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No mas!
I WOULD like to replace my current 30" Apple display (because it's getting lines in it), with ANOTHER 30" or larger display! As my post said in an earlier one. I have a 30" monitor, that I would love to see Apple come out with one BIGGER then 27"! Skip
Apple has a 30" or larger screen again? Skip
Following in the tradition of the previous 27-inch LED display, the new offering is designed specifically for Mac notebooks and features an elegant, thin, aluminum and glass enclosure, and includes a MagSafe connector that charges a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. And a replacement monitor for desktop pro's in the 30" rage is due when? Skip
Sorry, after using a 30" monitor for a few years now, I'd really like another one (or bigger), not a 27", and before you jump all over me and say 27" - 30", there isn't a big difference … ask your girlfriend or wife if 3" MORE is a big deal Skip
Location data, as in where I am, where I've been, and where I'm going? Kind of like a GPS system - if this is the case, how in hell can he sue, and why in hell did Apple pay him off? Now, if this is the same thing, I'll bet that lawyer, would be REAL happy, had he had a bad accident, gone over a cliff, and was only found, because his iPhone tracked his location. Of course if the "Location issue" is in reference to where he is searching, and for what, then I still...
and Apple isn't going after these folks why? - http://saramobi.com/clone/iphone.html
And if you put any one car manufacturer against all the rest, then it's a safe bet, all the rest, would add up to a larger market share. Skip PS And yes, IF Apple was to make their OS available to others, there might not be any others
I to, am a bit confused. I haven't purchase any music from anyone now for a long time. With iTunes radio stations, with RadioShift, with damn near every major radio station in the world offering streaming, with the tons of music on youtube (hell you can listen to some 2 hours of Eagles music for free, not to mention 1 or so of Yes music FREE) and the list goes on, why worry about another company coming along to CHARGE for music? Skip
Mostly because to date, more folks use skype then facetime, so until Apple can get more folks switching to Facetime, skype is still very popular. YES, once everyone switches to Apple products, and everyone tries and is ok with Facetime, skype won't be big, but until then, I think this could be hugh. Let's not forgot ad's pasted all over the skpye web site, and the millions still using PC's. Hell tell me how Vonage is still in business, and use that to see how Skype will...
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