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It makes sense for Samsung to develop radically different high end phones.  Their current high end offerings have plateaued in terms of sales.  They're not growing their high end phone sales, they're losing right now.  Apple is increasing its upper tier sales.   So Samsung really needs something new and different at the top end.  Who knows?  Maybe this curved screen phone will be "it".   Or maybe, like their watch, they will come out first but not necessarily dominate....
Congratulations on another highly misleading article that disparages Apple.
I call foul. This is not an accurate metric of Apple's current success. They are doing extremely well in sales and market share. Contradictory reports will shortly follow this guaranteed.
Spectacular success for Apple's business model. And this was even before Apple's current HUGE quarter with its market share growth. In the days of Windows 95, multiple vendors sold PC's. Only Samsung is making any serious money off of Android!
iWatch and iWait...  
Huge huge huge demand for this product. Too bad supply will be tight for a little bit. Still, good for Apple that they have high standards for their components.
Anyone who continues to insist that the 5S and 5C are not selling well is flat out wrong. These are hit products. They are denting Android market share globally. These new iPhones are experiencing record sales compared to the models they replaced. Please bookmark this and other pages to remind the posters. It's an Apple 2014.
Netflix has new series coming out, some of them with Marvel.   Hulu has original content.   Amazon has original content.   Apple alone does not.   Big mistake.  You need a reason for people to stream from YOUR service or platform.   One other minor annoying point I'll make:   Yet again AI chooses to lead with a negative about Apple (OMG PLANS ON HOLD!) rather than an obvious positive (YAY WEARABLE DEVICES FAST-TRACKED).
Apple Distribution Network Grows!   Oh wait, it's AI, so we have to lead with something that always looks like bad news for Apple.   Corrected version:   APPLE STORES SALES FALLING!!!!!!!   Except, they're among the most SUCCESSFUL stores in the world as judged by their sales per square foot.   This is just like that article, APPLE FAILS TO KEEP FAITHFUL USERS IN THE FOLD, that got written just because Apple was GROWING its Samsung converts even faster than it is...
"CIRP also noted this fall that Apple's customers represented more young adults between 18-24 and 25-34, while Samsung attracted more middle age buyers aged 35-54 and significantly more seniors aged 55 to 64, as well as more customers with lower incomes." Each OS has its user base. Samsung is the winner among older users, Apple among younger users.
New Posts  All Forums: