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Awww, Dell.  It's like a walk down memory lane!   Every new Dell computer should come with a blast from the past care package that includes stuff like: Gavin Rossdale's Love Remains the Same, a boxed DVD set of Chuck or Battlestar Galactica, and Wii Mario Kart.  (Wasn't 2008 the peak of Dell©?)   Suggested ad slogans for Dell Computer today:   It's not your grandfather's Dell. ©   Dell.  Own Piece of Yesteryear. ©   Dude you're getting a Dell.  And I'm so sorry!...
This article suggests iPad sales are surging at least on Black Friday. And yet IDC is proclaiming today that iPads will falter and lose ground in their sad unwinnable war against Android tablets. Is the iPad surging or souring? Storming the castle or retreating to the woods? My guess is that the iPad will increase both sales and market share in 2014 at Android's expense. I also predict that the Android numbers are grossly even illegally exaggerated.
iPads have the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the history of consumer electronics.
China Mobile. They could help Apple's marketshare grow even more right? Armchair quarterback's call lol: Samsung can't really grow its share. Blackberry is exhausted. Apple is growing not shrinking. No other Android maker has significant share Samsung can steal away. Apple will continue growing at Samsung's expense. That's what happens when you make it to the top of the hill?
What?     Android has the overwhelmingly dominant market share, and yet, Apple has the overwhelmingly dominant worldwide ad impressions?   Okay that defies common sense, or am I just wildly off here?   Someone spends $200 on a tablet and doesn't use it?   Even a user who only checks email, plays Candy Krush, and Googles stuff is still going to be using their tablet a LOT.   You don't have to play the latest 64 bit games to be on your tablet for hours just reading...
Look for CNBC Kramer and the like to proclaim, Apple has risen again! Lol they were never down. Apple needs to get into the business of accurately calculating market share for higher end devices. But whatever. With China mobile now on board even the most ardent Apple Bashers being paid by the competition cannot conceal the truth. Apple is the best and most successful tech company.
Okay. So. An unsubstantiated claim that Apple is producing many minis has trounced a baseless rumor that Apple could not produce many minis. So how many minis? Menos minis or mas minis? Answer: mega mucho mas minis! Tim's team rocks the supply chain. Next unfounded accusation to get shot down? Android has 80% of tablet market share. Not true. Muchos minis significa menos Android, muchacho.
Good for Apple. Samsung is making sure its loss and guilt in this trial stay at the front of the news for months.
11% of U.S. cellphone sales are coming from the Apple Store?     Wow.    http://i.bnet.com/blogs/us-smartphone-sale-market-share-counterpoint-graph.jpg
Thanks for this article. I would argue that the misunderstanding of Apple combined with a willful manipulation if the data is creating an ideal situation to buy the stock. I'd rather buy the successful stock all the idiots are proclaiming is dying rather than the hot stock of a company that's actually not making any money. No stock escapes reality forever no matter how hard many people are working to mislead.
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