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Has anyone used Dragon NaturallySpeaking via Parallels? If so, please advise as to your experience. Of course I am most interested in the accuracy and speed of voice to text translation. Thanks much.
Download & install NeoOffice and forget MS Office. If you use NeoO and not OO then you need not worry about X Windows. NeoOffice's speed is not terrible, and is getting better, and the advanced features of NeoO actually work with large documents whereas MS Office does not in my own experience. You may have an occasional and minor formatting anomaly using NeoO with relatively complex MS Office docs, but these are negligible, again in my own experience.
If you want to have OS X protection in the unlikely event of a virus which affects OS X and also prevent passing along Windows viruses via email, then I suggest ClamXav: http://www.markallan.co.uk/clamXav/index.php?page=dl
This happened to me too with the regular Apple BT mouse. But I realized the problem was some of my AA batteries did not fit well and so were not making good contact. I then tested all of my rechargeable AAs and now use only the ones which fit best, and I no longer have this problem. I ordered the BT Mighty Mouse and will be pleased if I like it as much as the regular Apple BT mouse.
2m? I guess I need to cross-off the Mac mini from my list of purchases. Thanks for the link. I used to always use ECC ram in my home built super systems, primarily due to my own silliness and curiosity as to whether it would ever be useful. Over the course of about 7 years I only had one ram error that I remember. I always wondered whether or not that error was cosmic-oriented.
I believe some computer cases contain shielding in the paint to help prevent possible damage caused by solar flares or whatever cosmic forces can zap ram.
Browse here and you will probably find all of the information you require: www.ifixit.com Note that changing the hard drive on the 12" PowerBook is somewhat complicated: http://www.ifixit.com/Guide/53.11.0.html
Maybe I am late and, in any case, not on point since you mention that a change in Preferences settings helps resolve your problem. In any case, here goes: I have three apple wireless mice and each one is finicky with the batteries I use. Alternatively, I suppose it may not be the apple mice but the sets of rechargeable batteries I have. Specifically, the length of the anode at the end of some of my batteries is not sufficient to close the electrical circuit by...
OnyX fixed this for me. After trying everything I can think of, as well as the suggestions menioned above, I finally found the following at MacOSXHints: http://www.macosxhints.com/article.p...43452#comments So I tried eveything suggested in that link and the only thing that worked was to use OnyX. I cleared caches and repaired application links (or something like that) and now I am able to set all of my .nef files to open with Nikon Capture. Hope this helps...
iGrant and SCARECROW, thanks very much. However I have tried both your suggestions and in both instances my attempt to set the default app to Nikon Capture does not take; in other words, after I select Capture in the drop down menu that menu goes back to Preview when I release the mouse button. I know both of your suggestions should have worked, but there is something goofy going on. FWIW I have repaired my startup disk authorizations/permissions.
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