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I'm not sure what you mean by that. Have you seen the artists at the Apple Music (formerly iTunes Music) concerts? Top of the line talent there.
Good observation.  
I actually met the guy. Twice. While working at Apple, I took the elevator just so I could intentionally run into him. He was incredibly passionate, and smiling the whole time, nice and his personality was very charming. He even remembered my name the second time. The third elevator ride was with him and Larry Ellison and I did not say a word lol 
I have high expectations for this film only for the fact that Boyle is a very good Director. If you look at his past films, he is all over the map in regards to genre. I think that says a lot of good about a filmmaker, that they are willing to diversify. 
When and where? It seems like it has only been in London for the past...I don't know how many years.
What I would like to know is why do they have the Apple Music Festival in London and not have one in other countries?
And why the hell isn't Ebro Darden wearing an AppleWatch? Shame on him! /s
And the crowd at NASA after the photo was received. Notice all the MacBooks on the table? 
I recently took up employment at a National Park and an Apple engineer from the Apple Watch team came into the store. Wearing one no less. No doubt he was doing some stress testing on the device. Based on his impressions 'in the wild', I have no doubt this thing will sell like hot cakes.
My thoughts exactly. I'm thinking we will see a new one with 4K and app support at WWDC for $129
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