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 Comparing numbers from companies that lost money to profitable companies this way can make for some interesting headlines to grab attention.  How about this headline:  "Samsung makes more profits in the mobile industry than Apple, Blackberry, LG, HTC, and Nokia combined".  Technically it's true according to their logic, no matter how absurd.
Apple student deal-  $999 with free $100 iTunes card Best Buy- $899   Hard to see how this isn't a better deal to me.   I don't really want a $100 iTunes card for $100 extra so I'll be picking mine up at Best Buy this weekend.
Does anybody have any idea what "the new iPad" will be going for until they clear out current inventory? I find it hard to believe that apple is completely out of stock but it is nowhere to be found on the website anymore, just curious if they are gonna drop it $50 until they clear out inventory or if they'll go lower until its gone just to get rid of it. I know multiple B&M stores around me have plenty of inventory but currently all have it priced at 499 but if I could...
SolipsismX wrote: I'd think Good, Better, Best refers to storage capacity not to wireless connectivity. Is there are just two colors and 3 different capacities that leaves two types within each capacity. That seems to point to a WiFi and 4G LTE variety for two base carriers configurations. 2 carriers x 2 wireless types x 3 capacities x 2 colors = 24 SKUs. By your math the wifi only models would be locked to a carrier as well. I doubt it which leaves 6 unexplained models...
I don't understand this quote from the article, my current VZW Thunderbolt 4G LTE is showing speed tests around 30 Mbps down and 12Mbps up currently. Can someone explain what they mean by highest performance cellular data technology with a theoretical rate of 14.4 Mbps?
A year or so ago I partitioned my HDD to install Windows 7 using bootcamp. Everything worked just fine and I had no problems installing or using Windows. Now I am running out of space on my HDD and never use Windows so I was just going to re-partition the drive and get rid of windows. I may have done this wrong but I just deleted the entire partition (which worked) but now when I try to re-partition the HDD for the main disk to regain the 32GB that had previously been...
Is anyone else having iTunes issues right now? It's been telling me iTunes is unable to process purchases on wifi and 3G for a few hours now. Just wondering if it's my account or affecting everyone.
That would be great but not what the article is saying.
I was also thinking $2000 was a little too high, but Apple seems to be doing well with its significantly higher priced Mac lineup. When you see a Windows PC comparably equipped to a $2000 Macbook Pro you can usually find it for $1000-1200. They have proven people will pay for design + user experience. Too many other companies ignore this and race to the lowest price, which is why Apple continues to grow while others are struggling.
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