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Everything in tech is a risk.  Everything.  Swim with the fast fishes.   AAPL is subject to great mood swings lol.   Just as one bendgate or one bad iOS update can trigger a decline in the stock, BUT, so, too, one piece of great news or great promise can cause AAPL to soar.   I think those shorting the stock are about to get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.     4 Million advance activations from China?     Even Youtube videos posted by teenagers of...
$400 shirts and $1500 glasses, welcome to the high tech age.   Kidding.  This actually looks really cool and very useful for people who are serious about athletics.   (Typed as I ate another potato chip)
Apple could bump hardware if it wanted and match the high end Galaxies. Obviously Apple doesn't choose to do that. That's b/c Apple wants to give its users the best experience possible *WHILE MAKING TONS OF MONEY. Apple has to find the sweet spot between the two.
Amazing designer.  The Apple watch turns the geeky gadget watch into stylish jewelry.   Just one request... besides wanting the watch to have standalone GPS so I can use it accurately to track running and hiking without having to lug around a big phone...   Dear Apple, please stress test the hell out of the watch.  Make sure it holds up to rough and tumble use (running, hiking, and malicious attention-seeking teenagers who will video themselves trying to pry open the...
i have the perfect name for Windows 10! Microsoft is trying to clean up the mess of Windows 7 and 8 right ? Soooo I propose that we call their new OS WINDEX. Like the window cleaner plus Windows 10 and OS X? Anybody ? Anybody ? Crickets.
Windows OS X Sequoia
The happy news for your 4 inch lovers is that Apple is continuing to sell two great 4 inch phones, the 5S and the 5C.   Whether they modernize those phones to take advantage of Apple's latest technology will depend on just how many 4 inch lovers there are in the market.   I think the 5S was a really high point of function meets design, a kind of polished jewel of iPhones.  One reason is that the 5S is a culmination of improvements.   The 6 is a jump into something...
Once upgraded, you cannot go back.   Once bent, you cannot straighten.   Sorry, but I'm pissed at Apple this week, I hate it when my favorite technology company opens itself up to looking downright foolish and competent.   May next week and the rest of 2015 be better!
It's important of course to figure out which analysts are at least actually trying to guess/predict correctly, rather than overtly manipulating the stock.   For instance, you get a site like BusinessInsider which just exists to offer biased POVs as per the wishes of their sponsors.   I think its like movie critics personally: only a few of them are worth a damn, but at least, you know their typical responses to things, so you can take their recommendations with an...
The guy is not a public figure. There is a real possibility of his suing Bloomberg and AI for slander if the story is untrue. Also you can't blame the maps and iOS debacles on one dude. Both represent larger systemic problems at Apple. Also I am loving this new forum formatting -- great for iPhones! Thanks !
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