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If you browse to a website which uses Java, Safari will prompt you to install Java if you don't have it installed. So you can just wait until you need it. If you want to install it anyways, you can launch the Java Preferences application (found in Applications -> Utilities).
Too bad he couldn't live in Steve's basement and drop acid with him like he did for his portrayal of Hunter S Thompson.
Indeed. After buying my first (and last) book from the iBookstore and finding that I could only read it on an iDevice linked to my Apple account (i.e. not my Mac laptop), I wasn't thrilled. I'll be looking for more open options (like this) for my future eBook purchases.Note that Apple uses ePub too, it's just the DRM that's the problem. And for me, it would be fine if they had a reader application for Mac OS X (or they were readable in iTunes), but they don't/aren't.
I'm guessing all of their software development infrastructure is based around Linux (source control, etc). Would make sense given that Blackberry's OS is QNX-based.
But, the thing is, a company has absolutely no obligation to act in the best interest of society. The only incentive is to act in their own best interest. In some cases, this is beneficial to society (e.g. job creation). In some cases, it's not (e.g. pollution).IMO, the government's role is to create a structure so that there is incentive to act in the best interest of society as a whole. This is how we've evolved from the cave man era to a civilized society. While you...
The big problem here is that, if the US government did this, it would actually create more incentive for companies to move operations away from the US. Think about it: move operations to a country with very low corporate taxation, generate higher profits there, move the money back to the US with no taxation. Sounds like the best option to me. And there's no guarantee that they'd reinvest that money back in the US. What if they gave the money to shareholders who may...
Either that or sweaty palms...
Most apps use pre-generated images for everything, and thus, they'll now include copies of those same images at twice the resolution (which dramatically increases the amount of storage space required).This is why I always push to have as much be drawn "programmatically" as possible. A few lines of code to draw things (rather than using images) can save you many megabytes in your app size. And, if done right, it can automatically scale to higher resolutions with no extra...
For me, the speed of Safari was never a problem, it was the incompatibility. My workplace uses a lot of oddball web-based technologies for their infrastructure which tend to be incompatible with Safari. Thankfully, the vast majority of the issues have gone away in recent years.
I was just going to say, the jury's still out on whether Google is going to pay for cloning JavaME.
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