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Okay, so, Android grew by taking away share from Microsoft. How much more of that growth is there for Android? Nothing. Zero. Android can only grow at this point, if the global phone market grows overall.   Meanwhile, how much can Apple continue to grow? A ton. Only a percentage point stolen from Samsung, causes Apple's sales and profits to skyrocket.    Android? No room to grow. Apple? Easily has room to double.
For me, this is the key piece of information:  Granted, all 48 million smartphone users do not want to buy a middle or high end smart phone. But I'm willing to bet that Apple can still grow its marketshare at the expense of Samsung and other companies. It's kind of like PC's. Even though the overall market is shrinking, Apple's sales and marketshare are growing. Also, I believe (although I am too lazy to find the data to prove it) that people are increasingly willing to...
There is a fine like between reporting misinformation and propagating it.
To quote from another A.I. article:   According to Cook, 30 percent of customers who purchased an iPhone were upgrading from an Android-based smartphone, the largest number of switchers it had seen in the three years since it started measuring switching rates. "It's a huge number and we're very proud of it," said Cook.   The consistently negative read on Apple in the media is a great opportunity to profit by buying shares. The meme of "Apple has no room to grow" will...
"what do you watch on TV that isn't available on Netflix, Hulu?"   CBS shows! Yes, CBS has a limited number of episodes available to stream from their website, at pretty bad quality.   CBS shows have been hard to watch on Apple TV unless you don't mind shelling out $40 for a season pass on iTunes.
Bendgate blew over. This will blow over. It's just smoke. No fire. Moving along.
Why did I suggest 5 years?   It's because if you bought Apple at any time after 2001 and held for five years, you made money.   5 years is the right amount of time as a minimum. If you want to hold for more, I say, great! Just not less than 5.   Less than 5, there is too much luck, plus you (or at least, I) get burned by traders and computers that can time the market way better than I can.
Apple stock is a winner over time. You have to hold the stock for 5 years minimum. It's a great long term investment that pays dividends. 
Unlike 2014, however, Apple included China as an iPhone 6s launch country, a huge market from which some pundits expected better results.   What do Apple's China sales have to do with an article about Apple's US smartphone share?   Yes, Apple is also chipping away at Android in China, but this article was specifically about Apple's success in growing its marketshare at the expense of Android in the US.
New Posts  All Forums: