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Samsung is a great industry leader.  They lead other companies to follow Apple haha.   Regarding 64 bit, it's NOT TRUE that Samsung is copying Apple.  The proof is that Samsung does not have a 64 bit phone!  They've actually failed to copy in this regard.   However, Samsung is VERY original in other ways.  For instance, they did a big screen iPhone before Apple.   And Samsung did the very FIRST Band Aid branded Dimplephone!
Nice, but way too expensive.   Although, getting a factory-installed screen in your car is also way too expensive.   Maybe instead of just a screen, someone should make a whole audio system that integrates the screen, like the days of yore when you'd buy like an Alpine audio system for your car.   Just a thought.
Points to Google for making an innovative project and trying to improve it. They need to change the bad rep of this product as being for glassholes.
I think she is holding a dry erase marker, and the product is the Apple 14" Dry Erase Board.
It's obvious that EVERYBODY uses the web on his or her smart phone.  All those big screen Android phones are used constantly to access the web.   So if Apple has way more web usage, it's obviously because way more people have iPhones than Android phones in the US.   Simple.     Now we just need to work on making those kooky marketshare numbers more accurate.
1) All over the net is the claim that 25% or even 30% of phones sold are larger than 5 inches.   2) iPhone 5S is smaller than 5 inches.   3) iPhone 5S is nevertheless the top seller at all major US carriers.   Is it just me, or does that math seem wonky?
 My bad.  It has internal and external drives.  Each is 800 now that I'm thinking about it. Ah inside?  Where inside the 'puter?  thanks!
 lol! Agree with you -- Apple is in it to win it by delighting the customer. But I do think Apple's brand works better for wearables.  Apple, stylish, elegant, Rolex, Ferrari, cool. Android Galaxy Gear, sci fi green alien trash can, gearhead, tech toys for nerds (I'm a nerd, full disclosure).
This is awesome!   I have a fat mac 512ke... hence my user name.  It's got a carrying case, external floppy (400K! lol), and it works.   And.... it has.... (drum roll) the original BOX!    Sadly I am probably going to sell it on eBay soon.   I wish it had Steve's signature like yours Winstein!
I love my 4S but those prices feel too high given what you can buy for the same money on the Android side. Just saying. I wish Apple would introduce new phones and drop the price of the 4S by half.
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