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 I keep Bluetooth on at all times so that my car can connect with my phone.  It doesn't seem to drain very much battery life.  I believe this is the point of Bluetooth LE
Note that the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch compatibility information for Continuity is as follows:  Unfortunately I'm using a 3rd gen iPad.    But I'm looking forward to using this with my Macs once Yosemite is released.
Can someone who has updated post their version information?  It's in Settings -> General -> Version   I'm curious to know if it's the exact same as the GM build seeded to developers.   Edit: Just checked on developer.apple.com and it shows the same version (12A365)
 Yup.  I remember all the hate for the original iPad too -- it was almost proportional to how well it did.
Cool.  I didn't think about taking a picture of your card, verifying it with the bank, and getting the token that way.  Eliminates the possibility of someone stealing your phone and hacking the secure enclave to get your CC info.
 Exactly.  I guess no one can remember a few years back when liveblogging was the only way to see a live feed of an Apple event.  I guess all of those launches were ruined too in hindsight... It's annoying not to have the live feed, but I'm still excited to see what's coming.
 I'm assuming the CC data would be stored locally on the phone in the secure enclave (same as your fingerprint).  That way it could work even if there's no network connection available.
 Yes.  They'd essentially only be able to try and purchase things with a stolen phone, but they wouldn't have the credit card numbers.  So just cancelling the cards would work the same as before. When you think about it, it'd be more hassle than it's worth for a thief: steal the phone, hope there's a perfect fingerprint to extract on it, have the right equipment and expertise to extract it, keep the phone off any networks to prevent it from being wiped/tracked, risk trying...
 As far as I've heard, the only known hack for the TouchID system is a faked fingerprint.  Which is very difficult to do, and a remote wipe of the phone would be able to stop it.
 Correct.  However, only the bank holds the key (not the individual retailers) and so it's far less likely to fall into the wrong hands because banks tend to take information security far more seriously than retailers.  I mean, if a hacker were able to hack into the bank's database, they wouldn't even need the encryption key anyways.  That's exactly the current system: the real credit card number is stored with each transaction at the retailer.  The point is that, with the...
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