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Companies like LG and Samsung [and Apple] just purchase companies with names like "Simplo" if they find profitable ways to solve popular problems.
Ballmer is an ass hat. nothing he has ever said has been based in any form of reality.
i'm all for icons that update on a pre-set battery-saving schedule, but if my weather app doesn't have a satellite map - nevermind an animated one - sadly i'm going to stick to the TWC app: i hate it, but the map in motion is much more informative than a flashy lightning bolt... like 1.21 gigawatts more informative.
i'm all for a simplified iPhone for my kids: 2 - 3" screen - easy access to favorites: call mom, call dad, call 911, broadcast location. maybe a few simple/educational apps, shared data plan w/ mom & dad's iPhones. free on contract.
Woz is a tech guru, the epitome of nerd. he's interested in megabells and gigwhistles. it doesn't matter if there's no practical use for a technology yet, this guy want to see it included just because it can be. it's not a bad thing, it's just not usually a practical thing: Inductive charging would be great if every nightstand and dashboard had a charger embedded, but they don't. you still need to plug in a power cord to a pad that sits on your...
...so Einhorn sues Apple for not getting into business with his company. When a leech can sue for not being allowed to leech, we're doomed. in other news: when companies do only what's best for the current fiscal quarter, they die.
Does this survey ask how many iPhones are on your plan? With two iphones, unlimited data for one, 2GB for the other, and the requisite 200 sms @ $5 for each, we're paying $120 plus taxes [as part of our $292/month Uverse bill]
obvioulsy they need a 2.2" screen for a micro device, a 3" screen for a nano device, the 3.5" screen for an "old school" device, a 4.2" screen just for wcmatt, a 4.5" screen for those who think 4.8 is too big, a 4.8" screen for their pocket calculator, a 5.2" screen for the iPhone Memo, a 5.8" screen for the iPhone Meeting minutes, a 6.25" iPad Nano, and there's a HUGE market for something between the 7.85 and 9.7" iPads. let's not forget about all the space between the...
i've held out on buying a new tv for more than a year now. if this thing isn't announced in January, i'm buying the [ugh] samsung tv and hoping whatever apple comes up with can be implemented as a new apple tv box as well.
this is what Siri was meant for. Siri, please text my friend "OMG No Wayyyyyy" so i can avoid getting into accidents with people who actually look at the road while driving.
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