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Find my Friends?  They should just call it, Track My Movements, or Tell My Boss, or Facebook Spy, or I Know Where You Are At All Times Muahahahaha.   It's just copying Blendr/Grindr etc.  Progress marches on, I guess, like it or not.   You KNOW what's coming next lol.  Here is a preview (my guess anyway):   FARMVILLE 2 notification: JIM has a sheep to give you, and he's 154 feet away from you.   Get ready for uber complicated Facebook privacy settings that make it...
GOOG makes me nervous as a stock pick.  They're making most of their money on desktop ads and clicks. And yet, the desktop PC market has plateaued.  Mobile and other platforms are growing, and yet, Google is not the powerhouse in mobile it is on the desktop.   I personally think Google is highly overrated as a stock, and Apple is highly undervalued.  I agree some manipulation is keeping Apple down, along with a Universal skepticism about Apple's ability to create new...
Counting steps is addictive, useful, and fun.  There should be more graphic games around health functions for the A7.
While we quibble Apple will sell record numbers of phones and tablets.
I can't believe Apple is selling an 8 GB iPhone in 2014. This is not the way to make users happy and satisfied. Who wants a crippled iPhone that can't do much due to its limited memory? This cheapo phone cheapens Apple's premium brand. This is like when Krispy Kreme started selling bad tasting stale donuts at supermarkets.
Well... The thing about Amazon is that they will stay in the market losing money until they get it right. Competitors with deep pockets.. Personally I hope they at least report honest sales figures.
Really?  They think somebody is going to make a lot of money selling internet-connected washer/driers?   All the phases are just things we already have with a wifi antenna stuck on them.   I felt this report showed a lack of imagination.  I predict Wells Fargo will be backpedaling frantically as Apple knocks it out of the park not in Phase Five, but over the course of 2014.
A cautionary tale.  Complete reversals of fortune are possible in the phone business in a relatively short amount of time.  I remember when RIM was the hot stock/company/phone that everyone was talking about.   Microsoft came back from the grave with their Windows phone.  I'm sure Blackberry could do it too.  Don't ask me how.   Blackberry is a world-famous brand.  That has to be worth something.
A diamond-studded watch that measures your glucose?   What about a platinum thermometer?   A ruby-encrusted heartrate monitor?   A solid Unobtanium watch that changes your TV channels?   And all covered by glowing sapphire!   The Apple iWatch.  If you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it.©   Or just call it, the iBling!
GLUT: Overload, overfill, related to glutton, an oversupply   Apple to roll out an OVERLOAD OVERFILL OVERSUPPLY WAY TOO MUCH THAN WHAT PEOPLE NEED in Q3   That's what you wrote, dude.  Heavy duty editorializing rather than just reporting   Why the negative word?  How about POSITIVE words if you must editorialize?  Suggestions include:   Apple to roll out CORNUCOPIA of new products   Apple to roll out WONDERLAND of new products   Apple to roll out PLENTIFUL...
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