would appear that by default, all of the files stored in certain locations within an app are synced if a user enables the "Documents & Data"...
Ditto. I plan on using iCloud kinda like an off-site backup. My main backup will still be local, but in case my house burns down and I'm not able to get my backup out, I'll still have a copy of the really important stuff. Obviously the 5GB limit means it'll mostly be small stuff. If it works well enough, I might spring for more storage space (comparing costs with other backup services).
Even as someone pretty tech-savvy, I have to admit that after spending a bit of time looking at the iCloud settings in the iOS 5 beta, I'm a bit baffled as to what exactly each setting does. Obviously I'll be taking the time to read the in-depth documentation for it, but I'm sure many people won't.
Really? config.sys and autoexec.bat? What visionaries... I want to design a general purpose way to speed up booting any computer, as long as it boots the same way Windows does. Brilliant. Edit: ok, the patent is a bit smarter than that. But still, talk about the quickest way to have firmware designers dismiss your idea... I remember working on something very similar about 10 years ago, but using OpenBIOS. Silly me, I actually did real work on it. Guess I should...
Why do you think I'm asking for stats instead of jumping right into it?I know full well that piracy is rampant there. But if China Mobile signs on, the market might grow large enough that even if you get a fraction of the sales you get from other areas of the world (per capita), it would be worth it.That said, knowing that you need a USD credit card to purchase apps in China definitely makes things clearer to me. So thanks for the tip.
Might be time to consider localizing apps in Cantonese and/or Mandarin... anyone have stats on app purchasing in China?
It comes with a free door stop app which endlessly streams ads for door accessories in order to give your door something to lust after.
Xerox is so 1970s. I'd personally go with MakerBot or Fab@Home instead.
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