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Comparison so the 4s it replaced please.
Toyota doesn't give me free advice or service for my out of warranty vehicle. Why should Apple? Apple didn't promise lifetime product support. And let's face it. A problem apple has is that their well designed products keep working or years. They have to hold back on services and security upgrades and such to encourage old customers to buy their new stuff.
Give me a break!  This whole thing has been so overstated!   It was a very specific and even minor threat for most typical users!   And Apple was able to fix it in 24 hours.   This is a non-story being shouted from the rooftops.
This article does no one any good. It helps create problems rather than solve any.
An Android pulse tracker sounds like a GREAT thing.  Google can store all your health information and target your ads.   Good health = ads for organic food. Bad health = they notify your insurance company. Really bad = ads for mortuaries and estate lawyers pop up on the screen.   Okay I'm being sarcastic.  But Samsung deserves sarcasm after their recent anti-Apple ads.     Sarcasm aside, I have a question: Is it not BAD for you to have electromagnetic frequency...
I understand that Apple needs to get the details right and avoid being rushed... and maybe Apple will NEVER release a watch....   But it sure would be nice to see an Apple watch/device sooner rather than later.
Good. More content! Apple needs content especially because unlike their rivals Netflix an Amazon, they don't create it.
Why does the article say Apple's FAILURE? That is a judgy word. Would not a more journalistic headline have said Apple's CHOICE or ELECTION? FAILURE in the headline makes the article a negative judgement/condemnation of Apple.
Wolf thinks the negative effects tablets have on PC sales is overstated. Then how does he explain the decline in PC sales? I would argue that PC sales are declining due to the rise of tablets AND smartphones. BOTH these devices are used for stuff that could be done previously only on desktop hardware.
Some analysts are good. You gotta go with cantor Fitzgerald on Apple today. Google their report on China Mobile's January spike.
New Posts  All Forums: