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Google can't make successful gizmos.
I hate these stupid analysts who are trying to manipulate Apple's stock price.*               *Except when they are trying to make the price go UP.
Great that Apple is fixing this.   I am hoping that Mail will be able to search emails.   And by that I mean, not just search subject heading and addresses, but rather, text within the body of emails.
Below is BUSINESS INSIDERS's take on this exact same story lol.     TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan's Quanta Computer Inc will start mass production of Apple Inc's first smartwatch in July, according to a source familiar with the matter, as the tech giant tries to prove it can still innovate against rival Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.   The watch, which remains unnamed but which company followers have dubbed the iWatch, will be Apple's first foray into a niche product...
He predicts a MAJOR UPGRADE CYCLE yet his target is only 102.   Forgive the snark but...   Bwak bwak bwak   (inserts chicken GIF here)
How long can these drones fly without needing fresh batteries or more fuel?  10 or 15 minutes?
The fabricated reviews, I guess, will just get more sophisticated.
When I think of the term "Google" somehow I think of fatness not fitness.  Don't know why.   Also, dudes... Wii fit.  They're stealing from 2 sources at once.   Needs a better more accurate name.  Suggestions:   Google Bodysnoop   Google Health Snitch ©   Google Health Data Mining (GHDM)   Google Involuntary Body Monitoring (GIBM)   Google Body Cookies ©   Google Health ALWAYS ON   Google Your Health is Now Our Business   Google Body Invasion   Google...
I guess "has lost a tiny bit of share" just doesn't get the clicks?   I applaud Yahoo Finance and Business Insider for saying WHATEVER it takes to get clicks, even if the majority of what they put out there is the opposite of the truth.   /S
Why am I going to use Google to buy through Amazon?  Isn't Amazon like 99.999% of what people buy online?   I don't like the idea of giving Google my credit card information.  Google has enough freaking information about me.  They don't need the security code of my VISA.
New Posts  All Forums: