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And those trade-ins are worth a fortune if I was to guess! Skip
And with some of the people making babies, we should give serious consideration to a plan to help curb some folks from having babies. Heck, most of them would be very happy just practicing Skip
Not having surgery MAY have shorten his life here on earth … He didn't want it … until he woke up? Thought of his life, wife and kids? We can go on and on about this, but as we all know, it DOESN'T matter. All that matters is today and the decisions he made yesterday. If he could be brought back to life and informed of his decisions and the outcome should he choose to not do what OTHERS felt was the best course of action for him, would he do it different … you can...
and MAYBE, some were there but not on the list? Maybe some decided NOT to show up, out of RESPECT? It was for Steve, and maybe some choose to not be there, for what they might have thought, was going to be some what of a media circus? And yes, maybe they were there and just not mentioned … yet. Skip
New Balance Sneakers, Proudly Made in Maine. Maybe that's why Maine was the first in the US with the Laptop program Steve felt a state that made sneakers this great, could only grow if it was to have access to the world via Apple computers. Hey, just typing and thinking out loud (and kidding on this). Skip
He, Mr. Gates, and many others have been very generous with the MILLIONS, folks like US have given them. Skip
Yes, and I didn't catch it, thank you. Skip
And having him work for them, signing a DNA, DND and any other documents they can get him to sign … ??? My guess is, this puts Apple in a much better place should they ever have to deal with him legally, IF he 'Breaks" any of the rules / laws Apples sets forth with his employment. Tough call on his part. Think about it. Yes he gets to do what he does best, but now it won't be fun to "Beat the man", because the "Man" is paying him, (well no doubt, but still it's the...
I must admit, I expected this as did everyone else, but I expected it, shortly after Apple announced something new and exciting, so that the stock / company / shareholders won't have taken such a hit. I say this with the utmost admiration for Apple and Steve Jobs, and his / their knowledge of rumors and such. He / they are geniuses at what they do. And we ALL know, that had they made a big announcement without Steve, Apple would have looked more in control. He could...
Picture this (The next BIG thing): You pull your iComp out of your pocket. You UNFOLD it, to the desired size, and begin using it, with fingertouch screen. So, you want it, 2" x 4", that how much you unfold it, 4" x 8", unfold again, 8" x 16", you guessed it, unfold again. OR, how about the same theme, yet, you ROLL out your iRoll computer onto a desktop, wall, picnic table, car hood … fire it up, and let "Your Fingers to the Talking"! Print this, or put it in...
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