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oh please, as if i can get excited about printing in snow lion while I'm trying to DOWNGRADE to snow LEOPARD so I can print properly on my xerox 6010. #vomit
The bigotry and backwards thinking this issue has exposed is horrifying.
At&T can support it. IM traffic is data just like the http, smtp and imap traffic the internet applications on the iphone already support. Other At&T phones support it I'm sure. They just want people to use SMS and pay 10 cents (or whatever) per message over the limit or fork over an extra $20 bux for unlimited SMS when you're already paying for unlimited data. All that and without even being able to IM anyone on AIM, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, etc. I hope instant...
I'm talking about Instant Messaging, not SMS. I use AIM on my phone constantly to chat with people whether they're on their phone or at their computer at home/work.
Where is iChat on the iPhone? Is there any instant messaging at all? I instant message with my friends and family all-day, every day on a qwerty phone. That's a dealbreaker for me. Am I missing something or is this a glaring omission on an otherwise amazing iPhone.
When checking these commercials out on the Apple website (in Safari on an iMac G5), the videos are jerky, cause my browser to hang, eventually crashing it. When selecting a commercial, the audio from the previous commercial continues to play. Ironic considering the content of the commercials. Oh well.
There are no stable, feature-rich workout logging apps available. Even the best pay fitness tracking websites are sorely lacking in basic features or are geared for women. You could build your own with filemaker. I've used this website for a couple years and its not bad: http://menshealth.genesant.com
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