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You mean they don't believe that Google does no evil?
  I wasn't trying to "burn" you.  The media made such a big deal out of the connector change, replete with sob stories from angry switchers, that it makes me wonder whether people have selective memories when it comes to all of the different connectors they've used over the years (and the money they've spent on peripherals).   But anyways, yes, there's an adapter, and it works quite well from my experience.  I use one with my car dock connector and haven't had any...
  Just as they did with people who had invested hundreds of dollars in floppy discs back in 1998, and now CDs/DVDs.  And what about people who invested in serial or parallel port devices on PCs?  ADB, PS/2, SCSI, Firewire, ... the list goes on and on.
Sounds like the makings of the Palm Pre syncing debacle all over again.
  Political systems don't matter.  The core problem is not having proper limitations on government officials taking money from private interests.  People get paid to look the other way without any way for the public to do anything about it.   You can believe that "democracy" in Western countries somehow prevents this from happening, but it just means people have to be a bit more clever about how they go about such pay offs (find loopholes in laws and/or use a few levels...
  HTML5 as a cross-platform web app replacement for Java still isn't mature enough in many ways.  It's great for dynamic webpage creation (e.g. Facebook), not so great for low level stuff (e.g. networking and controlling devices).  One can argue all they want that companies should just create native apps (I do too), but money is ultimately what decides that argument in most cases.
This line from the article is a bit curious:   "This update uninstalls the Apple-provided Java applet plug-in from all web browsers."   Perhaps the hackers found a way to force browsers to load the (older) Apple-provided Java applet plugin on systems which still have it installed?
  It's a joke.  I can almost guarantee that the person who created the video is not the same person who figured this trick out.   More likely, he (or someone he knows) hangs out on iPhone hacking IRC channels (like the ones used by the iPhone dev team members) and somehow overheard (or purchased) this information from someone close to one of the people who does the real hacking.  Those guys are rarely online, let alone spending time making videos of themselves, because...
ok, this discussion is definitely bordering on "fanboism" (yes, I said it).   While the average person could care less about someone getting at their pictures and contacts (since they're probably all available on Facebook anyways), there could *shock* actually be people like law enforcement officers who do care about criminals getting ahold of their contacts (so that they can find out about an investigation, threaten people, or worse).   Obviously, those people...
  Someone who has disassembled (reverse engineered) parts of iOS, noticed the potential for the bypass, and was able to reproduce it?  I was pretty amazed when I saw what people were capable of discovering via reverse engineering prior to Apple opening iOS up for app development (SDK).
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