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 You're the inverse of me. I used to maintain my girlfriend's (now wife's) Mac for her in the late 1990s and found Mac OS to be positively archaic at that time.  Having to install huge amounts of RAM to prevent large applications from overwriting each other due to lack of proper memory protection, painstakingly tracking down extension conflicts, etc.  No thanks. However, when I first read about Rhapsody (now OS X) and it's marrying of BSD UNIX (I was using Linux at the...
 Except anyone who isn't working in marketing and doesn't need to follow whatever the old boys club is using to be accepted. 
 Ah the left brain take on art -- must try to fit it into an arbitrary box of rules to make sense of it.
 This is what drives me nuts about the average person's analysis of what it takes to create technology: it's just the cost of the parts right?  Wrong.  To redesign a case so that it fits a larger battery, doesn't interfere with an antenna, and has a different mainboard layout takes a team of industrial designers, electrical engineers, and computer hardware engineers.  Want to guess how much those salaries are?
 Because the diesel C-class wagon wasn't available in North America 
 And once they do, everyone else starts doing the same and then claims it was obvious to do so from the beginning. I think this thread points out a clear difference in thinking between people.  Some people only see the function of an object, and as long as it does that function "well enough", they're satisfied.  Others see the function of an object, and believe that function can always be refined, made simpler, and even possibly be made more enjoyable by a little creative...
Looking forward to a whole new genre of accident videos
 Now, think a bit more about it.  Kids that age do not need a fine-tip, Bluetooth-capable pen which costs $80 if they break or lose it.  Or worse, drips battery acid into their mouthes if they chew on it. So, we now see that this niche market for styluses has further subdivisions: - Professional artists who want very high-resolution, pressure sensitivity, fast response, interchangeable tips, etc- Hobbyist artists who are willing to forgo some of those advanced features in...
 In other words, Microsoft employees are frantically searching used car lots around the world looking for a suitable replacement.
Here's a preview of the packaging...  
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