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Hey I am here to amuse you lol. Ok I'll be decisive:  He is flat out wrong.  Apple will show great numbers for the 5C in the holiday quarter.
Lower than WHO expected? Were 5C sales lower than APPLE expected? Were they lower than the phone the 5C replaced, last year's 4S at this time? The guy 1) makes a prediction, 2) sees his prediction is not true, and 3) proclaims that Apple failed to meet expectations. Yeah, they failed to meet his arbitrary number. In other words, HE failed. HIS prediction was WRONG. APPLE might be very happy with their sales numbers for the 5C.
If Apple has a #1 hit product, the 5S, the internet trumpets declining 5C sales.   If the 5C is the number two phone on major US carriers, the internet tells you the 5C must be tanking in every other country.   If Apple rolls out the 5S internationally, the internet bemoans the availability of the 5S in the USA.   If the 5S sees staggering demand, the internet shouts at you about the world's hatred of the 5C.   If the 5C sells well in the US beating Sammy4, the...
A China Mobile deal is a huge deal. This will greatly increase Apple's global smartphone marketshare. Greatly.
The Apple haters and bashers are standing on a big iceberg that is getting smallller and smmaaallleer as it melts.   They're losing the young demographic part of the ice, as Apple is tops with teens not just in the USA.   They're losing the marketshare part of the ice, as Apple is surging especially in China EVEN BEFORE THE BIG CHINA MOBILE ANNOUCEMENT.   They're losing the speedy hardware part of the ice, as Apple has the fastest phones AND Sammy has been caught...
One more thing?  One more thing?  Only one guy could pull off one more thing, and that was Steve.   Look what happened when Sammy tried One More Thing.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkFJB_QmGBI   Crickets.   Ouch!   Then no one lined up to buy THEIR one more thing.
Analysts are ridiculous. They say silly things like, Apple is dead among teens. Pfft. Teens love Apple! And Android's biggest user group in the US at least is older people. Androids are elderphones. Analysts say, smart phones have reached their saturation point in the market. Pfffft. Apple has plenty of marketshare to take from Android. And apple is taking big bites right now. Analysts say, Apple can't innovate any more! Pfffft. Apple has innovative new products and a...
I hope they just kill it.   I hope the China sales are huge and they announce a China Mobile deal before the event.   I want all the publications like the LA Times to publicly retract their claims that the 5C isn't selling well.
I give points to Samsung for coming up with both a watch and an ad.   Would I buy it?  No.  Do I know anyone who says they want to buy it?  No.   "Hello" was about connecting with other people but in a new way.   I'm not sure what the Sammy watch is about.  It feels like the watch exists to tell my Sammy phone what to do.   What new thing can I do with the watch?  What does it let me do?   Does it look cool?  If so, show me.   That's what the commercial should...
I love how an article about apples increasing sales and market share in the US gets turned into a debate on stuff like Apple Maps. Apple Maps is great especially for turn by turn voice assisted navigation. And Apples US marketshare is increasing at the expense of Android. Dramatically so in sept and well see October. This is based on web usage stats.
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