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If Munster thinks 38.7B is too high, bet on low!   I predict the opposite of whatever he says.
Ssssssh! Let's keep this among ourselves, shall we? Otherwise analysts will just increase their expectations so they can be disappointed which they love. Think secret!
Tim should never have called this book nonsense.  To slam the book is only to empower and draw attention to it.   He should have said, "I'm not familiar with the book.  I haven't read it" or something similar.   Tone of: vague dismissal, he's too busy even to think about a gnat buzzing around.
Android wearable = competition   Amazon steaming set top box = competition   C'mon, Apple.  Your turn. 
Apple has a powerful rival in Samsung, a company with vast manufacturing capabilities.     Samsung is better at manufacturing than the rest.     Apple needs Samsung.  Fortunately, Samsung also needs Apple's money.
I predict it will be a subscription model at $9.95 per month.   It will compete against Google's cloud offerings, and Apple's app/cloud offerings, which are free.
I think Game Center will probably go away in favor of other Apple offerings and solutions in iOS8.  Personal conjecture, I know.   Apple could definitely have an Android section for connecting gamers.   Apple should separate the kinds of games that will run successfully on Android, since most Android users have much less processor speed, graphics power and memory available (just given the reality of how the Android platform is most successfully being used, at the low...
Wait a minute! 27% of cell phones in China are high end And 80% of those are iPhones Therefore, 21.6% of cell phones in China are iPhones? And that was BEFORE the Apple/China Mobile deal? Huh? Am I making a dumb math mistake, or is that like the biggest news for Apple ever?
Digitimes, shut up
The 5C is selling fine. Way better than the 4S it replaced. People just like the 5S better. Samsung WISHES they had this problem. People want the more expensive one!
New Posts  All Forums: