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 But it only went that way after it became a choice between a $0 feature phone and a $0 low-end smart phone.  Of course people are going to pick the best device they can get at the same price point. What I'm talking about is something like: a feature phone with a $100 rebate on your first 3 months of cellular service vs a $0 low-end smart phone with no such rebate.  Are people going for low-end smart phones (like the vast majority of Android phones being sold) willing to...
 Man is it hard to get some people to see a point here. Forget the fact that it doesn't make sense for anyone to do this: my question is whether the low-end phone buyers would go for it?  If so, then it shows that this is the reason why most Android phone users (i.e. the low-end market) are clueless about features like Google Wallet: because they simply don't care and money is the main thing they care about.
There's some confusion about my argument here.  It's this:   If you gave financial incentives for someone to choose a dumb phone over a free smart phone, how many would opt for it?   We're talking about whether money is a bigger factor than features.  Regardless of whatever philosophy you think people may have about moving from a dumb phone to a smart phone, supply/demand, whatever.   Android enters into the equation here because the vast majority of the Android...
 My original thought was: if you gave the low-end phone buyers enough monetary incentive (i.e. a big rebate on choosing a dumb phone), would they choose it over the free low-end Android smart phones?  Given that, from what I've seen, cost is the main factor in many low-end phone buying decisions (and that those people generally only use features which were available on dumb phones).
 Yeah, and that covers another aspect of device choice: kickbacks to the reseller and the resulting pressure tactics used by salespeople to convince customers who don't really have a strong preference or level of knowledge.  Again leading to customers who don't really know about their phone's features.
hehe, you pulled that post in time.  I was just about to reply with: now divide the overall per-OS web traffic by the number of phones out there running Android vs iOS and my point is still valid. 
 That would be an interesting thing to test: get ahold of all those old candybar & flip phones which are destined for a landfill anyways, partner with a carrier, and actually offer them at a rebate when you buy them on contract.  Would be interesting to see how much of a dent that would make in Android marketshare...
 I think the vast majority of Android device buyers didn't even look at the feature list, they just looked at the price.  And yes, I've seen this conversation happen a number of times at those mobile phone kiosks in malls: Clerk: "We have the new iPhone available"Customer: "Is it free?"Clerk: "No, it's $199 when you buy it on a 2-year contract"Customer: "If it's not free, I'm not interested" Obviously the features make no difference.  They'll probably just be using it for...
 The negative and sometimes violent reactions some people have when they find out about one's private life (directly or indirectly) are definitely something of public concern.
 I honestly wish you were right that nobody cared.  That would mean that homophobia and prejudice against gays was a thing of the past.  Unfortunately, given some of the anti-gay reaction on social media and from leaders in backwards countries like Russia and Saudi Arabia, it's clear that's not the case.
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