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My uninformed personal observation:   Apple hadn't seriously updated this machine in a loooong time, and then they dropped this snarling sexy uber powerful beast of a computer.   There is huge pent-up demand.   I'd even risk adding a "duh" after that.  I'd bet $1000 it's in high demand.
It's weird how wildly untrue ideas about Apple firmly take root in the Analysts' discourse.   Here are just some untruths that I personally keep stumbling across:   1) The high end smart phone market is saturated.  Not true.   2) Chinese people don't want or can't afford iPhones.  Not true.  In a big way.   3) Apple must come up with new product categories to continue growing.  Not true at all.   4) Apple used to come up with new product categories all the time....
"Apple hit 43.7 million iPhones worldwide, up from 37.4 million unit sales in the same period from 2013."   In other news, Samsung saw sales decline by 6 Million units as Verizon was forced to offer fire sales on the S5 only a week after it was announced.   Samsung/Google were unavailable for comment. 
Come on Apple bashers.... anything to say?   Bueller?  Bueller?  Bueller?
2 pm.  4/32/14.  Apple announces blowout iPhone, services, and Mac sales, with only iPads plateauing for the previous quarter.   Apple alludes to major new products and categories coming, while splitting the stock.   Facts of Apple's success do not line up with popular meme of Apple's demise.   Convo in this thread goes mysteriously silent lol!     Doesn't matter how much people rag on Apple.  2014 is going to be a great year for the company and its stock.
Thank you all for allowing me to learn from this very intelligent discussion!   I just implemented Samsung's strategy and it worked GREAT for me in court.  I stole my neighbor's car.  Then when he sued me, I successfully argued that his old car wasn't really worth that much, maybe only 37 cents.  So this is great, now I will steal stuff from all my neighbors and just explain to the judge that none of the junk was really worth that much to begin with, so that makes it...
I agree with Hopeless (sorry to double post so quickly).  Apple is going to prove it's still got the new category mojo magic this year.   It just took a while, because it's a company of perfectionists who don't like to make a mistake, plus they are being JUDGED and SCRUTINIZED to an insane degree, and they got burned by the MAPS debacle/ridicule.   But they will step up and swing for the fences at least, soon, in my opinion.
Dear Media, if you think Apple's growth has forever slowed and Apple's best days are behind it, I will happily buy any APPL shares you happen to own at current prices. Thank you.
Hey the world has changed since Apple released its first iPhone.  You could stream video from iTunes on that phone, but now, many people are using streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.  If you're using your phone to watch Breaking Bad, then having a larger screen is a plus for you.  Usage changes along with technology.  That's just one reason why it's more important for Apple to offer a bigger screen iPhone today, than it was 5 years ago.   I also think the device...
Excellent article!  The Analysts show so little understanding of the "luxury brand" concept.  When Apple introduced the 5C and it sold way less than the premium 5S, that said so much about Apple's strong premium/luxury brand.   And yet we'll still have all the Analysts comparing Apples to oranges, by holding up Apple's marketshare against every single entry level Android phone in inventory on the planet.   The proof of this article's wisdom, is the fact that Apple's...
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