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Why did I suggest 5 years?   It's because if you bought Apple at any time after 2001 and held for five years, you made money.   5 years is the right amount of time as a minimum. If you want to hold for more, I say, great! Just not less than 5.   Less than 5, there is too much luck, plus you (or at least, I) get burned by traders and computers that can time the market way better than I can.
Apple stock is a winner over time. You have to hold the stock for 5 years minimum. It's a great long term investment that pays dividends. 
Unlike 2014, however, Apple included China as an iPhone 6s launch country, a huge market from which some pundits expected better results.   What do Apple's China sales have to do with an article about Apple's US smartphone share?   Yes, Apple is also chipping away at Android in China, but this article was specifically about Apple's success in growing its marketshare at the expense of Android in the US.
Amazon: We want it all, or nothing.   Reality: Okay, nothing.    Amazon Fire TV, meet Amazon Fire Phone.
Higher margin Sold out in China iPhone Upgrade Program ispopular iPad sales rising Apple selling every phone they can make Apple Watch doing well Apple Watch 2.0 coming up   To me all signs point up.    I think one huge point of misunderstanding is to say "well, the smartphone market is saturated!"   Yeah it's saturated with Android products. Apple can double its global sales and marketshare no problem -- it's just coming at the EXPENSE of Android.   Lotsa...
Just one more fool's POV -- 5 years ago AAPL had an adjusted value of $40/share. Owning AAPL is a long game. The market isn't going to reward Apple for great performance in the short term. But over time, the value will rise, of the world's greatest and most successful tech company.    The only risks are the very risks the market is probably worried about -- what's the next earnings juggernaut for Apple after the iPhone? How can the company keep growing?   I don't know...
I noticed that Apple updated its iPhone designs to make sure everyone knows the gender significance of the colors. Not. /s   I actually think gold bling works for anyone, male, female, other, or in-between.
In related news, "Samsung announces it will exhaust launch-day Galaxy S6 Plus preorder supply" (by producing exactly 6 of them).
If Apple wants to implement 4K video across its ecosystem of products, then 16 GB ain't gonna cut it in the iPhones. Just saying.
"iPhone 6s Plus expected to be constrained at launch due to backlight bottlenecks"   This headline makes it sound like this is a given, a done deal, a general accepted truth, rather than what it is -- a note issued by one analyst.    The article goes on to state that "Apple announced earlier Monday that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are already on track to exceed last year's record setting iPhone 6 launch."   Wait a minute, if there is a bottleneck, how can there...
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