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And at $300.00 per square foot … Maybe some less expensive sites, in areas where Mac's can't be purchased / seen with great ease, would make more sense! I mean, hell a store in Portland, Maine (Maine has some of the highest number of Mac's per person in the country) - would cost maybe $45.00 per square foot … maybe Mac's could come down in price if they start doing business like any other business person / company, and looking at the bottom line, instead of the glory of...
You might try "FixTunes" from FixTunes.com Skip PS On a side note, I have drag and dropped from Amazon.com
They will have new units MUCH sooner then the end of the year! They can't last that long without them. Folks want them NOW. If they wait much longer (30- 45 days) they will start to see a slide, and the opening of doors for other companys. The discounts are just as likely to be, ridding the stock, so WHEN the new stuff gets announce - there won't be much old stuff around (to discount and confuse folks) Skip
If he / you will want it to play nice with Publisher … good luck! Nothing plays well with Publisher, other then Publisher. It has been known to crash Mac's (I'm published on that statement!) Here and MANY companies we deal with WILL NOT except Publisher files, because of the problems it will cause when trying to work / load them onto a Mac. Skip
Freehand, GoLive… man why get rid of 2 outstanding programs that have a HUGH following! This is a first for me … I wish the government had said that Adobe had to sell any programs that MM was selling them, that Adobe already had a version of i.e., Freehand / Illustrator - GoLive / Dreamweaver It seems like a very good business move ; buy the #1 - #2 (depending on the version) of software and bury it. Now you have the #1 app's in all catagories and there isn't a...
I wish I could remember were I read it, but Adobe was quoted as saying they would be dropping GoLive in favor of Dreamweaver … something I'm not happy about. But even more unhappy with the fact that Freehand is dead (as far as updates go ) Skip
It seemed like such a big deal awhile back… what's up? Skip
I guess it's not going to happen by Valentines day… I wonder when? Skip
Knowing that many of these units are the units used at MacExpo (and other tradeshows) by the Apple booths and other vendors they let use them at these shows, and in Apple stores… I and many of the members of our users group have purchased these - ALL trouble free and we saved more then enough to justifie doing so. Like the man once said "Everyone drives a used car" - why buy new, when used will do! Skip
Hell I may be a kid at heart, but I don't watch the Director's Comment., or special features… I watch the movie I paid for, then put in the next one… and the next one… Maybe that's just me. Skip
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