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I just downloaded Bootcamp from apple.com a few minutes ago and it's only 1.2. Where's 1.3? Have they removed it? edit: nevermind, it seems the right version is up now.
Sure, that would work for me, as long as it's readily available (unlike the iPod game development kit).
I hunted around the ADC website and couldn't find anything about how to develop games for iPod (not even a way to get in contact with anyone about it). Is developing for the iPhone going to be just as obscure as this?
But then how does one actually do development? It's a bit of a chicken-and-egg dilemma: to do development you need a digital signature, but to get a digital signature, you need a working application which Apple approves of.The best solution I can think of which satisfies developers and end-users is this:Any application which is installed by an end user needs to run via the system installer, which checks for a digital signature. However, developers can put their...
They wouldn't need a new Xcode, just an SDK which you could use from the existing XCode. If the iPhone runs a scaled down version of Mac OS and contains either a PPC or Intel chip, it should be easy. Compile the app in XCode on your Mac against the set of SDKs/Frameworks the iPhone supports, send it over to the iPhone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and test it out.
This seems to indicate that it will be good for developers who want to port existing widgets and web apps to the iPhone, but what about developers who specifically want to create applications which work with the unique hardware of the iPhone (ie. multitouch, rotation sensors)? Jobs himself said that he's always excited to see what unique ways people use Apple technology, so the iPhone seems to be the perfect candidate for that opportunity. I'm curious to see how deep...
I haven't watched any of Jeff Han's recent demos (only the original one where he was moving light around a screen, which is pretty abstract). But like I said, there are devices which have predated Jeff Han, so people have been working on this for some time without any mass-market appeal. I'm not saying it can't happen, just saying that it's still quite a niche technology. The Lemur is a great solution in the music production/performance space, but that's still a niche.
Here's one and the precursor to that device. Multitouch technology has been around since about the mid-90's. And as a concept, probably the late 80's. However, no one has come up with a compelling application for it. Most of the products have been very niche (like the Lemur). Even with the iPhone, multitouch is not a centerpiece. I can see it being useful for the onscreen keyboard and some control gestures (like keyboard shortcuts, but with gestures), but not much...
Yeah... for about a year nowThe only downside is that it hasn't really been designed for mobile usage since you need to have a modem (and a power outlet to plug into) to use it. So it'll be interesting to see if/when the iPhone will support it somehow.
Here in Canada, given the prices of 3G data plans, WiMAX seems to be the best alternative. I'm curious to see how it'll work with the iPhone.
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