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mzsalove, thanks for the links. The small battery models look good. I'll probably grab one after I find a new laptop. And Bergermeister your solar and wind solutions led me to look for solutions for my in-laws, who spend a lot of time in the Congo and could use all sorts of stuff. I am also waiting for a 1TB Time Capsule. I need additional storage and want to move a mirrored RAID, as well as all its cables, out from under my desk. I suppose I'll move away from a RAID and...
Bergermeister, Thanks much!
mzaslove, please let me know what battery you found for your niece. I use my 12" PB for recording in various locations and have been considering an external battery (unfortunately, my external recording equipment runs with firewire, so no firewire is a problem for me with the MBA). Thx.
Yep, I agree. Looking at the smoking Lenovo machines on the link posted by His Dudeness (http://tech.msn.com/products/Top5Ult...leLaptops.aspx) makes me feel especially lonely with my trusty ol' 12" PB G4. I've been waiting a looong time for a similar Mac to come along. But His Steveness will apparently go to the grave proud of having killed the approx. 12"-size portable Mac computer. Like some others I suspect he's leaving room for a tablet, but that is another topic.
Heulenwolf, thanks for the article link. anandtech indicates the hard drive actually is replaceable, perhaps even with an SSD. If this turns out to be true that is good news for me and would remove the biggest obstacle I have in purchasing the existing MBA. Then, if I could eventually add more RAM . .
Thanks much for the info dfiler.
I did a quick search and did not find an answer, so: Can iPhone stream iTunes music via wi-fi through an Airport Extreme and Airport Express so as to listen to music on larger home speakers? Thanks much in advance.
I use two 300GB Maxtor OneTouch II drives in a mirrored RAID configuration connected to my 12" PB via FW 400. Can I use these same drives connected from their USB ports and via a USB hub to my latest edition Airport Extreme, with software update, and with no configuration change at all, thereby using them as a NAS RAID drive ? I tried this right after I bought the new Airport Extreme and the drives were not recognized, and I understand this was (still is?) an issue...
If all else fails, download and install OnyX and run through some of its housecleaning tasks: http://www.titanium.free.fr/pgs2/english/download.html
I thought so too. But I live in Paris and received an email today saying that mine shipped. Too bad the iPhone is a different story . . .
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