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One thing is for sure - the iphone will be making some BIG leaps soon, as it will have no choice. finally others are jumping ahead of the iPhone in some area's, and so Apple will not have much choice but to leapfrog others to get the lead again ; imo Skip
Once the iPad is also phone, then it won't look small next to the Android's Skip
In the end, I see Apple buying this at the last second for 1.3 billion to prevent further lawsuits when their LTE iPhone 5 is released. I'm sure Apple will see this as saving money in the long run, rather than spending money in the short term … and then they can start suing folks, instead of being sued by them
He / they in all fairness, have to say something about where they HOPE to go, and how the HOPE to get there, and how the HOPE folks will buy into this crap. It's there future they are HOPING on. If they don't unseat Apple, they may all have to go knocking on Steve's door looking for a job, and well, we all know what the likelihood of that is. As soon as they realize that they aren't in Kansas anymore, and that Apple isn't the enemy, and that all they HAVE to do, it's...
Hi folks. So what's the best application, for making a slideshow that I'll want to post on a website? It will show pictures of a home for sale, and would be nice if folks didn't have to load plug-ins to view it. Skip
And as long as they market it as the "Worlds first Professional Tablet" it will have some success. Skip
Aside from the bad here, Apple won't, no, they can't wait, they will HAVE to find a way to produce these products or it's going to suck for them big time. They WILL dig into that stock pile of cash, and make some amazing things happen … they will. Skip
Apple and others aren't dumb. If getting over there and rolling up their sleeves is going to help, you can be sure, they will send folks over to do just that. Skip
Sorry but if you have a Macoun Apple, you'll never go back to any others Skip For me; - Macoun - Highly regarded in northeast for flavor. Crisp white flesh with juicy sweet-tart flavor. - Spencer - Cortland - Mac
Which makes me think, that Apple will be coming out with more colors at the same time, or very shortly after the white one. Less options, less costs, but there are those people who would buy a, said Red, Blue or other favorite colored iPhone, who MIGHT not purchase one otherwise. Skip
New Posts  All Forums: