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Hi folks. Is anyone using Freehand MX with Panther, and if so, how is it working? Skip
I'm in the USA, and more then happy to email pictures of the unopened package …
I've got a brand new one of these for sale if you'd like? - http://www.macnn.com/reviews/ads-tec...ant-music.html $25.00 plus shipping Skip
Let's hope not I never thought I'd be saying "I hope the screen isn't to small" (but then again, I never thought I'd have a 30" monitor on my desktop ether Skip
I just ordered the 17" Glossy Skip
Hi folks. Is anyone using Freehand MX with Panther, and if so, how is it working? Skip
[QUOTE=lastofthebarons;1185555]BUT, there is a small hole in the trademark laws called "the grey area" or is it "Grey Law" (I believe) - which basically say's that if one product or service, isn't of the same nature of another then one can use something already trademark.Case in point.There is a famous local Hot Dog stand in Lewiston, Maine, that for sometime, marketed themself as the "Best Place to get an HD" "Serving the best HD's around" "Home of the best HD's" and a...
Not sure where I heard this, but II love the sound of it. This person said "Take the iphone, turn is sidways, make it a bunch bigger, and add a keyboard " "and you have one of the new exciting products Apple will be announcing at MacExpo this year" He's sure (I'm not sure why) - that the touch screen MacBook Pro will be anounced in January. I said, it might happen, but it's still a year or so away. He smiled and said "We'll see" Skip
Hi folks. Seems like every day I get an emial from some company having a sale on Macbooks. The last one was from MacMall, and boy they had some great prices. The 17" Macbook Pro after rebates and such for $2099.00? That may have been a 24 hour sales, as I just checked and they are now $2200.00. Are these folks any good? Is there a better place to buy one? 15" or 17"? Price wise from these guys - the 17" is a better buy. Which screen if it maters? Skip
And I'd LOVE to see this show before the end of tax season. Then we could get the latest and greatest once a year. Now we purchase something at the end of the year, and (sometimes) again, at the first part of the year when they announce something really cool. Of course this ends up giving us 2 purchases a year, but I'd be happy with one. Hell, we could be happy with what we have, and not up-grade - but that would not be much fun. Skip
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