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Well, Gene Munster was off by 5M phones when he predicted open weekend sales for the 5S and 5C.   Gene Munster had "low expectations" for the iPad Air in November 2013.   Gene Munster predicted an Apple TV every year for several years.   And now what's he saying?  That services not apps matter?   I personally don't listen to anything that Gene Munster has to say.  He has lost all credibility.   Mr. Munster's trying to claim that "channel stuffing" accounting for...
I guess my question is, do we LIKE being surprised, or must we peek inside all of 2014's gift wrapped boxes lol?
Apple sales have been increasing, are increasing, and will continue increasing.   Is that not enough?
Manufactured issue!   That is so perfect!  They are manufacturing issues!  That is their job really, to manufacture imaginary problems where none exist.  Negativity gets clicks!   Analysts are about as useful, reliable, and relevant as movie critics.   I wish someone ELSE (not me!) would do the work of charting of all these rumors and predictions, to make it immediately and obviously clear just how wildly wrong must of this stuff is.
I am typing this on an iPhone 4S running iOS7. It works great! Regarding gingerbread here are my thoughts: Android is so GREAT that you will be HAPPY with a two year old operating system. Plus, you won't have to learn new things like Apple users when iOS 7 came out. Win-win!
Android makes sense for Audi. Most android users aren't able to upgrade their OS, so expectations for upgrades will be low. Most android devices are low power low capacity, so Audi can save money there. Also Audi can brand it's own fork of Android and start selling AudiPlay devices. And by promoting Android Audi will open up new markets for instance among the aspirational Walmart crowd. Maybe Walmart will start selling Audis like loss leader Avril Lavigne CD's. Win-win.
So now MacBooks are being crushed by Chromebooks? No way. Another report claiming things we all know to be false. Bet on Apple.
iPhone growth is not slowing in China. Imagine when Apple releases a bigger screen iPhone 6. Wow. What can Sammy release to create that level if excitement and drive new sales and upgrades?
This is either disingenuous or idiotic, take your pick. The Chinese market for iPhones all all kinds is growing, growing, growing. Period. Bookmark and come back to tell me how wildly right I am lol.
I predict the public's love of Apple will finally overpower the media's love of bashing Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: