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Unfortunately they need to stay on some what good terns with Comcast/NBC as their parent company is Universal-which not only has a huge stake in the film industry but also in the music industry, both of which Apple is heavily vested in.
The problem with this idea is that a lot of shareholders and analysts would be upset that said product is not actually real since it won't ever ship and it could do more damage to AAPL stock then good. Apple would turn out like Google with lots of abandonware and it would just look bad for their image.
My thoughts exactly. I bet at WWDC we will see an TV update with an SDK and possibly a 4K model.
Sure but if you want to have an additional charger at say the office or with you when you travel.
  How they will train their new security staff.
And now PayPal Inc. looks even less attractive to potential buyers.
Can we get a Spanish and German dub in this keynote please? /s
Really? This again. I feel every year we go through this discussion. 
I know I was being sarcastic since people still seem to think Apple bought Beats purely for their headphones.
But Beats headphones are still crap! /s
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