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So how has everyone got around or fixed this problem?   _____________   An error occurred while contacting the radio tuning service. Check your Internet connection, or try again later.   ______________
I know this has been discussed to death, but I don't an answer that works?   OS: 10.5.8 iTunes: 10.6.3   Skip
Ok, so not really, but we do use it 99.9% of the time, and it crashed this morning, and now I can't get it installed?   I've trashed every file I can find, and reinstalled from scratch - and no luck?   It's on a computer that it has been on for 5 years or so. this Mac is running 10.5.8 (so I can use Freehand). When I reinstall it, and try to launch, it crashes and says "quit unexpectedly"?   I guess I could try to run Apples Utility and see if that cleans something...
As pointed out by some earlier in this thread, it looks as though the new video card I installed was the problem? I went with one several grades higher and much more expensive. I installed my old video card, and can watch movies using that one, but a REAL pain in the ass. Oh, my old card isn't great and the screen was flickering and such. Skip
Is there a way to fix this? I though I'd played some HD movies on it in the past.   Skip
How do I get to play songs I've downloaded a long time ago, with an old email address (which I no longer use)?   When I click on the song(s), it says that the current computer is not authorized to play song, would I like to authorize it? Yes, but I can't remember the password from 3 years ago.   Skip
Thank you. Turned out I was trying to locate his iPad, after logging into my account and not his.   It appears his iPad is turned off, or hidden? I say this because it's say's it's online, but can't locate, but then agin, 3 minutes later it say's it's not online?   But once I logged in as him (with him there to put in his info), it at least looked for it.
Is there a way, my friend can use my iPad to find his iPad?   Skip
Wouldn't a stock split be a good thing?
I use to be able to do this, before I had to reinstall a new hard drive?   Is there software I need to download, and if so, where do I find it?   Skip   D300 Nikon OS 10.5.8 iPhoto 6.0.6
New Posts  All Forums: