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It's important of course to figure out which analysts are at least actually trying to guess/predict correctly, rather than overtly manipulating the stock.   For instance, you get a site like BusinessInsider which just exists to offer biased POVs as per the wishes of their sponsors.   I think its like movie critics personally: only a few of them are worth a damn, but at least, you know their typical responses to things, so you can take their recommendations with an...
The guy is not a public figure. There is a real possibility of his suing Bloomberg and AI for slander if the story is untrue. Also you can't blame the maps and iOS debacles on one dude. Both represent larger systemic problems at Apple. Also I am loving this new forum formatting -- great for iPhones! Thanks !
This is excellent, great job Apple.  Take action to silence the fools and the chattering naysayers.  I personally like to see Apple fighting back aggressively like this.   I'll bet you anything that, in our insanely interconnected world, Apple was seeing a slight decline in sales of the iPhone 6 Plus, due to those Youtube bending vids.
Gimme a break!    DESIGN imperatives for iPhone: 1) Works great, 2) Looks pretty, 3) Reasonably resilient.   Maybe the iPhone Plus is the smart phone equivalent of the Corvette Stingray.   If I were Samsung, I would create lots of these bending iPhone 6 Plus videos and then release a deliberately flexible phone ASAP.   I hope this blows over, and these bended phones turn out to be abused phones that have suffered cruel and unusual treatment from their unreasonable...
This is just a quick aside, please forgive me if it sounds like a rant.   Apple, please please provide a solution to the mess that is my iPhoto library.  I've been using iPhoto since it came out, so I've got gig upon gig of photos, all organized in a cryptic process that I still don't understand.  Weirdly labeled folders are nested in other folders in seemingly logic-defying ways, spreading out my pictures and greatly frustrating my wish to have them in simple folders...
Dudes, Apple does a great job.  There are just some limits even for the top manufacturers and tech companies.   Samsung doesn't have this problem because their best-selling phone sells less than the 5C.   You never ever hear about a backlog of orders or pent-up demand for Samsung products.   You never ever see anyone camped out to buy the latest Galaxy.   Never.   I'm not saying they Samy doesn't sell plenty of products; they do.     But in baseball terms,...
Ooooh another company cannot resist comparing itself to Apple in an ad.   Count Paypal among the number of worried, insecure companies that are obviously running scared of getting iHurt.
"Well… yeah. It’s not live anymore. I can’t imagine you’d be able to."   Sorry, I mean the keynote.   Link on Apple.com indicates "view the keynote"   Maybe it's a problem with my browsers? Or plug in issue then.   Thanks.
"Seriously, your line of "never gotten livestreams right" is bullshit. The past few years streams have been generally fine, except this time. "   I personally STILL cannot see the $*(*#$% live stream on Apple.com.  I can't see it on any of the three browsers I use on my Macbook Pro.   Can other people see the stream?
Never buy first gen. *Unless you want to be seen as a cool cutting edge early adopter. **Or you want to have bragging rights for having the first iteration of what promises to become an iconic product. ***Or you want to sell it years later as a valuable collectors item. My 512ke Fat Mac lists on Ebay... ****Or you plan on selling your first gen on ebay or Craig's list to buy a second gen. Apple products usually have great resale value. Otherwise ... never!
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