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The good news for Android users is that they can say their phones have all the latest features, like 64 bit, a fingerprint reader, and a gyroscope.  That these features don't actually work for most Android users is not important to them, otherwise they would have bought an iPhone instead.   Clearly Android is about being able to say, "me too" -- these features are useless status items whose lack of functionality does not lessen sales.   For me personally, I love that...
Illegal activity?!   What about GTA and every other video game that features antiheroes?   What's next, are they going to remove BREAKING BAD from iTunes?   Illegal activity!
Google sales: Have stopped growing.   Google hardware: Everything has flopped except Chromecast.   Google income: Ads.   Google value to the public: Maps, Android, Search.   The world's top brand?   Meh.
Innovation = inventing stuff that has no immediate commercial value such as drone delivery vehicles, self driving cars, and douchebag glasses. Invent crazy stuff no one wants = brilliance. Ok got it.
This is a great announcement.   I wish upon a star that Apple's cloud will replicate Dropbox's ability to let you drag items into a folder and store or share.   Or could someone please tell me if Apple offers this ability already?    I love being able to store various types of files in a folder that gets backed up to Dropbox.  Very useful!
I personally don't want anything in the layer between myself and the world via the primary way I experience the world, through my eyes.   I would rather interact with an object, even if the object were a simulated one.   My son has friend who wears those douche-identifying Glasses, and his eyes do not focus properly when he takes them off.  One eye continues to scroll up and move independently of the other.  The Glasses literally have deformed the kids eyes.   Maybe...
Samsung is a great industry leader.  They lead other companies to follow Apple haha.   Regarding 64 bit, it's NOT TRUE that Samsung is copying Apple.  The proof is that Samsung does not have a 64 bit phone!  They've actually failed to copy in this regard.   However, Samsung is VERY original in other ways.  For instance, they did a big screen iPhone before Apple.   And Samsung did the very FIRST Band Aid branded Dimplephone!
Nice, but way too expensive.   Although, getting a factory-installed screen in your car is also way too expensive.   Maybe instead of just a screen, someone should make a whole audio system that integrates the screen, like the days of yore when you'd buy like an Alpine audio system for your car.   Just a thought.
Points to Google for making an innovative project and trying to improve it. They need to change the bad rep of this product as being for glassholes.
I think she is holding a dry erase marker, and the product is the Apple 14" Dry Erase Board.
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