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 I won't argue on display quality, as that something which is a direct experience for the end user.  Though, similar to artificially increasing bass response in speakers/headphones to appeal to those who simply want to show off rather than hear the details of sound over the full audio spectrum, it's easy to bias a display towards things which are attention grabbers (but may not give a good experience in all situations).  But Sammy has plenty of expertise in displays, so I...
Because it's about end-to-end performance (of which the CPU is a small part).  It doesn't matter if the CPU is doing calculations at 500GHz, if the results are sitting in the cache waiting to be sent somewhere (e.g. main memory, disk, screen), it doesn't make any difference.
 Apple is unlike most other companies in the industry in that they will not claim official support for something unless it works _well_.  So even though the latest MBA can support 4K @ 60Hz simply because the Intel HD 6000 GPU inside supports it, the performance sounds pretty horrendous when you actually try to use it. In my experience, Intel's GPUs are pretty much minimum spec for running 4K.  If you're watching videos, they should be fine.  But if you're using...
When you read the details about how animations become flip books at that resolution, it really can't (and Apple is justified in not claiming it can).  Even though the Intel GPU used in the Air can output a signal at 60Hz 4K, it's clear that it simply doesn't have enough power to do anything more than display static images. I've worked on optimizing software for 4K displays, and it's amazing how many people will buy a 4K display, turn around and try to run it with something...
 Right, but there are still plenty of things which could make copter drones feasible for delivering over fairly long distances.  High-density/lighter battery cell technology (an active area of research), a network of landing stations which ensures there's a place to land/recharge within range of the last one, mid-air handoffs to another drone, etc.
As opposed to a delivery truck causing similar damage?
 With the current consumer drones, sure.  But the military has already used drones for many years to perform long-range unmanned operations.  It's just a matter of time before some of that technology makes its way into consumer drones.  With Amazon's level of interest, it's likely already within the price range of big companies.
Funny, I just watched a show on CBC about drones the other week, and the discussion was very much the same as here.  It showed that there are a number of people who have shot down drones flying over their property, and even a few who have organized drone hunting groups.  In response, some drone enthusiasts have made bullet-proof shielding for their drones (can you say escalation?).  Lastly, one hacker even created a drone that could jam and "take over" other drones...
Yeah, I'm confused.  On the Apple website, it only shows the 13" MBP as "new".  Does the 15" not get the same upgrades?
A bit late on this (busy week), but anyways, I've dropped my phone in a snow drift and used it briefly in the rain without any problems. The current state of the iPhone is good enough to handle brief contact with water in my experience. This type of waterproofing is only required for complete submersion or extended periods of exposure.
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