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A cautionary tale.  Complete reversals of fortune are possible in the phone business in a relatively short amount of time.  I remember when RIM was the hot stock/company/phone that everyone was talking about.   Microsoft came back from the grave with their Windows phone.  I'm sure Blackberry could do it too.  Don't ask me how.   Blackberry is a world-famous brand.  That has to be worth something.
A diamond-studded watch that measures your glucose?   What about a platinum thermometer?   A ruby-encrusted heartrate monitor?   A solid Unobtanium watch that changes your TV channels?   And all covered by glowing sapphire!   The Apple iWatch.  If you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it.©   Or just call it, the iBling!
GLUT: Overload, overfill, related to glutton, an oversupply   Apple to roll out an OVERLOAD OVERFILL OVERSUPPLY WAY TOO MUCH THAN WHAT PEOPLE NEED in Q3   That's what you wrote, dude.  Heavy duty editorializing rather than just reporting   Why the negative word?  How about POSITIVE words if you must editorialize?  Suggestions include:   Apple to roll out CORNUCOPIA of new products   Apple to roll out WONDERLAND of new products   Apple to roll out PLENTIFUL...
"Currently, about six percent of the roughly 7,500 teens surveyed own a smartwatch of some ilk"   According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there were 40,717,537 youth age 10-19 in the United States.   Okay, so if the survey is indicative of the broader population, we should be able to multiply 40 plus Million by .06 and find out how many teens own smart watches in the US.   (Pulls up calculator app...)   2,443,000 plus teens in the US own smart watches!? Waaaa?   Is...
Google issues security upgrades to all 17 of its variations of Android.  Also, these viruses mostly do *not* affect the 3.9% of Android users who have Google's latest Android OS.
Hey! Knock it off! That's the mother of my new watch's chip you are talking about. Let's be compassionate. This is Samsung's season of pain. Apple is taking the high end and Chinese manufacturers are taking the low end. Yes no maybe I don't know can you repeat the question? You're not the boss of me now and you're not so big. Life is unfair.
Sssssh!  The Analysts will read this and raise their expectations!
 2013.  121 Million Android tablets sold.  70 Million iPads sold. The year before it was 53 Million Android tablets.  61 Million iPads. Apple wasn't just selling the high end iPads. It was selling all levels of tablets, because it was the only game. I personally see the validity of your point, however, it doesn't overcome the stunning reversal in 2013 in the worldwide tablet market.  Android gained in such a huge way in 2013. I hope Apple figures out some way to bounce...
Google's TV strategy may be complex and a bit messy at this point, but there is no denying Google is a monster competitor for Apple. Apple used to control the smart phone and tablet markets. Now Apple is a minority player, and a shrinking one internationally, in both of those markets. Of course, that's not 100% due to Google, but Google is a primary reason or at least a primary part of the reason that iOS no longer dominates any market in which it competes. I...
Kudos to Apple. But there is great irony in AI's listing this article right next to another one describing Tim Cook's pay. I know it's not a fair comparison but AI is nonetheless making it whether meaning to or not: Red. 70 Million Cook. Got 74 Million
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