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I don't see that option anywhere? Skip
1280 x 800 1024 x 768 isn't any better because the screen gets smaller and still blurry, and 1024 x 640 is larger and blurry too? Skip
Hi folks. Well I got a HD4870 Video Card, but know the monitor is blurry, and larger then the other video card. I checked the Preferences and don't see any way to fix this? Apple 2.66 1.1 OS 10.5.8 30" Apple Monitor Skip
sosuemeipad iPadC upyoursiPad iflatscreenmoneymaker iFuckedyou (by changing the name)
Hi. When I got my iPad over the holiday season, my son set it up using his user name and password. How do I get him out, and me in? I ask this, because iTunes asks for his password (which I have gotten rid of him here), but is he still the one who's signed in as the user? Skip
Desktop Mac Pro 2.66 Dual Core (2006?) Skip
Hi folks. Well it's looking like I need to replace my video card, and well, what's everyone else using and liking? G5, 2.66 with 30" Apple monitor Graphics Software Very few games online video / training movies Skip
I think a fold-up 24" screen would be great. Skip
Ooops, sorry this is a desktop pro and the video card is replaceable by itself, and I'm hearing that, that is likely to be the issue. So I'd like to know if there are better Video cards I should consider, seeing I'll be replacing it. Skip
Ok, so if it is the video card, is there an up-grade from the Radeon X1900 that I should consider? Skip G5 2.66 5 GB memory 30" Apple Monitor
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