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 A single button in what development tool?  Android Studio?  All I've found documentation on is the ARC Welder tool (which still shows as being beta and only runs on ChromeOS afaict).
ok, can you tell me then how a web app can access the camera on a device and show a live feed of it?  I was researching that the other day and came up with nothing.  I could only find a way to grab still images from the camera.
 This is the big problem from a software development standpoint.  ChromeOS can really only run glorified web apps.  Even apps written for Android are fairly difficult to bring over to ChromeOS (and both of those are Google technologies).  Never mind apps written for other platforms like iOS, Windows, Mac.  So you'll never have the wealth of well-integrated, well-designed apps that other platforms have.
 Skype is fine.  It's Lync that's the problem.  There's no Skype for Business for Mac, and regular Skype doesn't connect to business/corporate accounts.  Use it on an almost daily basis for personal calls, and never had a problem.  Never really saw the need to make my TV into a video conferencing device -- my laptop works perfectly fine and can move around to wherever is convenient.  With Airplay, I can send it to my TV if I need a bigger screen.  Sharing photos is dead...
Not on Mac.  Crashes at the drop of a hat with any sort of conferencing and you need a super-secret-internal-update so that desktop sharing is faster than one frame per minute.
Because we need yet another technology for sending messages/chatting.  That way we can all keep a dozen apps open at a time on all devices and round robin through them all day.  Efficiency. /s
 That's the one I have sitting here beside me (with matte screen & SSD upgrade).  Great machine, just getting a bit sluggish for my needs.
Kinda surprising for a pro machine.  But then I've never really needed more than 16GB of RAM on a machine (my desktop dev machines only have that much), so it doesn't bother me.  Now that most software is cross-platform or cloud-based, I never need to run VMs on my laptop anymore (the big reason for needing more RAM).
 There's only 2 RAM slots, and I haven't been able to find 16GB RAM modules for it (OWC only has 8GB modules), so I'm thinking not. As for the original poster talking about Safari + Mail taking 16GB of RAM, I highly doubt it.  However, I can get up to around 12 GB with a heavy Xcode build, so I try to avoid running other major apps while I'm doing that.
Yeah, it would have been nice to get a bit of a speed boost with Broadwell + 1866MHz RAM, so in that regard I'm a bit disappointed.  However, having 4 cores is more important to me than a modest speed bump.  My main interest in waiting to upgrade was getting the force touch trackpad, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. And yeah, I'm wondering too if Intel is just skipping the 4-core Broadwell and going straight to Skylake...
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