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"The Apple TV has both those apps."   Apple TV having HBO and Netflix means only that Apple is offering the same shows as the competition.   Apple needs unique content to grow the Apple TV business. That could be games, original shows, or exclusive shows.   That's my strong personal opinion anyway.
A "polished Apple TV interface" will not sell Apple TV's. And this is because, in this era, content is king.   Netflix has House of Cards etc. HBO has Game of Thrones etc.    Apple has...?   You can't be successful by making a better TV. You can only be successful right now by making a unique TV show.   Until Apple gets serious about stepping up and creating original content, the Apple TV has low growth potential.   Or at least, so says this one opinionated...
Hey, Apple, why 16GB? Why not drop it down to 8 GB? Why not 4GB? No. 2GB iPhone 6S. You'll have great margins. And most people don't need more than a couple of gigs, right?    After all, it's not like iPhones are high end luxury items -- oh wait, they are.    That's just cheap, Apple. And iPhone is not supposed to be cheap.
Amazon is under no pressure to make money. Investors are thrilled to put their dollars in a company that proudly promises negative earnings, on the promise of moonbeams and rainbows in the future. Therefore, the Fire phone must REALLY be a black hole on Amazon's balance sheet, if Bezos is scrapping it.
Amazing Apple is selling this many of a product the company hasn't significantly updated in forever!
What's pro about any iPad? Pro means OS X.    Must be iPad plus or something. Bring on the maxi pad jokes?
If you own AAPL, then you are committing to riding the financial world's scariest and most thrilling roller coaster (of any huge market cap stock*).   If I could buy more right now, I would. The Apple Watch will continue to grow. iPhone sales are holding up amazingly well far after the launch of the 6. China sales are doing great. Apple Music is doing well. Apple Pay is growing. Apple TV is about to enter the app/gaming market. And the 6S is about to come out, echoing...
Personally I would not be surprised if this rumor were true. The TV industry fears Apple will have power like it had back in the heyday of iTunes to set pricing.   I agree with the above poster that Apple needs its own content, or at least, much more of its own content.   Why go to HBO? Shows like Game of Thrones. Netflix? House of Cards etc. Hulu has original stuff. Exclusive and original content makes the platform, not a slick interface.   In my opinion at least lol.
Apple makes premium products people want and are willing to pay for. This change to installment plans isn't going to impact Apple's bottom line meaningfully in the US at least.   Android may suffer however. A lot of people I know buy Android for price. I wonder if phone companies will still be giving away free Galaxies? If not... could spell t r o u b l e for Sammy (or rather, even more trouble).
most negative articles about Apple ever in one 24 hour period, this is a new record?
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