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Not a bad option. I don't know about you folks, but I have rental a movie locally, and not got around to watching it - more then once. I will say 24 hours is what you get from DirectV - and that's fine, seeing most of the time, I only pirchase it, when I'm going to sit down and watch it, but the $3.99 HURTS … a bit. Hell I got some gift certificates to Best Buy, and I'm heading there shortly, to purchase a few DVDs to watch this afternoon (going to get the Serinty &...
More information on Fusion please. Who, what, where to get it, check it out and so forth?SkipThanks I found info on it. From what I just read, Parallels is ranked better over all.I'm thinking / hoping Apple up-dates Bootcamp to run like Parallels - hell Apple should just buy Parallels, and stop farting around.
No doubt baising this on the China market … which is 10 plus times that of the US and most all other markets combined. Oh, let's not forget what they will be announcing at MacExpo, and the rest of the year. $600.00 seems steep, but not that far off. Oh, Steve, just buy these record companies out, and do what you want with the music! Anyone heard anything lately on the Beatles music coming to itunes? Skip
I agree. Not only does it get them a jump / add to their customer base, but gets rid of some part of the competition. Of course getting Netflex, then would mean, changing it completely, as Netflex does the mail thing, and I'm reasonablely sure Apple doesn't want to get into that. Skip
Hi folks. Is there a place to check out the replacement drives available to put in a new MacBook Pro 17" with 2.3 and a 150 GB drive currently in it? I see where the newer 2.4 can have a 250, is this the same drive? I'm thinking of replacing it, or carrying around a external drive? Skip
And if you choose to get Parallels - you can run all of your PC software, WITHOUT re-starting your mac. I use it, and love it - for the most part. Skip
I think they should issue everyone who tried to download the song, a $100.00 credit …
I've got versions of Illustrator and Freehand and Canvas or Corel (USA, in original boxes) I'd be happy to sell you at a reasonable price? Skip
Hi folks. Is anyone using Freehand MX with Panther, and if so, how is it working? Skip
I'm in the USA, and more then happy to email pictures of the unopened package …
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