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and so they say no, we'll pay you $2.00 maybe $4.00 per device, but that's all. Now the numbers chance a lot? Skip
the Patriots game? Oh, just looking to break it up a little, and cool folks down. Few of us REALLY care where any of the tech or not tech stuff is made, all we want is it to work, be cool and be available. Would it be nice if Apple and others made these items here … yes. But my guess is, if we are the workers, we'll be making what, $15.00 - $22.00 per hour, have a 15 minute break each 3 hours, a lunch hour and 2 unpaid breaks. We'd likely make about 200 or so...
Ok, so I'm in trouble (I think). My current G5 2.7 locks up, has lines in the screen, and often takes 3,4,5 or more times pushing the power button, to get the screen to come up, and the computer to be workable. Now the CPU seems to be going through the motions of stating up and all, I just don't have a monitor to see this for sure (unless I restart until the screen comes up). So is it my CPU, my Video Card, My Monitor or what? I'm looking to get a nice refurbished...
obviously held a gun to their heads, and no one stopped them. Folks, you, they, we all get what we ask for in the end. research, ask question's, get answers. If you don't like what you hear, then don't do it! At least don't do it, and then complain that it's not what YOU thought it was going to be or do for you. Skip
Going to suck BIG time for anyone going thru here, BUT not shopping the Apple store - at least for the first week or so. Skip
If the Apple TV replaces or can be used as a computer, to make a phone call? I must admit I'm not sure what it would need to do (better) then what I have right now, to make me want to purchase one? I'm the kind of person that likes a: - Good Camera - Good Phone - Good Computer - Good Television - Good laptop - Good iPod Which is why I have at least one of each of these. NO one item out there (current), can replace all of the above FOR ME. When we start...
Not sure about everyone else, but up here in Maine, 4G doesn't work anyways, and I'm told by friends and business aquatints across the country, that 4G doesn't work in their areas ether. So as nice as 4G is, it's not good if it doesn't work in your area. Skip
Thank you. Since posting I have done the following. - Cleaned out, no change - Removed all memory, no change - Removed video card, no change - Reset SYS_ switch, no chance From what I can find out, it's looking more and more like the power supply is bad. Now it's a matter of trying to get a new power supply for a good price and where to get it. I have gone to ebay, but they don't say "G5" 2.5ghz power supply, at least I haven't found one that does yet. Skip
2.5 Ghz Desktop unit
Any help would be great. Thank you, Skip
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