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The economy in general and of course the price of gas in particular has them if not on the ropes then staggering and blurry-eyed. Our town of about 5,000 would be pretty much toast if they went under. My best friend's dad took over as CEO this Spring and has been the face on tv announcing layoffs and shutdowns. He doesn't sleep much. That Airstream is pretty sweet! I'd love to go camping and watch Plan 9 From Outer Space in it!
We make Winnebagos! No one's buying them, lately.
David Vs Goliath, The BSU start, the OU comback, the interception, the hook and ladder, the OT, the proposal... Greatest sports event I've seen in forever! 8) Oops- '07 Fiesta Bowl!
This situation would make a good premise for a 2005 episode of Seinfeld! I LOVE hearing about other people's social cringe moments. J
My heart goes out to everyone at AI affected by this. J
Just throwing something out- Was it about 5 years ago that Apple went through the rut of the Powermacs being stuck at 500 mhz FOREVER? J
Wow, I haven't posted in a long time, but this is big news. Or is it? My take: I'm a very average Mac user. I love OS X because it's easy to use and just WORKS compared to Windows boxes I've used. iTunes, Safari, Mail, iChat and Appleworks are the applications use 95% of the time. I buy a new Mac when an application I want comes out my current model can't run, or my old one dies, or one is released I just HAVE to have based on it's looks/design. Todays...
I can't believe someone else started this thread! This is the year of rising from the ashes in Ames-first the football team, now this. I can't wait for the Big XII tournament! I nominate this for the Official NCAA thread as we head to March! 8) J
I agree, too. There's an argument out there that because the Pats and Dallas both won 3 titles in 4 years they're on the same level but I don't buy it. Dynasties to me are DOMINANT, and New England is just the best team right now, and not by much. People hardly mention the fact they didn't make the playoffs after their first Superbowl. J
Not a "mistake" in the normal sense, but I remember a big discussion with my friends about the "haunted set" of Three Men and a Baby. We rented it just to check it out. Of course, now it turns out it was just a cutout of Ted Danson accidently left in a couple shots. J
New Posts  All Forums: