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Google's TV strategy may be complex and a bit messy at this point, but there is no denying Google is a monster competitor for Apple. Apple used to control the smart phone and tablet markets. Now Apple is a minority player, and a shrinking one internationally, in both of those markets. Of course, that's not 100% due to Google, but Google is a primary reason or at least a primary part of the reason that iOS no longer dominates any market in which it competes. I...
Kudos to Apple. But there is great irony in AI's listing this article right next to another one describing Tim Cook's pay. I know it's not a fair comparison but AI is nonetheless making it whether meaning to or not: Red. 70 Million Cook. Got 74 Million
This is an interesting counterpoint to the argument that "the US smart phone market is saturated."
Here is what I'd personally love to see in Apple TV or an iTV: Siri Games (not just projecting your screen of your iDevice onto your TV) Live TV More content such as live TV iChat and video Skype etc Home integration   Here is what I personally don't want to see in Apple TV: Another 2 years without a serious update
 There's no reason to call anyone an asshat, you asshat (just kidding lol). I would hardly call Apple a failure at anything.  They're an extremely successful company with record sales across the board. The problem is that Android tablet sales are exploding. http://www.tech-thoughts.net/2013/05/tablet-market-share-trends-android-ipad-windows.html#.UzxkUI6sRtE Apple dominated this category as recently as 2010.  Now they're the smaller player. Apple dominated the smart phone...
It feels like point Amazon advantage Amazon. It's hard watching lesser companies do greater things than Apple. It's hard watching other companies dominate phones tablets and wearables. And streaming. Apple you can't hit the ball if you never swing. I really hope Tim lives up to his promise and releases new stuff this year. Ease up on relentless perfectionism!
Can one of these analysts, just one, come up with a graph one time that says, "iPhone MID TO HIGH END market share?"   Or are we going to continue to compare high end/mid tier iPhones to every single electronic device running any variant of Android on the planet?   Just a thought.
I personally predict that Apple will win this round in the courts.   However, Apple will win only money.  And Apple has already got more money than it needs.   The courts are not going to change the reality that Android has gobbled up the lion's share of the market internationally.  The courts are not going to stop the dominance of Android.   The way to stop this thief isn't through legal means.  
Sounds like he is looking for an excuse as to why Apple TV is winning.
In other news, adoption of Google's latest version of Android continues to rise, now at .085%.
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