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Good. Id rather have him talk down the share price now and set up a rise upon earnings. I mean, if he has to utter his unfounded baseless random opinions....
It's too late to buy at the bottom. That wa it. Up from here. Sorry fund managers. You snooze you lose.
Well... hold on. The Chinese economy could be in trouble. And Apple might not be able to launch a new breakout product in the Apple Watch. Those worries are at least maybe founded on something real.   That having been said, in my opinion, this drop in stock price is a minor correction. AAPL is still way up over the last year.   Going forward, the future is bright for AAPL. The iPhone 6S has lots of room to grow sales, with many loyal Apple followers still using the 5...
It doesn't matter WHAT Cook says. The snarky doomsday naysaying concerned worried negative bloggers and press will badmouth Apple.   So what if Cook had told the world exactly how many Watches Apple sold?   Look how many iPhones Apple sold -- a record amount. Look how much profit Apple made -- a record amount. And most of the coverage of that is negative, and APPL took a 10 point hit after hours.   Even if Cook had bragged about a high number of Watch sales, the...
This is good news from Apple. Great news.   And these short term stock losses won't continue indefinitely. Eventually the fundamentals overcome the manipulation, hype, and sensationalistic negative reporting.   I agree with many here -- time to buy more AAPL.
Apple is the finest tech company. They have very deep pockets. They have a huge dedicated user base. They have their famous ecosystem. All of the above are reasons why the Apple Watch ultimately will succeed, not fail. Sorry, doomsayers.
Awww they're still trying. That's so cute.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that China's stock market is wobbly while its economy is still going strong. In fact there have been long periods in recent history where the Chinese economy did really well while its stock market didn't.   So is it clear that China's stock market decline will cause Apple's sales and stock to slide?
I don't feel confident that if you handed me two iPhones, one of them .2mm thicker than the other, I could tell the difference.   How thick is a piece of paper? .1mm? .2mm?
"I think it will be a matter of time before it starts losing popularity. When people start realizing it doesn't do much they will stop using it."     I think it's very clear based on every reasonable metric that the Apple Watch is a robustly selling product that's destroying the competition and creating a new market.     Apple is only going to expand the capabilities and decrease the price of the watch in time, if the iPhone and iPad are any predictors.     It...
New Posts  All Forums: