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You sir, are the poster child for mindless consumer culture.Absolutely zero understanding or respect for people who are concerned with fighting social injustice and dedicating themselves to creating a more humanitarian world. People who would rather die than live in a world where they see those around them being treated unfairly due to corrupt regimes. All that matters in life are the products you own and the culture which has formed around them (like this forum). How...
It's in the name.
Here in Toronto, I get about 15 HD channels for free with my HD antenna (luckily I still had an old antenna tower on my yard). But yeah, the original poster obviously isn't considering the fact that, if you pay for cable, you're paying for TV shows. I personally watch so few TV shows, that the cost per show with a cable subscription would be much higher than just paying for the individual shows. Plus you don't waste time with commercials.Agreed.
Actually, I was making a joke, but it looks like I'll have to be more obvious about it..."I'm not sure I can take him [Mr. Limp] seriously without seeing some hard data..."
I'm not sure I can take him seriously without seeing some hard data...
You can't just use any PC graphics card in a Mac as the firmware needs to support EFI (though it is possible to flash some PC graphics cards with a Mac-compatible firmware). Also, only the Mac Pro allows you to install a custom graphics card. Assuming those requirements are met, then Windows should be able to make use of the graphics card. When using Windows via Bootcamp on a Mac, the Mac looks and functions just like any other PC would in Windows. So the standard...
Again showing that Microsoft doesn't have a clue. How about an ad campaign that actually speaks about what your products do rather than nonsense and gimmicks? I don't think I've ever seen a Microsoft ad that I came away from with a feeling of anything other than embarrassment (for them) and a complete lack of interest.
Well, that's what everyone thought about the PC back in the early 1980s. No one could have imagined what you can get nowadays for less than $500. As component prices come down and less engineering is required to create a tablet, the costs will come down. I'd be willing to bet that in 5 years, there will be a number of tablets around the $100 mark. Not as functional or as easy to use as the iPad, but good enough for the low end market.
Or even better spent on beer (good beer, of course).
All it proves is that there's a market for low cost (low end) tablets. However, until component costs come wayyy down and reference designs are available (very little R&D is required), only companies like Amazon who can sell hardware at a loss (offset with an alternate revenue model) will be able to tap into that market.
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