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That analyst:   https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/apple-collapse-340-140700748.html   He bought an iPhone 6 Plus just so he could complain about it in his articles, and one of his complaints was that his wife said it was too big.   If any slightly negative rumor comes out about Apple, the Businessinsider guys are VERY quick to shout about it, loudly and insistently.   They will seriously run articles about hairgate and bendgate, they will perpetuate any negative...
 This is one of the most important points -- iPhone sales are up by a healthy margin WITHOUT China, comparing to last year WITH China. This bodes well for this current quarter. iPads?  Well, if Apple isn't selling tablets, no one is.  
Maybe their watch can be a remote Xbox controller, and it perfectly synchronizes with your one-screen character looking at their watch.
In my opinion, iCloud is halfway there.  To get all the way, iCloud needs to offer the ability easily to share any document via a link.
I hope the reported results are so high that the stock at least doesn't tank. Better if the shorts go broke.
...sometimes you want to hold it in your hand and touch it... sometimes you want to sit at a big screen...   AND SOMETIMES YOU WANT TO SIT ON YOUR SOFA AND WATCH TV!   Where was the missing piece.... watch all the way to TV product or Apple TV update!?   Would have been so perfect!!!
That's not possible.  Bendgate.  Hairgate.  iOS 8 problems.  Cracks.  Note is more durable.  Galaxy has better screen and battery life.  That's stuffing the channel not sold.  That's an accounting rounding error.  The Note Sidethingie isn't on sale yet.  Android crushes Apple in marketshare.  Apple can't compete with low end.  Smart phone market is already saturated.  Growth is impossible in the sector.  Blah blah blah blah blah blah Businessinsider blah blah...
In my personal opinion... lol... the shorts were looking for a repeat of Apple's dramatic fall after reaching about 700.   So a lot of money was bet on AAPL's decline after the iPhone 6 and watch announcement.   Last time, the manipulation was, claiming the 5C was a big flop, when of course, it kicked even the Galaxy's ***.   This time, we get hairgate, bendgate, and now sapphiregate.   Icahn's letter will help stop the shorts from having their way in the near...
I'm sure the Note 4's graphics are totally adequate for the limited number of advanced games available on Android.   Kidding.  Kind of not.  Not really.   If this were reversed, MAN would Samsung be making noise about it.
I'm hoping also for an updated Apple TV, I've been holding off on buying a second one pending some kind of meaningful update.   Also I hope this event is really promising, so that all the traders who are shorting AAPL learn a lesson about betting against the cream to rise.   EDITed to add this: Also, I really wish they would announce products that the user can upgrade -- upgrade your RAM, upgrade your hard drive, replace your iPad's battery -- but my guess is that with...
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