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They're not going to call it the Galaxy F, that is the worst name for a phone ever.   They're going to call it the Galaxy 6, the iGalaxy 6, or the iPhone-like Galaxy 6, or the iSamsung 6.
Least exciting Apple product release ever.   Old processor, tiny memory, big price.
Good news if true. And I'm sure Apple has thought of a way to Prevent its competitors from submitting bogus map information user apple's user input system.
Kudos Apple. And AI move on.
Why not support the creative professionals that saved Apple's *** when the company was struggling?  Why cut pro apps?   It seems like Apple can be a successful vendor to the general public AND to pros.  Why cut this app??
The greater number of unique qualities and capabilities Apple can bake into the iWatch, the better.   The Android watches announced this week look interesting, but they don't seem to be doing things a mobile phone can't.  I think only the new Samsung watch has a heartrate monitor.   It would be great if Apple can make the iWatch really helpful and relevant to peoples' lives, in a way that goes beyond just "having a cool secondary little device that does things your...
The only company that I personally know of with a more liberal return policy than Costco is my other favorite store, REI.   I wouldn't do this personally, but you could buy an iPhone 5S today, wait until the 6 comes out, and return the 5S in the Fall for cash or credit.   And if you did so on a Saturday you could get free samples of whole grain crackers, frozen egg rolls, and vitamin water.
Is that really what Google is doing, Appleinsider?  Making a play against Apple's iPhone 4S?  This is a big global confrontation against Google who is forming their business strategy to take on Apple's 4S phone?  That is how you are framing this.   Google doesn't care about the 4S lol.  They are dominant in the low end and they'll continue to be dominant.  Google and Android will continue to grow.   And so will Apple and iOS.  They'll also continue to grow.   And...
Google can't make successful gizmos.
I hate these stupid analysts who are trying to manipulate Apple's stock price.*               *Except when they are trying to make the price go UP.
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