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Uh, sure.  To be a shareholder who is concerned about the direction of a company is one thing.  But to be glad about the death of a human being (no matter who it is) is quite another.   I'm actually starting to feel quite nauseous at the thought that people are trying to justify the latter behaviour... am I the only one who thinks that the death of a human being is just slightly more important than the value of a stock?  Hope that he gets ousted from his position, kicked...
You do realize it's not _literally_ nuclear devastation you're talking about right?  But that it is _literally_ the extinguishing of a life you're also talking about?  Seriously, wtf is wrong with you?
I personally went the other direction: I got a tempest blue VW and now I'm matching other items with it (e.g. my iPad case).   I hate the concept that people pick colours based on moods or trends.  For as long as I can remember, I've always been attracted to mid-to-dark blues (light orange being a close second).  Regardless of what fashionista marketers are trying to convince everyone of.
Fusion just went to version 5, and the first version came out roughly a year after the first version of Parallels.  So major upgrades happen a bit less frequently.   Also, I was able to skip Fusion 4 without any problems. So it's been a little over two years since I paid for a Fusion upgrade, which is about right in my books.
If they do that, then you'll end up with web technologies moving forward at the same glacial pace as C++.  Bogged down in steering committees and politics.  This is one of the reasons why NeXT/Apple chose Objective-C over C++ -- because they could move it forward at their own pace.   But, I agree, proprietary technologies have proven to be a hinderance to the web over the years.
Riiight.  That's why many browsers pulled support for WebSockets (a web app technology) a little while back due to security issues.   It took me less than a week to port a fairly complex Objective-C app I'd written for iOS to Java (in order to create a compatible, browser-based version of it) due to those programming languages being so similar.  I can't imagine how long it would take to port that same code to be a web app which works as well in the multitude of web...
Indeed.  And let's not gloss over the fact that the whole patent system (and related litigation) is only necessary because of those who choose to imitate rather than innovate.
  It's Windows 8: Pixelated Edition.  A throwback for all the retro gamers out there.
  Extra length and just as thick with plenty of leaked photos.  What demographic are they aiming for with this?
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