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And something NO BODY should leave home without.   It would suck to be half way there, and have your phone shit the bed, and not be able to get the rest of the way:) You'd be surprised how many folks can't read a map:(   Skip
RE SPONS ABILTY Folks. Either you have, teach it or not. I as a parent understand that I am responsible for my children and what they do, which is why I choose to teach them right from wrong.   I also didn't provide my children with an iPhone / iPad or any other device that would allow them to make purchases without my consent!   To those folks who choose to let Apple, Nintendo, Xbox and other forms of non-life baby sit and bring up their kids, well folks, you...
Apple WILL write a check, now it's just a matter of how much. The is an amount that will be much easier to write then deal with the BS. NOW, if the case is REAL solid, then this meeting will be to tell them "Stick it up …"   Skip
Someone will catch the fact. Is she the same women who burnt her lips on HOT coffee Skip
[QUOTE=Marvin;2074208]You'd have to jailbreak it to install and run the apache web server if you wanted it local. You can try hacking external devices like the Seagate Satellite and set it up as a full webserver: Or put it on a thumb drive and put it on the clients laptop … that sure seems to be the best thing at this point in time, that or bring my laptop Skip
Hi. I'd like to put web sites I'm working on, on my iPad, but I don't seem to be able to do so. Can I and how? If I can do this, I could bring the ipad to a clients to show them how a web site is coming along. Skip
Hell, Ford, GM, MicroSoft, ME (DBS Designs by Skip, LLC), would kill to have lineups like these Skip
Also, down $5, 7, $10.00 now, buy stock, up $10., $15., $20.00 or more within a week Skip
Damn, how many can they get on one of these planes any ways? Safe bet it's more then a dozen Skip
I would have mentioned anything I thought was important. I just purchased this from Mac Pro and it states it's for a Mac, ans that it will run on OS 10.5 and up. I wasn't hiding anything. - http://www.macproonline.com/Mac-Pro-...-p9316959.html Skip It works fine on 10.6 now that I switched ports. It seems most of the ones on the front aren't working full time.
New Posts  All Forums: