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The 5C is selling fine. Way better than the 4S it replaced. People just like the 5S better. Samsung WISHES they had this problem. People want the more expensive one!
If Alpine and Pioneer aren't doing it, then open it up to new companies to get the jump on them via Kickstarter.
Well, $99 is still a good price if you ship a lot of stuff from Amazon.   Regarding the bundling of shipping and streaming services... Well it just makes perfect sense. Those two things go together.  Shipping physical package and streaming digital content.   One has to do with physically moving packages on planes, boats and trucks.  The other has to do with watching shows and movies on your digital device.   Oh wait, actually those two things have no connection...
Wow this sounds really frustrated for BOTH LeBron and Samsung.   Maybe Samsung should assign an IT specialist to each celebrity in case they have problems with Samsung's gear.   Regarding the problem of celebrities using iPhones when they're paid to endorse Samsung's phones...   2 great suggestions for Samsung!   1) Make a fake giant GALAXY/NOTE shell in which celebrities can hide their smaller iPhones;   2) Write a program that DISGUISES as celebrity's iPhone...
Adding a camera is a good idea for gestures and FaceTime. A better addition would be original content. Netflix has great shows. Amazon has great original shows. Hulu is adding original content. Their brands give you content nobody else delivers at that time. If Apple opens up Apple TV to apps, then they solve this problem. Apps are content. Gotta make Apple TV able to do stuff no other gizmo or platform can do today.
Samsung despite their advertising sells a good percentage of its phones to older users who need a larger screen due to their diminished eyesight.   Having a larger phone will help Apple sell to these users.     Having a larger phone will also help Apple sell to the users who must have the latest thing in order to show off.  Once the big iPhone is out, it will become much more of a status symbol than the 5S with its mere silver ring that differentiates it from the...
I will add one thought: We need to compare the sales of the 5C with the 4S it replaced this time last year.  We can't compare the 5C with the current 5S!
Oh poor Apple. People only want to buy ther most expensive products in huge numbers. Lol
I hope it comes with a coupon for free readers/reading glasses from Walgreens.
I think using Siri is a brilliant idea, because really, who can focus on a teeny tiny screen?   I just HOPE Siri is continuing to improve (as she has, greatly!)   Siri, what time is it? (long pause) I'm really sorry but something has gone wrong, and I can't help you right now.   (insert other Siri related jokes here)   That is what Apple I'm sure will avoid by continuing to refine and improve the Siri experience.   How else are you going to input data into the...
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