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[QUOTE=Marvin;2074208]You'd have to jailbreak it to install and run the apache web server if you wanted it local. You can try hacking external devices like the Seagate Satellite and set it up as a full webserver: Or put it on a thumb drive and put it on the clients laptop … that sure seems to be the best thing at this point in time, that or bring my laptop Skip
Hi. I'd like to put web sites I'm working on, on my iPad, but I don't seem to be able to do so. Can I and how? If I can do this, I could bring the ipad to a clients to show them how a web site is coming along. Skip
Hell, Ford, GM, MicroSoft, ME (DBS Designs by Skip, LLC), would kill to have lineups like these Skip
Also, down $5, 7, $10.00 now, buy stock, up $10., $15., $20.00 or more within a week Skip
Damn, how many can they get on one of these planes any ways? Safe bet it's more then a dozen Skip
I would have mentioned anything I thought was important. I just purchased this from Mac Pro and it states it's for a Mac, ans that it will run on OS 10.5 and up. I wasn't hiding anything. - http://www.macproonline.com/Mac-Pro-...-p9316959.html Skip It works fine on 10.6 now that I switched ports. It seems most of the ones on the front aren't working full time.
I don't know, but I'm feeling a few new colors of iPads coming on? Skip
Hi. I just got a New ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GB video card which works fine on 10.5.8 but doesn't seem to work on 10.6? I say this because when I switch drives, all I get is the spinning wheel. I stop it after about 2-3 minutes, should I let it try longer? Skip Desktop Mac 2.66 1,1 Skip
Why doesn't Apple make some part of the iPad work with EYE recognition, and then change the name to eyePad … and these guys can go Fuc%$# themselfs. NOBODY made them sell the name for $55,000.00. I'll bet they had a meeting after getting that check and said "Man those folks are crazy" "who in their right mind would pay $55,000.00 for that name", as they laughed they're way to the bank, and now boy are they pissed! Skip He who laughs last …
Or any one of a number of other options for China? aPad (Apple iPad) uyiPad (Up Yours iPad) sosuemeiPad The Pad aniPad Skip
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