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Yeah, I know. I'm talking about the Blackberry Bold. To me, it basically looks like an iPhone with a keyboard.
I already cry foul with the Blackberry Bold. Lets list the similarities:Tall, rounded rectangular shape. All of the Blackberries I saw prior to the release of the iPhone were short and wide.Shiny black face with metallic trim (as has been mentioned numerous times).Speaker hole styling.Date and time on screen use very similar font and styling.Major function icons on the bottom of the screen with black background.I'll venture a guess: the button in the middle takes you...
I seriously thought this was another Photoshop joke until I saw it on the Blackberry website... wow... that's all I can say.
Considering that people have found holes right down to the hardware level, it won't be until Apple redesigns the iPhone hardware that things could possibly change. It's funny, I've watched this cat and mouse game with computer hardware and software since the dawn of the personal computer. Given what I've seen, I personally think it's a waste of money and engineering resources to try and stop people. But I guess they have to keep trying in the hope that, if they make it...
I lost track there, how many dollar signs in a row = happiness again? Sorry, I was too busy having fun to count.
Actually, there are many exploits used for jailbreaking. The Safari TIFF exploit was only one of them. And it actually was fixed with the 1.1.2 firmware update.Here's a list of the jailbreak exploits found so far:1) Using some powerful commands available when the phone is in restore mode. Fixed in firmware 1.1.12) Invalid TIFF in Safari exploit. Fixed in firmware 1.1.23) Creating a symbolic link from the media (writable) filesystem to main (read-only) filesystem. ...
I agree. For the amount of work involved with maintaining and documenting an SDK, $99 is quite reasonable. I'm sure technical support will cost more on top of it, but being able to pay for that on a per incident basis (or for a package) is great flexibility.
Now if only they could keep the developer site working for long enough to allow people in. Did they seriously not expect this, or are they going to use it for showmanship during a future keynote to say that: "we had so much reaction to our SDK that it brought our servers down (because we intentionally didn't put any extra hardware in place to handle it)"?
Except that it'd be a real hack job to write your own custom registry file reading/writing functionality when you can just use built-in Windows functions to read/write it properly. What happens if/when MS changes the registry file formats in the future?But yeah, just simply change the underlying implementation of ScanAndEradicateRegistryMaliciousness() on Mac to scan through all of the plist setting files rather than the registry. Then change the name to...
Because sometimes people actually leave their home (and need to look up information while they're not at home).
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