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Here, Here! We need (and have needed for awhile now) 3 complete new work stations (yes only 3, but I wonder how many others are in this position?), but haven't purchased, like many here, because of the Cost, and lack of a new, exciting model - 3 New CPU's - 3 New 30" Monitors would be real nice (to replace our current 30" monitors, that are getting lines in the screens One of the units, has to be restarted, sometimes 3-5 times before it comes up (the CPU seems to work, but...
Oh wow, Oh wow, oh wow … What he didn't get get to finish was: Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow, the god damn gate is shaped like an Apple, and as it was opening, there was a person was getting ready to check him in, using an iPad The above statement was said with sincerity. Skip
True, but we don't know what if any contract or non compete, or time table he has until he could go to work for Apple should he choose to do so. MicroSoft, can't expect to keep from from going there forever? Skip
and now that he has left, gone to work somewhere else, what's to stop him from going to Apple shortly and saying "You know that deal we talked about awhile back" … Skip
And heck, we don't even know how much SJ may have done work on this project before he passed. How much he wrote down … How much he told folks … Hell, they may already have a prototype being used / tested as we speak Skip
and now that the world has SOME idea as to what it MIGHT be, that does help the competition a bit more then SJ's would have liked I'm sure. If they can do it first … Do it right … Price it ok … Make it looks great … and build the hype up, it just might work. Skip
And those trade-ins are worth a fortune if I was to guess! Skip
And with some of the people making babies, we should give serious consideration to a plan to help curb some folks from having babies. Heck, most of them would be very happy just practicing Skip
Not having surgery MAY have shorten his life here on earth … He didn't want it … until he woke up? Thought of his life, wife and kids? We can go on and on about this, but as we all know, it DOESN'T matter. All that matters is today and the decisions he made yesterday. If he could be brought back to life and informed of his decisions and the outcome should he choose to not do what OTHERS felt was the best course of action for him, would he do it different … you can...
and MAYBE, some were there but not on the list? Maybe some decided NOT to show up, out of RESPECT? It was for Steve, and maybe some choose to not be there, for what they might have thought, was going to be some what of a media circus? And yes, maybe they were there and just not mentioned … yet. Skip
New Posts  All Forums: