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Jessica Lessin !!  Thank you jess!   Thank you so much for breaking this storY!    Apple just was so excited about everything their new wearable device can do, and the cool way it looks, they just forgot about the juice.   Dang it!  Tim Cook said today to his team, you know what we forgot?  To give it good battery life!   Oh no!  said the rest of the team.  You're right!  God!  I had a feeling we forgot something and I couldn't think of what it was!   Until i...
Anything Apple makes, its competitors can make cheaper and faster, that's for sure.   It's all about the OS in wearables.  iOS vs Google vs Tizen etc   It's about how you integrate everything and create a user experience -- that's what will decide if any of these gizmos is a break-out hit.   My money's on Apple personally.
Samsung: profits down 20% year over year, income down 15%, sales down 10%, operating profits down 25%, shares down.   Still the largest smartphone supplier, but global market share down from 32% to 25%   Will yesterday's announced products change that?  I don't think so.     Samsung -- offering incremental improvements to existing products in markets where Samsung already competes.   Apple -- pushing into brand new markets.  Phablets?  new territory.  Wearables?...
What you are not realizing is that, alongside the anticipated 5.5" iPhone 6, Apple will also be releasing a new line of Burberry-designed pants and shirts that will feature 6 inch pockets.   I predict that 2015 will be the year of the 6 inch pocket. 
Apple is being hacked by its enemies whose goal is to undermine and discredit the company prior to the iPhone 6's launch. Either that or Apple is just very unlucky this week.
Analysts are great at telling you the sky is falling, or the stock is going to explode, but the one thing they can never ever predict, is what is actually going to happen.
Listen to your own common sense and your gut about Apple and APPL. Do not listen to Gene Munster.
Love the cheesy music.  Iphone 6 ?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3k5cB08Fxo
 Jason, I also don't have the stones to sell on Monday. I'll just let it ride....
I know I should sell at least some of my APPL on Monday.     The internet trolls/Business Insider/CNBC/etc will complain about WHATEVER Apple releases, and APPL will go down after all this wild optimism.   But eventually calmer minds will realize that Apple makes stuff that people love.  And APPL will go back up.   So I'm long.  I just can't bring myself to sell quality.  HOLDing APPL lol.
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