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Or you could just ride a regular skateboard and benefit from a great cardio workout.
I finally figured out what the S in iPhone 6S stands for: Suck it Samsung
At 108 AAPL has fallen from its 52 week high.  That must be pleasing the money managers quite a bit.  Too bad the dip isn't going to last very long.  Too bad for them, that is.  Too good for me/us.
Gene Munster predicted that AAPL at 730 would go to 1,000 (pre split) but instead the stock got cut down to nearly half its value. You gotta hear his words with a great deal of caution and skepticism.
Apple's own solutions in this area don't really get the job done.  Other companies are more "Apple-like" in their seamless integration, intuitive interfaces, and ease of use.  Dropbox... Transmit... They feel like what Apple SHOULD have done somehow.  iCloud?  Hmmmm....   I think it's a mistake for Apple to put down the competish.  Apple should up its game instead.
I agree with Mark Zuckerberg! (AD POPS UP: Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook T-shirt & Hoodie Unisex T-Shirt).  It is ridiculous (AD POPS UP: Ridiculous Cheer Holiday Ornament Cards) to be criticizing Facebook (POP UP WINDOW APPEARS Sign Up for Facebook | Facebook) for the way they advertise and collect data!  (LINK appears to every keystroke 512ke has made for the past 10 years).  Pfffft! (Pfffft....- dandelions t-shirt).
I like my Apple TV.  I would have bought another one, but I keep thinking, Apple is going to upgrade this sucker meaningfully.  And yet...
iPod Touch iPhone 4S iPhone 5S iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPad   They're all variations on the same thing, a touchscreen iOS gizmo.   Is there truly a tablet market, or is the tablet just the high end of the lineup in the single iOS Gizmo Market?
Um, doesn't iPhone use the exact same Gorilla Glass that EVERY OTHER SMARTPHONE IN THE MARKET USES?   One phone ain't gonna scratch more than another one when all pretty much using the same kinds of displays.   Solution: screen protector, and/or, caution.
Where are all the retractions and apologies from bloggers and analysts who have been trashing Apple relentlessly for the last year +?   Here are just a few memorable gems from the experts from NOT that long ago:   "Anyone can do financial engineering," said Trip Chowdhry, analyst at Global Equities Research.    "I think it’s going down — and AAPL stock may continue to struggle for some time," wrote Jeff Reeves, BusinessInsider.   "Everything is a disappointment...
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