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im talking about the micro sized little iSight camera that he had clipped to his glasses.
Hey guys, I don't know who's seen the movie, but did anybody happen to notice the incredibly small and wireless iSight camera that Will Smith used in his lab? I am realistic and I know it was just a movie but I was wondering if anything like that currently exists on the market, or if there is any speculation about one appearing in the future.
you know i've been thinking about it. i think the only reason all of us are waiting for all these updates is because we're just users of old mac computers and we're waiting for the bigger and better thing. but at least what i've learned with apple, is yeah of course they are always going to be releasing new things, but basically i believe if you see something that fits you dont sit around on your ass and complain and whine and wait for something new. act now and you'll...
a large guitar pick.
anyone no how to get something thats stuck out of an imac g5 cd drive?
Ok. Don't ask how, it just happened. I got a pretty large guitar pick stuck in my IMac G5 cd drive. I was initially trying to pull out a CD that wouldnt't come out, but in the end only the CD prevailed. any thoughts on how to get this little thing out? Maybe without taking my computer apart? Thanks.
hey i dont know if anyone already posted anything about this if so then sorry, but has anyone given any consideration to the fact that the Beatles are Apple's new big thing... supposedly apple has reserved a generous amount of commecrcial time on sunday night [super bowl night, for our international guests], and considering during the macworld conference Mr. Jobs played "Lovely Rita" while demonstrating the iPhones musical abilities, I specualte Apple will put together...
has anyone seen the new updates to the mbp? not great but ok. doesn't apple like have an pbligation to update the mb now? cuz the way it's been before is that everthing flows like a family.
Why is only the $1500 macbook black? Why not the others? doesnt make sense... but anyways... MACBOOK IS HERE!!!!
yeah that aiee stuff is soo ******* annoying
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