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I personally tend to side with the analysts who are forecasting AAPL's rise over the next few months.   One reason is that with the iPhone 6 Apple did not simply upgrade its phone. Rather, Apple entered a whole new product category, the phablet. True, Apple chose not to call the iPhone 6 Plus the iPhablet, but they could have. This is a previously untapped revenue stream for the company.   Other potential catalysts driving AAPL higher include the App Store (the sales...
Come on, Google fans, where is the angry defense of Android?
Despair is the worst cologne.
I have to say, I find iTunes to be a fairly complex, frustrating, and downright annoying experience. Here's hoping Apple can really integrate and improve upon Beats.   The bar is high -- Pandora and Spotify work really well in my personal experience.
...Analysts quickly raised their estimates above 70M so that they could be disappointed when results were announced, thereby driving AAPL down. Most analysts were unavailable for comment as they were all vacationing on the Samsung private yacht. In other news...   69 Million? I wish but that sounds a little too high.
This is going to be the biggest quarter for any company in the history of capitalism.   And AAPL will take a big hit immediately following the call.   But it's okay -- the cream rises, and Apple is the cream of technology companies.
Or you could just ride a regular skateboard and benefit from a great cardio workout.
I finally figured out what the S in iPhone 6S stands for: Suck it Samsung
At 108 AAPL has fallen from its 52 week high.  That must be pleasing the money managers quite a bit.  Too bad the dip isn't going to last very long.  Too bad for them, that is.  Too good for me/us.
Gene Munster predicted that AAPL at 730 would go to 1,000 (pre split) but instead the stock got cut down to nearly half its value. You gotta hear his words with a great deal of caution and skepticism.
New Posts  All Forums: