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Last I checked, using my pay-as-you-go plan with the iPhone for talk and occasional data + using WiFi most of the time ends up being about $20-$30 per month. Admittedly, I wasn't a huge cell phone user to begin with, but it goes to show that there are options.
And then there's the % of the population that figures out how to fully unlock the phone and run 3rd party apps on it. Makes perfect sense to me.
Dunno what you're talking about, but I already have quite a few of these third-party apps running on my iPhone.
I remember a short time after OS X came out and Apple finally put half-decent video cards with OpenGL acceleration into their machines, Carmack spent a weekend porting the latest Quake engine (what eventually became Quake 3 I believe) to Mac just because he was curious to see how well Macs performed and to see if OS X lived up to the hype at the time. Now that's someone who has a real passion for technology.And I don't fully blame the coders. EA has turned into a...
Yup. I believe Carmack was/is part of the OpenGL ARB as well. Goes to show you what someone with a sharp mind and a passion for well architected software and cross-platform, open technologies can do. It's too bad there aren't more people like him in the industry.
The guys at ID have always known how to do cross-platform development right. Doom is like a benchmark for porting to any platform (I believe it's already on the iPhone). It helps a lot when your company is run by people who have a real passion for technology and the developers don't have to file a lawsuit to get paid fairly.
I think I came to that same realization about how TV ads speak about the world when I was 14 years old.
For those looking for a cheap/free replacement for the AW drawing program, what about The GIMP? I realize that it was designed for photo retouching (ie. is more like Photoshop than Illustrator), but it can be used for simple image composition tasks as well.
This type of revenue-sharing arrangement would make sense given the exclusivity of the iPhone to AT&T. If there were no monetary incentive for Apple, they certainly wouldn't bother putting a lot of engineering effort into locking the iPhone hardware to the AT&T network. Yes, I have an iPhone in Canada and am just whining because I can't get it working on Fido.
Streaming AAC for one. It's amazing how many media players have AAC, but not streaming AAC.VLC crashes for me more often than not.
New Posts  All Forums: