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2.5 Ghz Desktop unit
Any help would be great. Thank you, Skip
Ok, so my Mac Pro won't run. The screen does come up after awhile, and when it does, the gray screen looks like a shade being pulled down. It starts to spin and doesn't do anything else. I can't get it to access the CD tray or anything. I did see what looks like a Red light right behind the power button on the front of the case. The Red light appears to be on the mother board, any thoughts on this? Skip PS IF you have an answer how to fix this, feel free to call...
Yeah, and all the while, millions are dying from cancer… We have millions of hunger people … Homeless people … Pollution … A government that's a wreck … An economy that's just hanging on by a tread … A growing gap between the wealthy and middle class (Hell lower class don't seem to count any more) War, Hate and so many other issues right here on this planet. Let's spend a little bit more wisely, and deal with the here and now … now if at all...
Yes, except this is a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg. Had Apple not been making computers, they wouldn't not have gone into making iPod's and so on … Let us now forgot that the funky iMacs' came before the iPods, not to mention their Laptops too. Skip
It's nice that Steve Jobs was working on a TV concept, but it better not take to long to show what he had started, or it will all be forgotten. Do the folks at Apple have what it takes to bring the TV to the forefront, do they care to do so? I for one, would rather they put their time and energy BACK into what got them here in the first place, and up-date the Pro Series Desktop / Tower units … please. Skip
26% of Amazons customers, when asked, said they were considering purchasing the Fire over the iPad. 26% of Ford's Customers, when asked, (just ask Mike Rowe) said they were considering purchasing a new Ford over the new Rolls Royce … Folks can skew numbers, and make people think all kinds of things. Heck, maybe he see's this as his opportunity to become the next Steve Jobs, and convince folks of this, but in the end, folks will buy, what works best for them, and for...
And as pointed out, it's JC Penny, Not Apple or any other major brand. I'm sure he will get some things changed, but will they be enough? If he get's Apple products into the stores, THAT could be a BIG push right from the get-go. An Apple mini-store in each of the larger (not near other Apple stores), could be great for him, JC Penny, and Apple. If there are 1100 JC Penny stores, it's a safe bet, many are in areas, were there is not an Apple store, and maybe not...
Nothing here about the 1,000,000 shares Mr Cook got. Damn that's what, some 400 million dollars once they can be accessed? Sorry, this coupled with what might be the end of Desktop Units, doesn't compute to me. Take some of that, and fund the units that got Apple to where they are today! Skip
Bring back to Apple Cube Computer now! Skip
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