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For most people, their computer just isn't that important any more.     Your computer USED to be the way you got online, kept in touch, read about the world, played games, downloaded pictures, stored your music, and a LOT more.   But these days most people use their computers to do light internet and Mail, or Microsoft Word.  You just don't need to spend big bucks for that.   The iMac is becoming something people would like to have, but yet, they don't really need...
Amazon, the new Walmart.  First, move into area.  Next, undercut local stores and make yourself a Monopoly.  Finally, lower the boom and charge whatever you want, on your terms.  Don't like it?  Too bad, you have no other choice.   The biggest problem with Amazon is that the company is a bubble waiting to pop.  The business strategy is to bleed money.  That cannot last.
The Next Big Thing (That Nobody Wants)
I don't think this is a very compelling ad for Samsung.  They're talking battery life?  Neither phone lasts more than a day.   This is like saying a Honda Accord gets 6% better gas mileage than a Toyota Camry (ignore the numbers please, I just made them up).   That's not going to sell the Accord, not even if you lie about it and make it look like Camry owners spend ALL their time waiting in line to buy gas.   Maybe it it were a Prius vs. a Hummer.   But it ain't....
It's amazing how well Apple is doing with its older phone models.     Apple's older models kept pace with Samsung's newest stuff.  Wow.   Yes it does make one wonder what's going to happen when Apple releases phones that appeal to whole new segments of the market.   I wish I had cash to buy more APPL.
They're not going to call it the Galaxy F, that is the worst name for a phone ever.   They're going to call it the Galaxy 6, the iGalaxy 6, or the iPhone-like Galaxy 6, or the iSamsung 6.
Least exciting Apple product release ever.   Old processor, tiny memory, big price.
Good news if true. And I'm sure Apple has thought of a way to Prevent its competitors from submitting bogus map information user apple's user input system.
Kudos Apple. And AI move on.
Why not support the creative professionals that saved Apple's *** when the company was struggling?  Why cut pro apps?   It seems like Apple can be a successful vendor to the general public AND to pros.  Why cut this app??
New Posts  All Forums: