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 Jason, I also don't have the stones to sell on Monday. I'll just let it ride....
I know I should sell at least some of my APPL on Monday.     The internet trolls/Business Insider/CNBC/etc will complain about WHATEVER Apple releases, and APPL will go down after all this wild optimism.   But eventually calmer minds will realize that Apple makes stuff that people love.  And APPL will go back up.   So I'm long.  I just can't bring myself to sell quality.  HOLDing APPL lol.
Samsung's profits have been declining for a while now, while Apple's are rising.  Clearly, Samsung's current strategy of relentlessly copying and comparing itself to Apple is not working.  Therefore, Samsung simply made an irrational decision to continue doing what is not working.
The 5 was a GREAT phone but people expected some kind of physics-defying magical miracle.  When that didn't happen the stock slumped.   Same thing could happen now -- people will be bummed when they discover the Apple wearable does not offer magical spells or actual teleportation or the option to cure major diseases.   Expectations are so high disappointment is guaranteed in the short term.  That's why it makes sense to bundle the 2 announcements, the slightly bummer...
Good, let Apple get it right before they release the product, unlike every other smartwatch that has been released over the past year (except maybe the Pebble). 
Breaking news: I am declaring that my earlier prediction was wrong. In other breaking news I am contradicting my earlier conjecture.
Eventually the cream rises.   Now the Apple-bashing media will turn to Xiaomi and herald them as the next Apple-destroyer, since Samsung is being dethroned.   The thing is, I don't think Xiaomi is a direct threat to Apple, at least not right now.   People will still pay a premium for Apple's awesome stuff.  People won't pay a premium for Samsung's stuff when they can get a Xiaomi that's just as good and nearly identical.   My question is, if Sammy keeps falling, is...
Gartner is bad.  IDC is worse.   They're actually worse than bad.  They're not just wrong, they are deliberately skewing the data.  There's no other explanation for a track record of wild inaccuracy.
Amazon is going down. I don't care how big your volume is. You can't sustain a company with a business plan to bleed money now and somehow make it later on digital content sales. The only question is how it's going down, Hindenburg or Goodyear Blimp with a large leak. It will be better for the US economy if Amazon goes down slowly over a year. My fear is that it spectacularly combusts in a short panic filled couple of days. If that happens, as it did with Eron and...
This is too fuzzy to be useful as a metric.   The only possible conclusion to be drawn, if you are making tablets is, stay away from pure Android.  Fork Android or invent your own OS.  Build your own store and ecosystem.  Build your own brand, don't be building Android brand, otherwise you're just working for Google.
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