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You can buy a gold Rolex and will it to your grandkids. It's a timeless item (pun intended). A gold Apple Watch is not gonna be functional and useful after a few years. It'll be like my original iPhone. That sucker still "works" but it has lost 90% of its compatibility and functionality.   Tech is disposable but Apple is making it a luxury item --- very interesting.   Solid gold Macbook Airs, anyone?
HBO is a really great service with a depth of offerings. This could be very successful for HBO.   Any time you can sell directly to the consumer, provided that you can reach the consumer, you can make more money.   Bad times for cable operators are coming... but I guess they can always charge more for internet access and then throttle services and demand a tribute or ransom to support them.
My concern for Samsung would be, a lot of their users want great value, great specs, and a lot of versatility. If Samsung takes away stuff like waterproofing, SD card slot, and replaceable battery, are they going to alienate their core higher end buyers? This new Galaxy S6 seems like it's really NOT aimed at the current Galaxy high end users, no?
No, Samsung, Mighty Google is not going to let one measly Android manufacturer develop its own payment system. Google will get all its underlings under control and Google will control Android's ONLY payment system.   At least that's my prediction. Google cracks the whip.
Now it's Samsung fans' turn to claim that marketshare doesn't matter.   We all bend reality to fit our beliefs and desires, no?
Who cares if the iPad is dead? There's no such thing as an iPad. It's all the same product. iPod touch, iPhone, iPad. There are only small variations in size and capabilities. But really it's just iOS gizmos.   The "street" should look at the overall growth in iGizmo sales. Who cares if Apple sells fewer of the jumbo sized ones if the phablet-sized ones are selling like crazy?   It would be like investors downgrading Toyota stock because the Camry is selling less than...
New MBA. Love it! Except my older MBP had 1 TB of 7200 rpm internal storage. Missing that a LOT.
Maybe I am misunderstanding this, but from what I'm seeing, this is not okay.   Apple followed the law. If you want to change the tax laws going forward, great. Do whatever you want, government, and Apple will follow the new laws.   But you can't punish Apple when for years it's been doing something that is legal by US, Irish and U.K. law.   Same deal goes for middle class 529 savings accounts. People have set them up because the law says the earnings are tax exempt....
The happy news for Samsung is that they still have a great business working for Apple making chips and other components.
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