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I to, am a bit confused. I haven't purchase any music from anyone now for a long time. With iTunes radio stations, with RadioShift, with damn near every major radio station in the world offering streaming, with the tons of music on youtube (hell you can listen to some 2 hours of Eagles music for free, not to mention 1 or so of Yes music FREE) and the list goes on, why worry about another company coming along to CHARGE for music? Skip
Mostly because to date, more folks use skype then facetime, so until Apple can get more folks switching to Facetime, skype is still very popular. YES, once everyone switches to Apple products, and everyone tries and is ok with Facetime, skype won't be big, but until then, I think this could be hugh. Let's not forgot ad's pasted all over the skpye web site, and the millions still using PC's. Hell tell me how Vonage is still in business, and use that to see how Skype will...
I personal think, this is how MS will get some of the billions they spend to get Skype. This should be HUGH for them, and in turn for Apple. As said earlier, if it works, it will have MILLIONS more thinking of, if not purchasing an iPad. Service families alone could make a serious dent in the numbers. Not to mention college kids, kids on vacations and so on. Had this been out 2 months ago, WE would have purchased one instead of the MacBook, so YES I can see it...
Which would be a BIG deal to me. 1-2% of revenue is what, some amount of hundreds of millions of dollars
Soon, but how soon remains to be seen. Flash will be a "Flash in the pan"! The reality is simply technology changes, and along with it, many parts and pieces, and Flash is just one of those pieces. Hell HTML5 will likely be replace. By what, from who - who knows, but they will both be replaced. Hell the iPhone, iPad, iPod won't be the next big thing as they are already here. It's evolution - shit happens. We all use to be fine living in the current time, but...
This may appear to be a harsh way to look at things -- but that's reality. The businessman is pressured to run his business as efficiently as possible to keep the prices low to its customers -- just to meet competition.[/QUOTE] And they will be selling all these cool toys to who, once they join the hordes of other unemployed folks? Skip
And they have enough money to throw around, and play with Apple for awhile. All the time, getting great FREE press. Some would say "What's in a new"? Skip
Maybe a model of damn near anything, that was designed by Steve Jobs, and is signed by Steve Jobs, and is seen as a Steve Jobs Model (iPhone, iPad, Laptop) … I could be wrong, but why in hell would CROWDS of people go to the Apple store for iCloud? It WILL be new … It WILL be cool … it WILL be exciting … It WILL be talked about … Or will it? Hell with all of the hype leading up to it, it could be nothing more then (as pointed out earlier) a 10th Anniversary...
And this report is causing apple stock to go down 2.+-%? Apple WILL post growth in phone sales, iPad sales and other areas, yet folks are freakin out, because the numbers aren't looking good right now. It's this type of reporting that sometime pisses my off, and I'm sure other stock holders. Skip
It's not many, but our small office needs to replace 4 desktop pro units / monitors, and imac's don't cut it. I'm sure others are in the same boat as us. Skip
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