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It feels like point Amazon advantage Amazon. It's hard watching lesser companies do greater things than Apple. It's hard watching other companies dominate phones tablets and wearables. And streaming. Apple you can't hit the ball if you never swing. I really hope Tim lives up to his promise and releases new stuff this year. Ease up on relentless perfectionism!
Can one of these analysts, just one, come up with a graph one time that says, "iPhone MID TO HIGH END market share?"   Or are we going to continue to compare high end/mid tier iPhones to every single electronic device running any variant of Android on the planet?   Just a thought.
I personally predict that Apple will win this round in the courts.   However, Apple will win only money.  And Apple has already got more money than it needs.   The courts are not going to change the reality that Android has gobbled up the lion's share of the market internationally.  The courts are not going to stop the dominance of Android.   The way to stop this thief isn't through legal means.  
Sounds like he is looking for an excuse as to why Apple TV is winning.
In other news, adoption of Google's latest version of Android continues to rise, now at .085%.
Yahoo news reported that Apple made a horrible mistake in choosing to run their ad facing the news coverage about the missing flight.   Oh yes, that's how it's being reported.   I think this story is obviously dumb screamingly the fault of the NYTimes.   Separate thought:   The iPad lets you download accurate topo maps for offline viewing and synchronization with GPS.   Maybe rescuers ARE using iPads to help find the plane.  An iPad is a most helpful tool.
THE 5C IS A MASSIVE FAILURE*   *when compared against the best selling smartphone on the planet that smokes every other smartphone that's ever existed, the 5S   THE 5C IS A SUCCESS IN SALES**   **when compared against every single freaking Galaxy phone on the market including the fancy S4     The 5S sells way more than the 4S it replaced.     But hey, we GOTTA SPIN everything negative about Apple!   Pegatron had great profits?  Okay, let's spin a story about...
It's a pity that older Macs can't sync calendars and contacts via the cloud.   Yeah, I guess I could go buy everyone in my family a brand new iMac for $$$$.   Or I could just use Google Calendars and contacts.   Still, it's a pity.
Rest assured, that, whatever the numbers are, Analysts will be disappointed.   When your goal is to be disappointed,  you generally succeed.
haha YOU bet on 7.8 billion, Solipsism.   I get my number by taking a graph of iPhone sales since the beginning, and using a ruler to draw a line to project the steady upward line indicating sales over time.   It's been pretty dang accurate so far.  Who knew that a dollar plastic ruler could be a more useful investment tool than Gene Munster et all?
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