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I'll agree with you on the celebrity front -- I remember a comedian joking about the fact that if you put a tomato on TV for a while, and then later put that same tomato in a grocery store, people would go nuts for it. But this is a bit different -- it's more like a tailgate party for iPhone fans. At least with an iPhone, it's something which has a tangible impact on one's daily life.
I'm not sure about iOS GM releases, but I know I've had it happen with one or two Mac OS X GM preview releases in the past. Though I'd have to check to see if they were indeed labelled as "GM" by Apple or were just release candidates that other people had labelled as GM. Regardless, they came out very shortly before the official releases and were one or two builds lower.
GM builds typically don't expire. However, there's no guarantee that they'll be exactly the same build as the final, released version. Most of the time they are, but I've seen rare cases where the release version is one or two builds higher.Since the GM build is developer only, I don't think they'd give you a simple way to upgrade should that be the case. A full restore to the release version would likely be the only option. Such is life on the bleeding edge...
One of the biggest performance killers I've found is having too many apps running at the same time. Usually if I go through and force quit all of the apps except the one I need at a particular time, things get much faster.This is actually my biggest beef with iOS - having to manually manage apps this way. They need to make this happen automatically somehow IMO.
I've been doing it for the past couple of months. Feels about the same as running iOS4 - somewhat choppy for some things, but still usable overall.
3) True 4G LTEIt's yet to be seen if just tweaking the antenna architecture on the phone, but staying with a 3G network, will give the same speed bump as actually going to 4G LTE (as Apple claims). Especially one or two years down the road.But, in general, I agree. I'm not sure exactly what else people were expecting...
As everyone has been saying, the cable is only one link in the chain. And, of course, you're always limited by the slowest link -- be it the controller chip, the bus(ses) the data needs to travel over, physical limitations of the device which is connected (eg. hard drive read/write speed), etc. That said, it's nice to remove one limitation so that you can then focus on removing the others.
Actually, I used Cocotron and was able to release an app I created in Xcode on Windows XP/Vista/7.
I used to be a hardcore gamer as well -- religiously following hardware sites and specs, carefully picking and choosing components based on their performance for games, constantly upgrading, etc. So I _get_ all the beefs about Macs from that crowd. However, you have to understand that: 1. It's a very niche group of people who do this. Even in the PC world, it's mostly small, niche retailers who sell gamer systems and components. Especially now that all-in-one PCs are...
This whole discussion about how Apple should give something back has really helped me understand thinking in the US a bit better. It seems that a lot of people believe that it's the role of companies to take care of them (help fund schools, etc). So now it makes sense to me why people don't feel government is important, don't vote, and would be happier to just get rid of government altogether and not pay any taxes. When in reality, the goal of a company is simply to...
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