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None of this would happen, if those who brought the lawsuit, had to pay whatever they were suing for, to the other party if they lost Skip
Ture, but there are those of us, who don't want / need an iPod or iPhone, who will gladly purchase a iNewton:, iPDA, itrack, iplan or whatever they end up calling it Skip PS Not sure who said it, but "Give the folks, what they want" … or was it "Build it, and they will come"
I got mine at $7.10 a share And I'm keeping it right there till … Skip
Hi folks. I was wondering if there is anything that can do this out there. I occassional will listen to one of the radio stations on iTunes, and they'll be playing some great stuff, and I'd love to record an hour or so of it. Is there anything that I can purchase, that will allow me to record radio while listening to it? I know most appear to be recorded and not live … Skip
I didn't stop, but should have. I got NO better. Skip
It has to be coming soon… As for NBC and all that bullshit. Apple, just put the shows up, at the price(s) that these folks want, and let us deal with it. I'm sure it has NOTHING to do with the price thay want to sell the shows g=for, but MORE the price they want to pay Apple for selling them. Now they MAY try to offer them themselfs, but with Gi-zillions of iPods out there, and a TON more selling each day, how are they going to sell them, and to whom. Sometime folks forget...
It might be ugly - to some It might be to small for others It might not have the color(s) folks want It might not have enough memory for some But this baby is going to fly off of the shelves - a true sleeper This WILL be the best selling MP3 over the holiday season! Those who want something bigger, will have to wait until spring If Apple started out with a 20, 60GB or bigger unit, then folks would have no reason to move up (purchase another unit) when...
As the old saying goes: - If it's wet outside it's raining - if there white stuff on the ground / tress and such, it's likely to be snowing - If things are flying around, and you need to hold you hat down on your head - it's windy… Notes… well I sell note pads so this one doesn't do much for me So as I (and others see it) - if you want to listen to music, you buy an iPod - if you want to make a phone call … you buy an iPhone - if you want more - buy a MacBook
Boy I wish I could get Steve or ANY other company to do this EVERYTIME I bought a new Mac, only to have them come out with NEWWER / FASTER / Cheaper units 2 months later… If a lawsuit comes out of this, I'd love to see a way to burn each F&^%&KING lawyer at the stake that gets involved. Man, the last time I check, NOBODY made me purchase anything right when it came out, and then told me I could piss and moun or sue 2 months later when the price dropped! Hey, if nothing...
I'm talking about stuff that was never made available on CD's and is hard to find even as albums. Stuff from the 60's and early 70's Stuff that is just plain hard to find on CD's, but is or may be available on albums. - Early Temptations - Some of Stevie Wonders stuff - Bit-a-Sweet - Early Young Rascals Maybe it's just that Apple and these record companies haven't come to terms and can't offer some of this music, but some of it is hard to find and it would be nice to be...
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