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???That's like saying I don't want to attach any USB devices to my computer because they might damage the USB port. The iPod/iPhone dock connector specification is well known and there are many 3rd parties building hardware to connect to it.Sure you may drain the battery faster, but that's a price I'm willing to pay to be able to use my iPhone with something like this:Burton/RED Audex Ear Pads
Having more processing power and/or multicore really isn't the big limitation I see on the iPhone -- the amount of RAM is. That and being able to properly share the audio output device. Those are the two limitations I'd like to see Apple address.
You can already get it (in addition to AVRCP) with these adapters:8Bananas BD-906Wi-Gear MA110Sony TMR-BT8IP Though I agree that it would be nice to have it built-in.
VLC for iPhone - Because I want to be able to just punch in any streaming audio/video URL and play it rather than be limited to particular set of choices (tied to revenue streams/advertising). Tethering - Because I'm paying a substantial amount for a data plan and want to be able to use it how I see fit. Cycorder - Even if the camera is only 15 fps, it shouldn't be limited to still photos. SSH - Until Apple comes up with a more general syncing mechanism, SSH remains the...
Snaps to that!
I guess it all depends on how the rental/subscription service works.I was envisioning that you'd be able to pick a particular number of songs per week/month to put into your rental "window" and pay a flat rate for those songs which is cheaper than buying the same number of songs over the same time period. Obviously, allowing for people to choose different options for the number of songs and the time period in which they can change the songs.
I actually think having both a rental and purchase model for music makes sense. For some people, music tends to be a sliding window of tastes which shifts with popular culture and/or whatever their social circle is listening to. So a rental model makes sense for this type of person since they won't likely go back and listen to music which has already passed through their window of interest. For others (like myself), music is a vault filled with different emotions which...
Oh no... recursive patents! Opens up a new dimension in lawsuits.
As has been mentioned in other posts, permissions and access control are concepts which have been around since the dawn of computer technology. What do these people do, pick up a computing science textbook and try to patent all of the ideas therein which haven't been patented before?
Style is in the eye of the beholder. I remember when people used to revel in how modern the Aqua interface was as compared to Windows. Now it's considered tacky. I dunno, to me it's at least distinctive and usable. Unlike the XP theme which is just fugly and takes up too much space. Vista's theme is better, but the transparency bothers me a bit on the usability side. I'm not really a fan of flat interfaces -- not enough visual interest. I do hope they retain some...
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