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I'm in the same situation (have old iPhones with no SIM cards for them). I just hacktivate the old iPhones when I upgrade the firmware on them (no jailbreak, just fake activation).
Great opportunity for smaller publishers/distributers to take over the market which big networks don't seem to be interested in. I smell a changing of the guard...
That's just the reality of low-end products vs high-end products. The average consumer will take free/cheaper at the expense of quality no matter what. Best example, I was walking by a cellular kiosk and overheard a customer asking about phones. The salesperson mentioned why the iPhone was better than another phone, and discussion ended like this: Customer: Is it free? Salesperson: No Customer: Then I'm not interested
Yeah, it means that you "don't have to lift a finger" to work (i.e. are wealthy) since it's difficult to do most jobs having long fingernails.Also come in handy for certain illicit activities which require enough free time and money to engage in on a regular basis... or just playing guitar.
While CPU usage is one factor, I'd like to see memory usage and overall browser stability comparisons as well.
Sure. However, companies that manufacture, sell, and provide support for computers do care when those same people who don't know/don't care are bringing their computers in for service/support due to problems (unknowingly) caused by Flash.Now, while you can say: "sure, but this isn't specific to Flash, it's true for all software people install", the fact is that Flash tends to be much more invisible to people than full-fledged applications. So it's very easy for someone...
I assume you mean Limbaugh and not the band. Unless there's something subliminal in their music which I'm missing... (I'm Canadian, so the band is much more visible here than Limbaugh) But yeah, I've always felt that classes in basic logic and analytical skills should added to the general curriculum in schools (starting around age 10 or so). Good to hear that you're making your kids aware.
I remember coming to the same realization when I was quite young and one of my relatives was really into Jimmy Swaggart. I'd try to find the point of what he was talking about, but there wasn't one. Just meaningless banter expressed with great enthusiasm and oratory skill. After I understood that, I started to have more fun analyzing the techniques he was using to hypnotize people. So I think you can trace the origins of this app back even further with spiritual...
I'm thinking Blackberry OS around 3 years ago. Wasn't the Blackberry dev kit very expensive and limited in availability (much like game console dev kits)?And I definitely remember hearing from other smartphone users over the years that major OS updates often required newer hardware. Or, at the very least, the older hardware couldn't take advantage of the newer OS features.Aside from Bluetooth, the original iPhone supports pretty much every feature of the latest iPhone OS.
The app store is mainly about Apple building a platform. So it's no surprise that they are trying to run it at break even. If they made the entry-point for iPhone OS development too high, it would severely limit it's growth as a platform. Consider that most "smart phones" (for lack of a better term) which came before the iPhone were closed systems. Typically running a custom-developed operating system with very limited support for 3rd parties to create software for...
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