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Car play = boring old news
I hope Apple announces cool products but I doubt they will.     I think Apple is going to announce new Mac OS and new iOS.   They may have a Healthbook app, or a Game Center type program for health stuff, but that will be it.   I don't think there will be any cool hardware, and probably that's appropriate at a developer conference.   I expect AAPL to dip significantly after WWDC 2014, but then it will come back later in the year when new Apple products get...
I would invest in tax free municipal bonds, but their yield is less than Apple's current dividend.   Apple is a great investment if you either don't have internet access, you have nerves of steel, or you are being medicated for anxiety.   The positive thing, in my opinion, is that investors are losing their respect (rightly) for analysts.   Analysts used to be enshrined like movie critics.  Both are fading fast in terms of their relevance.   You can't cry "sky is...
Good job, get some fear going to cause panic and drive down the stock.   Too much good news -- hey double down with a big story about Apple not having multitasking on the iPad ready in time.   niiiice   /S
Wow cycle of rumor, hype, dispelling of the myth, and hopeless despair now fits into 24 hours.   What's next?  1 pm.  New rumor of Apple product! 1:05 pm ELATION! 1:15 RUMOR AND HOPES DASHED 1:22 APPLE IS DOOMED   1:30 NEXT RUMOR!
The analysts are worse than worthless.    They're going to pump up APPL then try to bash it down.   I just wish there was more coverage about how all the nasty articles and doom and gloom prophecies about APPL were wrong.   About how the 5C is a success not a flop.   About how Apple continues to innovate.   About how literally the majority of analysts made outlandishly wrong and bad predictions about APPL, totally ignoring fundamentals.
Dude, either do this like 4 months ago, or just don't.   But a week before Apple's rumored announcement?  It screams "meee tooo -- i'm a copycat!" really loudly.
Maybe Apple next should buy Android.
I'm not willing to do the work to maintain it, but I wish AI had a running "scoreboard" of analysts' predictions.   This guy was just dead wrong.
That's awesome. I'd love to be able to make calls from my watch, connected to my ear by an unsightly wire, or via bluetooth enabled earbuds I must wear at all times. Cool.
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