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And what about external drives? USB 2.0 is for people who have time to waste. Firewire or Thunderbolt please. With TB, you could do both gig ethernet and external drives with one port.
Have you tried looking in the app store for options? From the feature list:I've used it and it works perfectly for this purpose.
Just because you're a Don Cherry fan doesn't mean you need to be sour grapes eh?
They had to add support for y'all first I think
Does Siri handle the word 'ruf' instead of 'roof'?
You've read this right?Excellent scientific breakdown of why anything above 16/44.1 isn't necessary for music downloads. Useful for those doing audio mastering/editing, yes, but for purely listening to music, no.
Glad there's only one iPad to choose from in Canada, even though the data rates here are horrible. I'll probably hold off on a 4G data plan until I really need it and just tether to my iPhone for now.
While I'm not a huge fan of the way iOS multitasks, the multiprocessing technology offered to developers for a single application in iOS is top notch. I'll take blocks and/or operation queues over threads and/or multiple processes any day of the week. Far less synchronization headache.
Perhaps the clock speed is 2x, but the data throughput (I/O) is 4x? Just a guess...
At least worms are good for your soil and composting. Telcos on the other hand...
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