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Now to figure out who will be the next Apple (stock to buy) It would seem like, with all of the digital stuff going on, that a memory company would be a safe bet??? Heck, maybe any of the companies tied in with Apple on any of their products … Skip
I bought my shares many years ago, for A LOT less then $50.00 per share Skip PS Buy=t I wasn't smart enough to buy 1,000's of shares … for that I will kick myself in the ass. I have a lot, but nowhere near what I'd like to have
Don't forget folks … ANY Apple TV units used at the Apple Stores, or ANY trdaeshows i.e., MacWorld and such, are sold as "Refurbushed Units"! So it may (or not) be a unit simply looked at, try or play with for 1 day or so. Skip
I've used Freehand since the beginning… and have made a very good living with it. I'm disappointed that the government didn't make Adobe sell off Freehand, as it was the number #1 application at the time, and Illustrator was #2. Purchasing MacroMedia, gave Adobe a BIG upper hand on the other drawing applications - what's left of them. Like the other person said … how would those of you who use Illustrator like it, if the tables where tuned. Both applications benefited from...
Now make the base / case in anodized black, and you have what it will look like. Cuz, if it's black, it's got to be ALL black Skip
Had I not shook both of their hands (when I was introducted to them) - I might agree. Maybe since his sickness it's not what it use to be? There WAS a time, when MOSR WAS the site everyone was going to, to get the latest news … sometime ago, but they did have their day in the sun.
Sorry. Occassionally I do get off track Skip
It is coming to the point where Apple isn't going to be able to let "The cat out of the bag" to soon. My point is this - they are the number one (or very close to number one) company when it comes to the "Cool Stuff" - and folks copy them like crazy. They open many doors to cool things and technology. They create competition… Everyone works harder to keep up, and be the first on the block with something new and exciting. We the consumer really benefit from this. But Apple...
As for them being a joke - many of you forget (or don't know) - Steve Jobs former righthand man (Avie Tevanian) lives in Maine and he and Ryan went to school together, and talk and see each other as often as possible. My point is, he IS still connected to some well informed folks, and shouldn't be discounted for what he says or publishes on MOSR… Are they always right - no, but who is Skip PS Steve Wozniak is in Maine on a regular bases as well.
And at $300.00 per square foot … Maybe some less expensive sites, in areas where Mac's can't be purchased / seen with great ease, would make more sense! I mean, hell a store in Portland, Maine (Maine has some of the highest number of Mac's per person in the country) - would cost maybe $45.00 per square foot … maybe Mac's could come down in price if they start doing business like any other business person / company, and looking at the bottom line, instead of the glory of...
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