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And I wonder what this would have been / looked like / worked like and so on, had Apple not come out with the iPad???   Skip
With 4 (yes only 4) 17" laptops here, we'll be looking at other options. If we wanted smaller, we'd all have iPads … we want our 17" back!   Skip   Office has 23" & 30" monitors, 17" laptops, and small just doesn't work for us here. Of course if we're forced to go small -?
Go fall off a cliff please. WE PROFESSIONALS like what we use, pay for and need. It's our world don't fick with it … please.   You do what you want, and let the other do what they want. Don't like big, don't buy it, but please don't tell us (The Professionals) go somewhere else, we like you are entitled to have what we want, to want what we want, and to hope to get what we want.   For me, here's hoping they don't drop the 17" PRO (I have 4), and I (and MANY...
SIRI remind me to wake up in an hour!   Zagger and Evans song "in the year 2525" from the 60's is getting to be to real for me, and WAY to early.   Folks, if you need to be reminded to do anything in an hour, maybe you need medication, or a note pad.   - You live in the neighborhood, you should and better know where in hell you get mushrooms! - SIRI take the night off? Come on folks, what in hell is this all about.   I know these are just commercials,...
Ok. So with their boatload of cash, is whatever the gains and loses that great, that it's not worth continuing with one of the products that made Apple the company it is today.   YES I know Apple is ALL about profits, BUT those profits come from Apple zealits just like you and me. And while the i series of products is good, why noy spend a little bit of time and money with the Pro-line of products. I'm sure that the folks at Autodesk would like to see them up-dated -...
Hey Apple. There is a Historical Building with a LOT of glass on the roof just waiting for you here in LA Maine. Be part of a growing community right here in the god olde US of A! It's 1 million square feet and a good start.   -      Skip
Ok, so when they go to the store in a store deal, bring in an apple store can watch the numbers go through the sky! it may not be what he wants from the stand point of doing this on his own, but it will work, and that should be all he cares about.
And something NO BODY should leave home without.   It would suck to be half way there, and have your phone shit the bed, and not be able to get the rest of the way:) You'd be surprised how many folks can't read a map:(   Skip
RE SPONS ABILTY Folks. Either you have, teach it or not. I as a parent understand that I am responsible for my children and what they do, which is why I choose to teach them right from wrong.   I also didn't provide my children with an iPhone / iPad or any other device that would allow them to make purchases without my consent!   To those folks who choose to let Apple, Nintendo, Xbox and other forms of non-life baby sit and bring up their kids, well folks, you...
Apple WILL write a check, now it's just a matter of how much. The is an amount that will be much easier to write then deal with the BS. NOW, if the case is REAL solid, then this meeting will be to tell them "Stick it up …"   Skip
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