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Possibly, when you look at equipment out lay? Marketing cost(s)? Personal to make / keep it running? OVERHEAD may have accounted for a fair amount of money, or up front cost(s) that Apple put out to get iTunes up and running? Skip
And I think Soundjam was a much better program. Skip
And the "Beat" goes on … Skip
And the stock keeps going up and up and up Skip
not having read it all, what I read quickly, say's they DON'T have a case - why - like I was once told when I presented an idea to Harley-Davidson, that they later THAT WEEK, presented to they're dealers - "Sorry, you can't trademark a concept or idea" Now if they had inventory a "iPod Style" device, and so on, then they might have a case. Skip
"What can brown do for you - today" If they in fact are making it in brown - hell, they'll should have gone all the way, and made it yellow
None of this would happen, if those who brought the lawsuit, had to pay whatever they were suing for, to the other party if they lost Skip
Ture, but there are those of us, who don't want / need an iPod or iPhone, who will gladly purchase a iNewton:, iPDA, itrack, iplan or whatever they end up calling it Skip PS Not sure who said it, but "Give the folks, what they want" … or was it "Build it, and they will come"
I got mine at $7.10 a share And I'm keeping it right there till … Skip
Hi folks. I was wondering if there is anything that can do this out there. I occassional will listen to one of the radio stations on iTunes, and they'll be playing some great stuff, and I'd love to record an hour or so of it. Is there anything that I can purchase, that will allow me to record radio while listening to it? I know most appear to be recorded and not live … Skip
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