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Hi folks. Seems like every day I get an emial from some company having a sale on Macbooks. The last one was from MacMall, and boy they had some great prices. The 17" Macbook Pro after rebates and such for $2099.00? That may have been a 24 hour sales, as I just checked and they are now $2200.00. Are these folks any good? Is there a better place to buy one? 15" or 17"? Price wise from these guys - the 17" is a better buy. Which screen if it maters? Skip
And I'd LOVE to see this show before the end of tax season. Then we could get the latest and greatest once a year. Now we purchase something at the end of the year, and (sometimes) again, at the first part of the year when they announce something really cool. Of course this ends up giving us 2 purchases a year, but I'd be happy with one. Hell, we could be happy with what we have, and not up-grade - but that would not be much fun. Skip
Rumor has it, Steve's time slot is 2+ hours??? A lot of time, for a lot of new cool stuff, and neat up-dates / grades. It has to be VERY tough, coming up with and announcing just the right amount of stuff each time they choose to do it. They must spend A LOT of money on research on consumers wants, needs and desires. - How much will they loose if they wait to long to announce a new? - Just what does the consumer want right NOW, and what are they willing to...
And it's a safe bet, Apple will either be announcing a new AppleTV in January, or dropping it. Apple doesn't let stuff sit around to long without some changes, and this one is ripe for some up-dates. Skip
Just like these things have been for (most) years. MacExpo usually has something cool, special, or wanted (not needed ) each year … hell, that's why they have the show isn't it. So, yes, something cool, wanted, special WILL be announced at MWSF (just after tax season ) - so wait if you want the newest - of what ever get's announced, or buy now and get some use out of it. Me, I get caugth in the "Buy for taxes reason" each year, and then when and if they come out with...
Yeah … what he said. Skip
And to think, this won't even be the BIG news at MacExpo Skip
Which is very likely to be the same thing many visitors to Dell would say … after all iPods aren't sold at Dell Skip
Now if you are like me, then you'll need to buy now, so you can write it off on this years taxes. And yes, then kick yourself in the ass when they announce something, better / faster / cooler sometime in January Skip
Here's hoping it's more like Parallels … at which point in time, I'll take a look at it. Skip
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