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Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that China's stock market is wobbly while its economy is still going strong. In fact there have been long periods in recent history where the Chinese economy did really well while its stock market didn't.   So is it clear that China's stock market decline will cause Apple's sales and stock to slide?
I don't feel confident that if you handed me two iPhones, one of them .2mm thicker than the other, I could tell the difference.   How thick is a piece of paper? .1mm? .2mm?
"I think it will be a matter of time before it starts losing popularity. When people start realizing it doesn't do much they will stop using it."     I think it's very clear based on every reasonable metric that the Apple Watch is a robustly selling product that's destroying the competition and creating a new market.     Apple is only going to expand the capabilities and decrease the price of the watch in time, if the iPhone and iPad are any predictors.     It...
Satire and ridicule, huh?    Ballmer ridiculed the iPhone when it first came out. Nokia and HTC satirized and ridiculed the iPhone 5C. Samsung did the same heavily to the iPhone.   I'm not suggesting that anyone to satirizes and ridicules Apple will fail... but when you choose to satirize, and the object of your satire goes on to enjoy huge success, while you either tread water or decline in growth... well... you look bad.   That's why, in my personal opinion, it's...
People can already get music for free from Youtube, Pandora, etc. Why pay $10/month? I'm sure it's an amazing service but I predict individuals won't want to pay $120/year.
Well... keeping the phone is a big deal. Having more choices is a big deal. I've been meaning to try Verizon anyway. If AT&T can make a change, so can I. Hello, Verizon I guess.
My problem with this isn't with their naming convention, it's with the confusion now among their product lines. So the Galaxy S6 Plus is exactly like a Note but without the pen? It seems like Samsung is releasing products now that are confusingly similar to one another.
Chromebook's are better than iPads for many schools. They're better on price. They're easier to manage. And they're simpler to learn because they do so much less.   Apple is a high end luxury electronics company. It's not surprising that Chromebooks are taking over the educational space in some areas.   I'm not worried about Apple, they'll innovate their way to the top of the high end tablet market and they will continue to grow sales of their excellent...
Apple broke the law!!!! *         *If the EU suddenly changes the law ten years after the fact.
Hi, I've been here a long time. When I'm not posting on AI, I've been working like crazy to build a new animation studio. We're Kickstartering our first series, starring my all time dream team, John DiMaggio (the voice of Jake on ADVENTURETIME), Dee Bradley Baker (Perry the Platypus from PHINEAS & FERB), and Tara Strong (MY LITTLE PONY, POWERPUFF GIRLS).   We are editing on FCPX. We're using Audacity. Compressor. No Samsung products were used during the making of this...
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