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Hi. I'd like to put web sites I'm working on, on my iPad, but I don't seem to be able to do so. Can I and how? If I can do this, I could bring the ipad to a clients to show them how a web site is coming along. Skip
Hell, Ford, GM, MicroSoft, ME (DBS Designs by Skip, LLC), would kill to have lineups like these Skip
Also, down $5, 7, $10.00 now, buy stock, up $10., $15., $20.00 or more within a week Skip
Damn, how many can they get on one of these planes any ways? Safe bet it's more then a dozen Skip
I would have mentioned anything I thought was important. I just purchased this from Mac Pro and it states it's for a Mac, ans that it will run on OS 10.5 and up. I wasn't hiding anything. - http://www.macproonline.com/Mac-Pro-...-p9316959.html Skip It works fine on 10.6 now that I switched ports. It seems most of the ones on the front aren't working full time.
I don't know, but I'm feeling a few new colors of iPads coming on? Skip
Hi. I just got a New ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GB video card which works fine on 10.5.8 but doesn't seem to work on 10.6? I say this because when I switch drives, all I get is the spinning wheel. I stop it after about 2-3 minutes, should I let it try longer? Skip Desktop Mac 2.66 1,1 Skip
Why doesn't Apple make some part of the iPad work with EYE recognition, and then change the name to eyePad … and these guys can go Fuc%$# themselfs. NOBODY made them sell the name for $55,000.00. I'll bet they had a meeting after getting that check and said "Man those folks are crazy" "who in their right mind would pay $55,000.00 for that name", as they laughed they're way to the bank, and now boy are they pissed! Skip He who laughs last …
Or any one of a number of other options for China? aPad (Apple iPad) uyiPad (Up Yours iPad) sosuemeiPad The Pad aniPad Skip
Ok, so I just plugged it into the other plug and it' works (it gave me a 10 more monitor options (1600 x 1000) Thank you.
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