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 Every phone that guy tested bent under extreme force.  And while they didn't completely bend out of shape like the iPhone 6 Plus, the test was hardly scientific because the iPhone he showed was pre-bent, he didn't bend the other phones in the same spot, and it's impossible to tell if he used the exact same amount of force on all of them.  And some of the other phones started to make cracking sounds when he bent them, which likely indicated internal damage of some sort...
 Yup.  It'll help get major exposure for whatever they're working on.  Plus U2 has deep connections in the industry, so it'll help get the tech heads at Apple connected with the audio heads.  Indeed.  With the Beats acquisition and increased ties with U2, they'll pretty much have one or two degrees of separation from anyone in the music business.  All pointing to something big.
If you have a lot of content on your device, then the Genius Bar isn't going to help (they won't wipe your content for you). If you have everything backed up to iCloud, then you should be able to wipe your content, upgrade, and then let iCloud restore it for you.  Not the nicest upgrade experience, but it works.  Otherwise iTunes is the way to go.
 I had the same laugh as well. However, purely technical people who only look at compression, bitrate, algorithms, and the like are also missing the point.  There is a real experience of hearing a live band that we're trying to recreate.  The positioning of the microphones, the type of microphones used, your position relative to the speakers, open air/closed auditorium/recording studio, the shape of the auditorium/studio, etc, etc.  It takes someone who has years of...
 And it is working for a lot of users (me included).  I installed it via iTunes to avoid the size issue.  If you update directly on your device, it needs to download the update (1 copy on device), decompress the update (2 copies on device, one of which is much larger), and then install the update (3 copies on device).  Whereas if you update via iTunes, it downloads the update to your computer (0 copies on device), decompresses the update on your computer (0 copies on...
 Perhaps a sandwich of some sort?
I have two accounts as well (due to the fact that I had to create a new account for MobileMe way back when).  I just added the secondary one as a family member under the main account.
 The downside is that each person has to pick and choose from the entire list of content your family has purchased to get what they need. In most families, the kids don't listen to very much of the same music their parents do (and vice versa).  Same for TV shows and movies.  So each person has to manually curate their content (and continue to do so as new content is purchased).  By having separate accounts, each person only gets the exact content they purchase (and only...
 I keep Bluetooth on at all times so that my car can connect with my phone.  It doesn't seem to drain very much battery life.  I believe this is the point of Bluetooth LE
Note that the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch compatibility information for Continuity is as follows:  Unfortunately I'm using a 3rd gen iPad.    But I'm looking forward to using this with my Macs once Yosemite is released.
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