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I'm just curious -- why are you so excited for a world where mediocrity and imitation are valued above innovation and quality? Is it simply because your investment portfolio sits in such companies?
These two quotes I think are key as to why Apple has climbed back to the top and why they don't have to lower themselves to the level of almost everyone else in the industry to sell products: they actually spend the money and time (R&D) required to design products that people love and want to buy. As opposed to having to undercut and/or partner with other companies to force your product to be bundled with theirs (and then hoping that people just don't care enough to look...
But there is the /date sort option right at the top of the Blekko search results page, which seems to be what you're looking for. Then again, you can do the same on Google (get the results sorted by date using the options under "Any Time" on the left side) and it will even give you live updates as newer search results come in. I tested with AAPL and it updated the search results about 6 times in 30 seconds today.
I remember well my reactions both to seeing the BlackBerry in 2004, and the iPhone in 2007... BlackBerry: It looks like a cell phone that does email iPhone: It looks like a touchscreen computer that's a cell phone The idea of a cell phone that does email didn't really appeal to me because I really hated cell phones. The comment I had about cell phones at the time was: "you get charged for something every time you press a damn button on them". Plus, with all of the...
There seem to be a lot of people who think that products are designed and developed by the abstract entity known as "a company". What's scarier though is when those people are actually running companies (into the ground).
I'm in the same situation (have old iPhones with no SIM cards for them). I just hacktivate the old iPhones when I upgrade the firmware on them (no jailbreak, just fake activation).
Great opportunity for smaller publishers/distributers to take over the market which big networks don't seem to be interested in. I smell a changing of the guard...
That's just the reality of low-end products vs high-end products. The average consumer will take free/cheaper at the expense of quality no matter what. Best example, I was walking by a cellular kiosk and overheard a customer asking about phones. The salesperson mentioned why the iPhone was better than another phone, and discussion ended like this: Customer: Is it free? Salesperson: No Customer: Then I'm not interested
Yeah, it means that you "don't have to lift a finger" to work (i.e. are wealthy) since it's difficult to do most jobs having long fingernails.Also come in handy for certain illicit activities which require enough free time and money to engage in on a regular basis... or just playing guitar.
While CPU usage is one factor, I'd like to see memory usage and overall browser stability comparisons as well.
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