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My iPad Pro ordered on the 17th, left China, went on to Hong Kong. to China, to Alaska, to Kentucky, and was suppose to be here today, but when I checked UPS web site today, it's now saying a New one just shipped from Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong - WTF?   Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong 11/23/2015 1:44 A.M. Pkg shipped; delivery being scheduled   11/23/2015 1:34 A.M. Your package is in transit. We're updating plans to schedule your...
Glad you have it?   - Good, why? - Better, why? - Great, Why?   - Just to cool, Why   - Bad, why?   How is the cell model working?   Skip
I've tried EVERY Apple store from Portland Maine to New York city, and they ALL say they are out of the 128 Gold Wi-Fi Cellular models:(
Doomed, because it won't be good, doomed because they won't have enough to fill demand, doomed because there will be issues with it
Doomed as in?
Maybe, but not to much. I say this because I use my Wacom to do tracing and turn simple artwork into a vector file, the iPad Pro won't likely do this in the beginning, so from that stand point, I will continue to use my Wacom. It has hurt my use of my Wacom is a great little software program called  VectorMagic.
Don't be surprised when this thing sells like crazy, like a lot like crazy, a ton, boat loads of them. I'd go as far as to say, one of the hottest selling items from  Apple in the past few years … way more then the iWatch!   Skip
Not sure how many have said it so far, but watch sales of the iPad Pro go thru the freakin roof!   11/04/2015 … for those who want to know when this was said
So the watch can be a watch, but do any or all the app's and cool features require an iPhone, or do some work with the iPad and or desktop units?   Skip
What is better, faster?   MacPro 1.1 30" Apple Monitor 10.5.8   Skip
New Posts  All Forums: