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Here is something I'd love to see Apple make available. There are many Albums that never made it to CD"s (and many that are no longer available) - I'd love to be able to order a "Custom CD" from iTunes, and would be willing to pay a fair price for this service. There's no album I have been looking for for some time now, and this would be high on my list as my first Custom CD … Bit-a-Sweet's Hypnotic A person could request 10 - 12 songs and they would be sent to...
Better get the right person. I did this several years back, and got a registered letter telling me "We know what we are doing, and surely don't need your help / input" If you send another letter with your suggestions, we will deem it necessary to take further action" Or something close to that. I still have the letter. I'll have to dig it up, and see what I said / did that cause such a response? Skip
Let's we all forget about the "Beatles" version of the All New iPod - with the COMPLETE Beatles music library available on it??? 1) They WILL announce new movie features and companies who are now on board 2) They WILL announce how it now works hand and hand with the iPhone (so that we can own both "iItems") 3) They WILL announce some sort of "Custom" CD program (including songs that currently found on CD's 4) They WILL announce some new features that tie in...
Hello. Not sure if anyone can help, but … I'm trying to install Parallels AND use the Virtual Image from Virtual PC (of Windows Pro), but I don't seem to be able to do it? I'm trying to use Transporter to open / import / use the image / file from the CD that came with Virtual PC. Is there an easy way to do this, or any way to do this? Should I try and do it over a network, from an earlier Mac that has Virtual PC on it? If you can talk me through this, and...
Nothing would make me happier then the government or someone getting involved here, and finally putting an end to this bull sh t!!! If anyone sues someone in a class action lawsuit for any amount of money, and they lose - they in turn have to pay the same amount to who they just lost against, as the amount they were suing for i.e., if they sure for 1 Million doolars and lose, they have to pay Apple or whomever they were suing, 1 million dollars PLUS all legal fees. And...
Just remember you heard it here (From me) - that you will ALL be VERY surprised by what is announced … VERY surprised! Now this isn't to say, you won't be disappointed as well, but VERY surprised Skip PS Can anyone say "Revolutionary???"
It might give them a ton more stores, but it will DESTROY their image, and EVVERYTHING they have worked towards. NO WAL MART!
And we all know that if the keyboard is this thin, the New iMac will be MUCH thinner as well It might be time for Apple to work with "nutrisystem" on a new commercial. Hi iMac here, and I'm here to tell you "if I can do it - then so can you" If you are trying to lose maybe 1, 2 or even as much as 10 lbs, then I'm here to show you how … Buy one of the All New iMacs - Maybe a bunch of the other desktop units in the background, looking quite fat and sweating to the oldies Skip
This is all good stuff. I believe when folks look at the base of OLD iPod's out there, how many will purchase the new and improved when it comes out, then the New iPhones, New OS, and ALL of the other new stuff coming from Apple, this stock is just starting it's climb. Skip
Here are some url's I came across. - http://www.engadget.com/2006/02/10/s...video-ipod-eh/ - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zjcQvBpNec&NR=1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGUWwLAGOPs&NR=1 - http://www.trustedreviews.com/mp3/ne...is-December/p1 - http://derekgourlay.blogspot.com/200...pod-video.html -
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