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Deal is done. 5C is a big success around the world. 5S is an even bigger success. Apple is breaking sales records in multiple product categories right now. iOS7, fingerprint recognition, Mac Pro and many other things show innovation China Mobile deal will greatly increase iPhone sales, despite the naysayers Apple is firing on all cylinders. And that is before watch and larger screen iPhone 6. Bookmark this page and tell me I'm right after earnings are announced lol.
I'm too mature to say that I called it happening before Christmas. Thank you Santa. Just what I wanted 27 million more iPhones.
Amazing. These analysts were foolishly wrong about the 5C, which is a more obvious success every day. But instead of embracing the obvious they double down on the ridiculous. To analysts: 5C selling well around the world! Way better than the 4S it replaced!
I'm not going to try a new Mac Pro or test drive a Tessla.    I know that, if I do, I'm gonna want one.
Lol APPL is so heading up right now.  It's a bull in a China shop shattering sales records, earnings records, with increasing margins, and new product categories coming along with a pretty fracking huge rollout of iDevices on China Mobile.  This will be Apple's December to Remember.  Huge.  The haters and doubters will have nothing to stand on come January.  Bookmark this page, come back, and tell me I'm right! lol.  
This is just personal conjecture, but perhaps one reason that US analysts are generally wildly wrong about Apple's impending triumph in China, is due to the lack of accurate information about China in the US media.   In the US a lot of people think that China is some oversized impoverished third world country, where no one could possibly afford an iPhone 5c much less a 5S.   In reality, of course, China is a complex country with a sophisticated and large wealthy...
C+ compared to what other voice recognition software or product?   God, our expectations are so high for little smart phones.   Siri works freaking great.  It's better with every iteration. What do we expect smart phones to do? Cook us pancakes and bacon?
Makes sense for both companies.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to rag against the WJS.  It's true they have misreported several big stories on Apple recently, but then so does every major newspaper.  It's, publish first, ask questions later.  Everybody wants to be first and get the clicks/reads/eyeballs.   This is so disappointing.  I really hope a deal is announced soon.  It sucks being an Apple investor.  When there is the slightest tremor of negativity, the stock goes way down.  And this isn't just a...
The WSJ. Don't. Believe. A. Word. Worst newspaper ever. Least professional. Least reliable. Piece of crud WSJ.
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