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I want to live in a world where software and hardware designers are paid as little as possible so that we can all have the cheapest computers. Not to mention zero innovation because it's much cheaper to just copy what's already been done than to invest in R&D for new products (ala the multitude of iPhone knockoffs). I'm not saying that the "Apple tax" completely goes into hiring highly skilled engineers and R&D, but I'd be willing to bet a good chunk of it does when you...
Complete agreement.People just don't get that, in order to be able to manufacture and sell an ultra-cheap PC at a profit, you need to do one or more of the following:Use components which are manufactured as cheaply as possible. After which you need to compensate for all of the problems created by those components in your operating system. Which is part of the reason why Windows PCs have had so many problems over the years (and why Microsoft has taken a long time to...
To me, it's a feature that audio and video are in separate cables. That way I get to pick and choose which device I prefer to use for audio and video separately. Rather than being forced in some scenarios to connect to a device which can separate the two streams for me. Modular design is a plus in my books.
I was just going to ask the same thing: where's the link to the original project which Psystar ripped off for this? Looks like it's the Chameleon project...
And 90% of the food service market can likely be attributed to fast food chains. It doesn't make the quality of the food any better, it just speaks to people's desire for the cheapest products (and tendency to buy whatever they happen upon without any product research). No matter how much headache those products cause for them (long term health problems in the case of food).In my eyes, marketshare means far less than quality workmanship.
Yeah, because we all know how great Microsoft's ads are...I've never really cared for Family Guy anyways. I love the episode of South Park where they joke about how Family Guy skits are developed by manatees. Now it will really be true since Ballmer bears an uncanny likeness to a manatee.
I think Steve Jobs dumped some bad LSD in the Redmond water supply.
Microsoft - the fast-food vendor equivalent in the software world: Software which satisfies your immediate needs, but leaves you with indigestion due to poor usability, frequent (sugar) crashes, and eventual clogging of the arteries requiring bypass surgery (the need to reinstall your OS due to eventually bogging your computer down to a crawl/causing system instability).
I'm just looking for options to replace what I already have in my Linux PC (which cost about the same as a Mini to build). Unfortunately, the Mini server option isn't quite there yet for me.
When you're also copying a large file across to that same drive (as you mentioned). Highly doubtful that it doesn't have to buffer the video so that you don't end up with hiccups on playback.I'm pulling it off of the local hard drive on my Mac Pro (where I encoded it) over a dual gigabit (load balanced) ethernet connection. So yes, FW800 is the weak link in the chain here.I'm talking about a server system where you have hard drives which are permanently connected (not...
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