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 But if you want to go run five miles, and measure how far you went, do you really have to take your phablet phone?  I mean, isn't that kind of crazy? There must be some way you can use the watch for fitness without having to carry around a large cell phone. I guess if you can't use the watch independently, personally i'll just get a Nike or other solution.Dang, been waiting for an Apple watch as a workout tool. Final thought --  if the Apple watch isn't for people who...
"So you have to have your iPhone with you at all times to be able to track your distance when working out? How about this- I won't buy it and use the iPhone apps I already use to do these same things."   Really?  You can't just go for a run wearing only the phone and have it track your distance?   Those new phones are too big to take for a run, for me at least.     The watch is only going to be useful for working out if you don't need a ginormous phone lol.   I'm...
Can you please add the ability to make the text larger??? Can you please make the forums look nice on an iPhone display ? Thank you. Like the new look. Still getting used to it.
Apple can wait until next year to upgrade the RAM to 2. And I can wait until next year to upgrade my iPhone. I don't know about you but I drive my phones and my cars into the ground. They better last for years. 1 is the loneliest number. Phone needs memory to last a few upgrade cycles imao.
#1 must have feature for any e-payment system, if said system is seriously to challenge my credit card:   Costco.  Cash.  Back.
What about all the people who paid $200 for this device under contract?    Will Amazon give them all refunds?  I hope so.   Personally, if I had payed $200 and then Amazon reduced the price to 99 cents without issues me a refund a short time later, I would be pissed.
I predict Apple payments become overwhelmingly more popular in the USA than Google's.   And I predict that the wearable, if it's released by Apple, will have a decent battery life and a great integrated UI.
I think it should come with a giant car battery with Jumper Cables.   And I suggest they call this latest Apple scandal, BATTERYGATE
Jessica Lessin !!  Thank you jess!   Thank you so much for breaking this storY!    Apple just was so excited about everything their new wearable device can do, and the cool way it looks, they just forgot about the juice.   Dang it!  Tim Cook said today to his team, you know what we forgot?  To give it good battery life!   Oh no!  said the rest of the team.  You're right!  God!  I had a feeling we forgot something and I couldn't think of what it was!   Until i...
Anything Apple makes, its competitors can make cheaper and faster, that's for sure.   It's all about the OS in wearables.  iOS vs Google vs Tizen etc   It's about how you integrate everything and create a user experience -- that's what will decide if any of these gizmos is a break-out hit.   My money's on Apple personally.
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