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The problem with this is that Apple will come out with a really cool innovative elegant device. And it will be expensive to create. In the case of the iPhone they has time to charge $800 for the first model and come down in price only gradually while competitors played catch up. But that was the phone. Now with a watch competitors are going to copy Apple's beautiful creation in a very short amount of time. And they will offer their versions at a lower price...
20% or more, I would say.   Worry time for Samsung and others. High end luxury smart phones is where the money is.   iPhone 6 will be the best-selling smartphone on the planet.   And remember, this also will mean that the 5S is going to come down in price.   And the 5C presumably will come down in price.   Etc.   2014 = good times for Apple fans and stockholders.   And that is *without* any other major product announcements.
MORE PEOPLE ARE DRINKING BEER    WINE IS LOSING THE MARKET SHARE WAR   WINE IS DOOMED!     Business Insider just reported beer is literally taking wine's drinkers!
Boom!  Very funny comment!
Hmm.  Apple obviously already has iTunes radio and Apple branded earbud headphones.  Apple also has the #1 brand in every demographic including teens.  So if Apple buy Beats, then Beats must have something ELSE that Apple wants and/or needs.
Is he being promoted as a reward for his wonderful work and expertise? Or is he being moved off their stalled flagship phone in a way that saves face?
Why would they fire the guy when they are spending a lot of money to promote the design of their flagship phone? They just gave a big presentation about the design of the S5 and how it's like a diamond etc. And they just released the ad campaign highlighting all the glowing reviews from Business Insider etc. They're too smart to undercut all that by firing the phone's designer. It must be a promotion as a reward for making the S5 such an awesome industrial design object.
All of Samsung's stuff to me just feels like, this is what Samsung wants me to care about, as opposed to... this is why I care about.    This is what other people think about their phones, as opposed to... this is what I think.   Like, if you have a waterproof phone, show the phone at a party falling into the pool (Samsung can rehire all those young people they paid in that commercial to pretend like they don't actually use iPhones in real life).   If it's a heartrate...
So few comments. What, Samsung only pays a penny per negative comment about Apple not positive comment about Samsung? The more worried Samsung gets, the harder they try, and the less authentic it sounds.
Ah thanks.  Should have read the article more carefully. That makes more sense.  It's still an amazing number.
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