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I've only been organizing my applications into virtual desktops this way for almost 20 years. With probably well into hundreds of thousands of virtual desktop changes during that time over the course of writing dozens of large pieces of software, juggling that with many thousands of email messages, IM conversations, technical documentation lookups, etc. But what do I know?It amazing to see people who are just so blindly in love with Apple that they believe they "let" you...
I never use fullscreen apps except for watching movies. In which case, I'm not doing anything else and so I don't need access to other apps.Sure, I do like having one app per desktop in order to eliminate clutter (the whole point of multiple desktops for me). But sometimes I may pull up a small app like Calculator or a Terminal window and squeeze it beside the other (main) app because it's needed in the same workflow for a bit. In which case I don't want to have a...
So that, when you've spent many years navigating multiple desktops using Ctrl-Arrow, you now end up moving through them single file. As opposed to when they're arranged in a 2x2 grid, being able to get to any desktop with a single Ctrl-Arrow.Sure, I'm slowly getting used to Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, but my brain just prefers the concept of directional movement rather than numbering systems (numbering systems are for libraries).
I had the same problem with 10.7.2. It was because I had Mac OS X Server installed (and was sharing files, etc via it). You have to perform a series of steps to bring your Mac back to non-server mode. I'll see if I can find a link with instructions.Found it:1) http://support.apple.com/kb/HT48272) and then go to /System/Library/CoreServices/ and remove ServerVersion.plist3) reboot and good to go
I knew about the history of Coors but I still found the response funny.The Coors analogy is pretty apt in other ways though: Coors is a watered down attempt to recreate a pale lager -- Samsung Galaxy is a skin deep attempt to recreate an iPhone.
No more Bootcamp/Windows? Given that Apple would be designing the A-series, it should be possible for them to create a high-quality x86 emulator for people who absolutely need to run Windows. Obviously it wouldn't be usable for 3D games and the like, but for non-CPU/graphics intensive applications, it should be possible.
Bingo. I'd guess that it only needs to be charged once a day, so you could do that at night. Get a cheapo wireless webcam and you could have the video displayed on it through the web browser.Live streaming news (or anything) feeds (RSS), artwork (traditional or otherwise), intercom system...
I'd almost consider getting a couple just to use as infinitely customizable decoration elements in my place... either that or just for shitter tablets (the best device category ever).
This is getting tiresome.If you truly believe that all new ideas come out thin air, then I can't really help you with that delusion. However, if you're open to learning the difference between using other ideas as a starting point and building your own breakthroughs off of them vs just repackaging the work of others, then I encourage you to read the following pages on the real history of the topics you're being so glib about:On Xerox, Apple and Progress by Bruce HornBusy...
That's been my exact point when talking to people about this. Apple makes _far_ more money selling real products than what they could make from mining and selling location data. Why would they even bother and risk these kinds of lawsuits?And yet people will happily let Google track everything they do in their web browser... data which is worth a lot more money than simple location data.
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