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 Sun's R&D resources in developing Java.  Did you read this part of the article?  So basically they piggybacked the Android development environment on the work Sun/Oracle did. To me, it's the technological equivalent of Ford setting up an assembly line for cars, then having someone come along and add an extra station at the end of the line which swaps the Ford logos for KIA logos and then delivering the cars to KIA dealerships.
Nice stuff Marvin.   In regard to specialized hardware, that's very much like stand-up arcade games: custom hardware for just that game and a few others like it.  It's tricky to find the balance between hardware which is "so niche that the development costs could never be recouped" and that which is "too general purpose to solve the problem well".   I don't know if such hardware would be feasible for desktop/laptop computers.  However, I could definitely see console...
 That question answers ascii's point: why would a seller give you an unbiased review which potentially causes them to lose a sale?  Or is perhaps influenced by a manufacturer who gives them financial incentives (kickbacks) to sell their products instead of competing ones. That's why it's generally better to get a review from someone who has no financial stake in the matter.  Though obviously you'll want to ensure that the "unbiased" reviewer isn't a paid shill or a moron...
 Vector vs raster becomes somewhat more complex when it comes to rendering 3D scenes.  All of your scene geometry (objects tessellated into triangles) are vector.  The textures/images you apply to them are raster.  The lighting effects, shadows, and reflections can be vector or raster depending on how you do them: maps (raster) vs real-time calculations (vector). Ray tracing effectively makes everything vector aside from the textures.  All of the scene effects...
 Right.  Renderman had a programmable rendering pipeline before it could be done effectively in hardware (i.e. modern GPUs).  But it was designed for generating pre-rendered scenes (for movies) rather than in real-time (for games). The big deal here is the latter (real-time ray tracing).  However, my point is that, with a modern GPU and shader techniques, it's now possible to do what ray tracing does in different ways (e.g. applying complex lighting calculations to every...
Brings back memories of running my computer for days to render a ray-traced image...   Will be interesting to see if ray-traced images are really any better than what's being done with modern GPU shaders (per fragment lighting calculations and effects).   EDIT: I see, shadows can be made a lot more realistic and detailed.  Most of the other things they show (reflections and whatnot) can already be implemented in other ways.
 And how would the damages be measured exactly?  If the jury can barely comprehend numbers, how would they begin to comprehend Google's business model with Android?
 Did you even read the Tipping Point site?  Or do you simply believe that any money used to fight poverty is a freebie?
 And not just IQ (which is a controversial measure of intelligence anyways) -- factor in people with disorders like schizophrenia, bi-polar, autism, dementia, etc.
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