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 There's only 2 RAM slots, and I haven't been able to find 16GB RAM modules for it (OWC only has 8GB modules), so I'm thinking not. As for the original poster talking about Safari + Mail taking 16GB of RAM, I highly doubt it.  However, I can get up to around 12 GB with a heavy Xcode build, so I try to avoid running other major apps while I'm doing that.
Yeah, it would have been nice to get a bit of a speed boost with Broadwell + 1866MHz RAM, so in that regard I'm a bit disappointed.  However, having 4 cores is more important to me than a modest speed bump.  My main interest in waiting to upgrade was getting the force touch trackpad, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. And yeah, I'm wondering too if Intel is just skipping the 4-core Broadwell and going straight to Skylake...
I'm personally hoping this rumour is true, and the timeframe seems about right for the 4-core mobile Broadwell CPUs.  I need a new MBP for WWDC, want one with a force touch trackpad, but don't want to compromise with the current 13" (2-core) model.
Look, at the end of the day, all I need to do is find the email I need for a given purpose (taxes, receipts, whatever). I'm not editing anything (it's a read only database), so having multiple copies doesn't make my tasks any more difficult. If email had symlinks like file systems, I'd use that to avoid multiple copies. Besides, about 95% of my email only needs to be in one category anyways.My point is that there are many paths to the same real world result. To put the...
Right, because everyone not doing things the same way (Google's way) would be blasphemous. Whatever achieves the end result you want is the right way in my books.
 No argument from me there.  But regardless, I think people should be more concerned with the content of a leader's speech rather than how it's being delivered.  Ford's speeches were always aimed more at making the 5 second clip on the nightly news (loud with quotables) rather than giving a clear solution to anything.  Unfortunately that seems to be all that people have an attention span for these days.
 This is crap.  Plenty of ignorant people can stand up in public and spout a load of nonsense without stuttering.  In fact, I find many highly intelligent people generally have a harder time speaking in public because they tend to take more time to fully develop an idea before saying it.  I really can't stand that most people will vote for someone who can speak loudly without pause even though the content of their thoughts is next to zero. Prime example: I'm sure you guys...
Back in my day, we used to just create email folders and file things in them (which works in every email app).  Or, if you wanted to get fancy, set up filtering rules to automate filing.  For things which need to go in multiple folders, just duplicate it (storage space is cheap).
 I think it's more a matter of the fact that most people only think about their own situation.  So when they're healthy and don't need to use healthcare much, they won't support any system which they feel supports "freeloaders".  However, if/when they get a serious illness and can't afford the costs, then they'll do an about face and suddenly want a system that covers everything.  No ability to think about anyone but themselves.
 Funny, but I've always had the reverse experience: in most cases, web-based interfaces feel completely random to me as there's no UI guidelines or standardization.  Whereas native applications tend follow the UI standards set by the platform/OS creator, and so there's a level of consistency and familiarity once you get used to the platform.  I simply don't have time to fumble with and learn how to use a dozen apps which are all designed differently, and which are often...
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