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"CIRP also noted this fall that Apple's customers represented more young adults between 18-24 and 25-34, while Samsung attracted more middle age buyers aged 35-54 and significantly more seniors aged 55 to 64, as well as more customers with lower incomes." Each OS has its user base. Samsung is the winner among older users, Apple among younger users.
Apple is increasing production of the 5C. The 5C is a very successful phone that well outsells last years 4S that it replaces. Look at Apples last reported iPhone sales. The 5S was in limited supply. You don't get those fantastic numbers without healthy 5S sales. Maybe this article or the cited source is just trying to disparage Apple. They can't do it through facts. So why not just make stuff up?
iPad is destroying Android right now. iPhones are ripping though Android. Android and Samsung are panicked. Hence this kind of lying fabrication. Watch. The. Numbers. In. January.
Samsung is the leading vendor of smart phones.  Good for them.  Their problem is that they have stopped growing meaningfully their sales of the profitable high end phones.   Someone is taking away their growth right now, and that is Apple.   Apple is growing amazingly its sales of all iOS devices.   Whom is Apple negatively impacting by doing this?  The established market leader, Samsung.   Sometimes, when you're on top in terms of sales, the only place you have to...
The All Things D headline says the iPad Air costs less to build that the previous generation iPad. Their conclusion was that Apple will benefit from the lower overall build cost even though the new display is costlier. The overall cost to build is less. Yet AI chose to use a headline suggesting negatives for Apple. Now AI's article will be cited by others and spread misinformation about Apple. The real story is good for Apple. Big sales. Higher margins on iPads. Why...
And yet not just Bloomberg is reporting that demand is "soft" for the iPad Air.   You really have to wonder about stock manipulation at this point.     The 5S, 5C and iPad Air all have something in common: they were declared to be failures by the media right before they were revealed to be the best selling Apple products in the history of both Apple and the tech sector.
Wow this is a great look at Apple's declining marketshare in China in the recent past before Apple launched the most successful smart phones in the history of smart phones, the 5S and 5C which sold 9 million in a weekend alone.
Okay, fine, Apple!  Defer all the revenue you want!   But please explain to the immature and negative media about this deferred revenue.   Apple, please market your success not just your products!   Do it for us shareholders.
Oh gimme a break.  The world knows that Apple's tablets are the Lexuses (Lexi?) of tablets.   This says more about the shrinking importance and credibility of JDP than it does about Apple.
This article is about Apple's R&D costs.     Everyone seems to be clamoring for Apple to come up with revolutionary product-defining categories.     Well, guess what, you gotta break some eggs to make an omelette.    New stuff costs big bucks.
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