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I think a fold-up 24" screen would be great. Skip
Ooops, sorry this is a desktop pro and the video card is replaceable by itself, and I'm hearing that, that is likely to be the issue. So I'd like to know if there are better Video cards I should consider, seeing I'll be replacing it. Skip
Ok, so if it is the video card, is there an up-grade from the Radeon X1900 that I should consider? Skip G5 2.66 5 GB memory 30" Apple Monitor
Thanks for that. The only interesting thing here, is mine is a desktop unit, so the video card and logic board I believe are two different pieces that can be replaced as needed. That's not to say it still won't be expensive Skip
If I might ask a few questions about this, that would be awesome. My G5 seems to have issues that may be the video card? - The screen gets lines in it - The screen will get blotches in it. The windows get distorted and weird. - It doesn't always come up on start up. It appears to be running, but nothing on the monitor (30" Apple) - Most of the time on restart it comes up, sometimes I need to do this 2,3 or even 4 times. Less times, the longer I wait. - Watching...
"With some great exciting stuff in the pipeline???" Skip
They like Apple had the ability to change or create change in the world of photography. They were in the forefront for many years, and by not putting their balls on the chopping block and going with the digital age, they shot themselves in the foot. How much this could have changed or be different nobody will ever know, but I for one feel that many of these changes over the last 10 or more years, gave Kodak plenty of time to join the masses. But hey, what do I know …...
I know that around here, we can't even use the 3G features on phones, so 4G is just a dream. As for the rest of the country, I hear similar stores. So while some folks can use 3 and 4G, I'm not sure if the masses can, or if it matters to them. It's very nice or at least cool, to have the latest and greatest of anything, but why pay for something you can't use? Skip
How much of this will matter, if Apple doesn't up-date it's desktop units. I can't imagine that GE and other power houses can get by with iMac's for all of their work stations. Skip
ever it seems like it, but here are a few times that it does it most. - When I move the mouse quickly into the corners - When I simply have to much open - When I try to do more then 2 or 3 things at the same time i.e., open a window, then go to the dock to open an application that is already opened (so I can work in that app while the other one is launching - and then sometimes for what appears to be no reason at all. G4 2.66 10.5.8 5 GB Ram Not up-grading...
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