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I use to be able to do this, before I had to reinstall a new hard drive?   Is there software I need to download, and if so, where do I find it?   Skip   D300 Nikon OS 10.5.8 iPhoto 6.0.6
It just spins and spins?   Holding the keys so it should go right to the install DVD, does no good?   Doesn't zap PRam, only chimes once, and then goes to spinning ball.   Skip
Hi folks. Any thoughts on a good if not great extended wireless keyboard for the Mac. I currently have the Apple wireless keyboard and mouse, and would really love to have an extended one (this computer is used for the company accounting).   Skip
Macoun would work great! Holly "Macoun Batman" Let go my macoun imacoun, you macoun, we all macoun
So we'd like to hook this up to our 23" Apple monitor and we using Illustrator mostly (yes other app's but mostly Illustrator)   So which one should we get and why?   Skip
So I purchase a CD. I pass it on at sometime, then when that person is done with it, he or she is suppose to trash it so no one else can use, listen or enjoy it … yeah right!   So then, music stores that BUY back cd's are breaking the law or only after selling it are they breaking the law?   When they paid ME for the used cd, I'm the only one who benefited from the sale, and when they resell it, there is no way in hell any money goes to the...
As for cheap, the paperbacks work best for me:)   Skip
Stop kidding yourself folks. Their goal isn't to take on or even go up against Apple. It's to get a small part of the market of smart phones, no more, no less.   1, 2, 6% of this BIG pie is a good chunk of change, as long as it doesn't cost to much to have their name put on someone else's phone. They are not dummies, and they know anything they can do to add to the bottom line, STAY in the news as "Apple Beaters" - then this is a good thing (for them).   There is...
How about he retires and enjoys himself / family and life for a bit. Now he can walk, talk, run, skip, hop, see and enjoy stuff, and there is plenty of stuff to enjoy. If he gets bored in a few years, then he can go back to work. But if you are lucky enough to be able to sit back, travel and enjoy life while you are still young and healthy, I say "Go for it!" and good for him.   Nothing hurts me more, then to see folks have to work until they are 72 or older, then...
And I wonder what this would have been / looked like / worked like and so on, had Apple not come out with the iPad???   Skip
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