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Brave words that will be eaten by Mr. Reitzes shortly.
The pencil commercial is too obscure for a good parody. Who dreams of cutting out Lebron and pasting him into the clouds ? Nobody! Why take the pencil at the end? In case your galaxy gear runs out of battery and you need a pencil?
So Apple was on an upward trend in China even before CM. Can you please break out Apple's share of the high end smart phone market? That number will surely be far higher. Thanks.
I agree that APPL is subjected to irrationally wide swings.   However, I do see the concern of investors when Android continues to gain market share in very important ways.   Yes, Apple is still selling record numbers of products, with a great ecosystem.  But the company like any company needs new growth.   And it's coming!   I think the recent run-up in share price is due not only to Apple's buying back its stock, but also to the rumors/promise surrounding bigger...
My earlier sarcastic post didn't show up.  I imagined what would happen if BMW tried to market a car to compete with the Honda Fit, called the 4 cylinder AM/FM radio 10-cupholder BMW Fit©.   At the same time, how low IS Apple's phone market share going to go?     Apple doesn't want to have only 7% of the market or something, right?   Apple has a hard challenge.  They're a luxury brand.  Aspirational.  High end.  Cutting edge.  And yet the competition is growing way...
Microsoft considering allowing Android apps to run on Windows   but not   Microsoft considering full Office to run on Android and iOS
Technology is evolving more quickly that the categories in peoples' minds.  What is a PC these days?  What if it's your watch, but also your Apple TV, a cloud server, and the processor in your toaster?  What if Apple seamlessly integrates all those devices with data spanning them?   I would argue that not only is an iPad a PC, an iPhone is also a PC.   The hands free in my car is becoming a PC.   The watch is becoming a PC.   Each of those devices is gaining far...
Really?   Mail is one of the most important things that average users do on their computers.   If Mac OS can't handle Mail elegantly without workarounds, what the heck is going on with the company?   I am a huge Apple fan, an investor, and a booster for the company, but if they can't get Mail right, and quickly...   That's Consumer 101 Stuff.
Marketshare, marketshare, marketshare.
Carl doesn't think the Droid Wars are going to squash Apple.     Rather, Carl recognizes that Apple is growing, in sales, market share, and profits.   Apple has a sticky ecosystem.  That's why short term Apple growth in these three areas, means long term Apple growth.   There is no such thing as a temporary Apple surge.  Apple is on a steady rise.   There is such a thing, however, as a precipitous Android fall.  I don't see Android going away as the world's...
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