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The happy news for Samsung is that they still have a great business working for Apple making chips and other components.
"The market is entering a phase of maturity" Unless you're APPLE
China helped importantly but was not solely responsible for massive Apple revenue growth.   Analysts' estimates were too low because of China, however. Analysts have a bias. 1) They think China is "too poor" when in reality China is replacing the U.S. as the leading world economy. And 2) They think Chinese people want to buy Xiaomi, when of course Chinese consumers want to buy the exact same thing as consumers everywhere, iPhones.   In my opinion!
Samsung is the best at making these advanced chips reliably. Apple needs Samsung. And since Samsung's mobile business is crashing, Sammy really needs Apple.
People didn't have mobile phones not THAT long ago. The pace of techno change makes the sector lucrative but hazardous for companies. Last year's dominant brands can become mostly irrelevant. AOL you've got mail! Blackberry! Nokia! Sony Walkman! Napster! MySpace! Friendster! The truly amazing thing about Apple is the company's ability to stay relevant and meaningful and exciting over time. They've proven again and again they've got superior creativity, design,...
Samsung struck gold by copying Apple and selling the one size (the phablet) that Apple decided not to offer.  Apple pioneered the Newton, the iPod Touch, the iPad, the iPhone (multiple sizes on the last two). The one hole in the lineup in terms of size was the phablet.   Quote: "If you thought the iPhone inspired the iPad you would be wrong!  Apple’s Steve Jobs was interviewed tonight at The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference and was asked by Walt...
I personally tend to side with the analysts who are forecasting AAPL's rise over the next few months.   One reason is that with the iPhone 6 Apple did not simply upgrade its phone. Rather, Apple entered a whole new product category, the phablet. True, Apple chose not to call the iPhone 6 Plus the iPhablet, but they could have. This is a previously untapped revenue stream for the company.   Other potential catalysts driving AAPL higher include the App Store (the sales...
Come on, Google fans, where is the angry defense of Android?
Despair is the worst cologne.
I have to say, I find iTunes to be a fairly complex, frustrating, and downright annoying experience. Here's hoping Apple can really integrate and improve upon Beats.   The bar is high -- Pandora and Spotify work really well in my personal experience.
New Posts  All Forums: