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Marketshare, marketshare, marketshare.
Carl doesn't think the Droid Wars are going to squash Apple.     Rather, Carl recognizes that Apple is growing, in sales, market share, and profits.   Apple has a sticky ecosystem.  That's why short term Apple growth in these three areas, means long term Apple growth.   There is no such thing as a temporary Apple surge.  Apple is on a steady rise.   There is such a thing, however, as a precipitous Android fall.  I don't see Android going away as the world's...
Sooner or later, the cream rises.
They should rename Google Play.   New name: Google PlaysForSure.
Google makes big money doing one thing and one thing only, selling advertising. They are like old school ABC or NBC. Nothing else Google does is making the big bucks.
Brave predictions of doom. No way. China Mobile will sell tons of iPhones. Tons.
Yes but can the Speecup and the Bluetooth musical lightbulb run full Microsoft Office?
Say you were a loyal BMW customer. How would you feel if BMW suddenly released a low end Beamer that cost less than a Honda Fit? It would degrade the brand. What if Apple created a second brand for its cheap phone? Apple would be Lexus and have its new Toyota brand. Naaaaah. Apple is aspirational and high end. I see Apple becoming a pricier but more elegant, more capable, and better integrated alternative to its competitors.
Well, Gene Munster was off by 5M phones when he predicted open weekend sales for the 5S and 5C.   Gene Munster had "low expectations" for the iPad Air in November 2013.   Gene Munster predicted an Apple TV every year for several years.   And now what's he saying?  That services not apps matter?   I personally don't listen to anything that Gene Munster has to say.  He has lost all credibility.   Mr. Munster's trying to claim that "channel stuffing" accounting for...
New Posts  All Forums: