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What currently sucks is the complication of getting digital content onto TVs. Mess of cables, switching input sources, etc. I'm sure Apple can make it easier. However, my biggest doubt is whether their "clean and intuitive" solution will work well with devices outside of their ecosystem (e.g. PS3). My guess is that they're expecting you to do your gaming on iOS only (using an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch as a controller).
And it isn't in other areas of the world? I just watched a report on Canadian news about how dangerous goods are transported across Canada by companies without proper permits or handling expertise, and it's downright scary. In one case, a shipping truck completely disintegrated on the road because it was carrying corrosive acid and its container wasn't the proper type for that.
My best guess is that things turned out a lot like other tech companies I've seen. At the start, there was a small group of people who were highly talented, motivated, and could move quickly on new ideas and products. Then, over the years, the layers of management and organizational hierarchy grew to the point where new ideas had to go through so many people (each with their own agendas and biases) and processes that it became nearly impossible to act on anything except...
Good point. It's so easy for people to think: "oh, that's China for you". When the reality is, certain types of manufacturing requires use of dangerous chemicals, gasses and materials. And no matter where that manufacturing happens, or how many regulations you put in place, a certain level of risk will be involved.
I remember thinking back in 2003 (when everyone was going gaga over their Blackberry) how it was essentially just a phone with email. I didn't get what all of the fuss was about. I guess the backend server lock-in was smart for the corporate market (and that's what's keeping them alive now). But from a consumer standpoint (or, I guess, a consumer who works in technology), I was unimpressed. At the time I was looking for a convergence device (phone, email, music, camera),...
Especially when those leaders were democratically elected and yet overthrown by the US interests so that they can get their own puppet dictator in place:Mohammad MosaddeghSalvador Allende Nothing to see or care about... move along... only products matter.
Allowing people to post mindless opinions unchallenged is basically allowing idiocracy to rule.However, I agree that knee-jerk anger responses and name calling doesn't help. IMO, it's much better to take the high road, rationally deconstruct their viewpoints and expose the flaws in a humorous or creative way, showing them as fools in front of everyone else, all in the hope that their viewpoints aren't adopted by other people simply because no one gives a better...
That picture represents all protestors as much as this picture represents all Apple users:
Spoken like someone who analyzes the world in the same terms as business gains/losses. Even though the Arab spring protests haven't brought certain stability, they have created a level of hope among people, and put a certain amount of fear into other regimes because of that. Which is a positive step in my books.
You sir, are the poster child for mindless consumer culture.Absolutely zero understanding or respect for people who are concerned with fighting social injustice and dedicating themselves to creating a more humanitarian world. People who would rather die than live in a world where they see those around them being treated unfairly due to corrupt regimes. All that matters in life are the products you own and the culture which has formed around them (like this forum). How...
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