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Dude, either do this like 4 months ago, or just don't.   But a week before Apple's rumored announcement?  It screams "meee tooo -- i'm a copycat!" really loudly.
Maybe Apple next should buy Android.
I'm not willing to do the work to maintain it, but I wish AI had a running "scoreboard" of analysts' predictions.   This guy was just dead wrong.
That's awesome. I'd love to be able to make calls from my watch, connected to my ear by an unsightly wire, or via bluetooth enabled earbuds I must wear at all times. Cool.
If you think it's a bubble, the prudent thing to do is sell, sell, sell, as quickly as possible. I don't think it's a bubble.  I think the stock is heading way up.   I'm going to hold, hold, hold.
I can't believe someone paid money for this report, and that someone got paid to write it.
Let me translate this article into pedestrian parlance please: "Samsung Samsung cry cry cry"
I LOVE the idea of Android/Google appliances in my home!  Google can monitor my refrigerator and send me messages about what I should buy at the store.  Google Voice will listen to what I say to my wife, and match the perfect ads on my fridge to my topics of conversation.  And Google will keep a handy record of exactly when I get home, and how much electricity I am using, and more.  This will be in addition to all the great information Google already collects about what I...
The good news for Android users is that they can say their phones have all the latest features, like 64 bit, a fingerprint reader, and a gyroscope.  That these features don't actually work for most Android users is not important to them, otherwise they would have bought an iPhone instead.   Clearly Android is about being able to say, "me too" -- these features are useless status items whose lack of functionality does not lessen sales.   For me personally, I love that...
Illegal activity?!   What about GTA and every other video game that features antiheroes?   What's next, are they going to remove BREAKING BAD from iTunes?   Illegal activity!
New Posts  All Forums: