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One reason AAPL could very well jump to 185 is because it's been consistently undervalued.   The iPhone 6 proved that Apple could meaningfully grow its phone business, at the expense of Android and Samsung's high end offerings mostly (i.e. the high end phone market was not "saturated" as many analysts had been claiming for a while).   The Apple Watch is proving that Apple can grow into new products and areas of business (regardless of the dollar figures, it shows that...
A lot of people really seems to want to see Apple fall on its face.   A lot of people are going to be very frustrated and disappointed, as Apple breaks sales records for smart watches and paves the way for new forms of success.   Meanwhile Samsung and other companies will battle it out in the Android watch space by cutting prices and margins to the point that even the successful are bleeding money.   When you control your OS, you control your destiny.
To the reviewer, Dieter: If you think your Macbook Air feels ugly and heavy, you really need to get outside, get some balance in your life, and be grateful for the awesome technological tools you have.   Regarding the lack of ports, for me personally, I don't like it. However, I see that iPads and iPhones are very successful with only one port, each.
Every Apple release of phones or iPods seems to have a "favorite" color or two that becomes harder for the buyer to obtain. I guess the watch will be no exception.
Samsung is a great manufacturing company. No doubt. Tough for them that they cannot differentiate their product from other Android manufacturers like Xiaomi.
I actually think bendgate benefits Samsung. It tells the world, the new Sammy6 is just like the iPhone.
Right before this new Macbook came out, I picked up an i7 MBA refurbished.   Single Core/2894. Multi Core 5615.
Why do HBO and Netflix need Apple? Can't the providers just put their stuff on a website and charge people to watch it? Forget Time Warner, Comcast AND Apple. Just sell it to the public over the internet. What am I missing (something obviously or these smart companies would not be making deals with Apple).
""Howley did miss the MicroSD slot, removable battery, and waterproofing that were jettisoned thanks to the redesign, but stopped short of calling any of those omissions deal breakers"   ​So, instead of having innovative features that differentiate its product from Apple's, Samsung decided instead simply to copy Apple.   So, the primary distinguishing factor between S6 and iPhone 6 is now the OS.    Why get an S6 over and iPhone? Because you like Android better....
If this rumor were true, Apple would push back the release.
New Posts  All Forums: